"Crowded" Petticoats - Page Two
   (Densely packed, pressing against the legs)

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June Flowers:

"I wonder if this young lady knows she has something peeking at the back? Pretty too!"


ED:  The kind of sight that, back in high school, would have us following such a gal around all day, especially if she were wearing 'crowded pettis,' such as this!  PondGirl Allison has said that she used to make her petticoat show like that on purpose! And we thought it was accidental, we fools.  Shame on them (the little sweeties)!



This crowded-petti image, sent Crinolyn, has an interesting back story

To wit:  #1   #2


Can't tell sitting down,
but we believe they a
re 'crowded'

From Ed N.



Corsets and crowded pettis!
A real crowd pleaser!





Crinolyn points to this
interesting site





Here's a nice sight to encounter whilst heading into the john!

Compliments Serena

We love crowded crinies, but when they are in a small room,
thus being even MORE so, they are that much more wonderful!


Jean L. points to this site, which features
 many really nice videos to tickle our fancy!

Here's a little grab -
crowded pettis
with pleats! <omg>


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