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Kristen Taekman

Amber Tamblyn
2004 People's Choice Awards

Fernanda Tavares
Brazilian model

Darla Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

Holly Taylor
2019 Golden Globe Awards

Chrissy Teigen
Fay Templeton
Famous music hall singer - here at Aerial Gardens, NYC

Shirley Temple

Rapha Temporel
1967 -  One of the principle dancers at The Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris

Rianne ten Haken
Dutch model

Fana Tesfagiorgis
Dancer -
NY Daily News - 20 Apr 12

Singer-Songwriter Tulisa, of The X Factor (UK)

Gloria Tevi
Latina vocalist


Charlize Theron

Laury Thilleman

Kristin Scott Thomas

Marlo Thomas

Emma Thompson
Wedding, August 20, 1989

Lea Thompson
Here on Dancing With the Stars, in  the 2010s

Bella Thorne

Greta Thyssen

Gene Tierney

Ashley Tisdale

Ann Todd
This is not the cute child star (Ann E. Todd) we might have been familiar with who later was on the Stu Erwin Show on TV during the early 50s

Sally Todd

Thelma Todd

Judy Lee Tomerlin

Marisa Tomei

Trans Disney star...the 2019 GLAAD Awards       Source

Colleen Townsend
Actress, author and humanitarian ,photograph by Henry Waxman for Esquire, 1944

Michelle Trachtenberg

Meghan Trainor
...with Miranda Lambert at the 2014 Country Music Awards

Caroline Trentini

Margaret Truman
Daughter of Harry Truman, 1951

Ivanka Trump

Pop singer

Anthea Turner
English TV personality

Lana Turner

Tina Turner
Her wedding gown

Tilda Swinton

Catherine Tyldesley



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