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Dara Jane writes:

"I took the advice of one of your contributors and bought the Daniel O'Donnell Rock'n'Roll Show DVD. There are indeed plenty of pettis in the 50s costumes worn by the dancers, but we rarely get a good close  up or low angle shot, so it can be frustrating.  I attach some of the best examples from a number where the ladies wore nice short costumes.  I'm not sure if our wee Daniel is known outside Ireland and Britain but it is only fair to warn unsuspecting viewers that seeing this easy-listening-country singer attempting to  perform even the mildest rock'n'roll numbers is pretty gut-wrenching in my opinion.  Pinocchio is more agile. "



Cher did West Side Story in ten minutes, playing all the parts, both male and female.  These are the nice petticoat shots from the female parts - it was released on her farewell tour DVD:


...from Jimmy Vargas'  DVD,
Cancan Hell Mambo

Jimmy Vargas:
"Sending thru pix of muse Maya from the Jimmy Vargas CANCAN HELL MAMBO  DVD. It's a very romantic old world shot, a misty melancholia 'cancan.' Its style appears to
be an 1940s airbrush, but I shot on digital, raw as it is.  I guess it's just the old world showbiz souls of muse Maya and myself, that determines the way it turns out as such."



Jimmy Vargas:

"Stills of the Shadow Bride (Liliana Scarlatta) in all her froufrou glory from a still
of the video 'Girl You Left Behind', featured in the Jimmy Vargas multimedia DVD Requiem for my Shadow Bride."


Jimmy Vargas:

"Another picture of Vargas' Black Dahlia muse Miss Liliana Scarlatta in her froufrou noir."


(beow) Visions by Vargas, Music by Vargas...Muse Lily from the Jimmy Vargas DVD "Temple of Lily"
Filmed in the old San Francisco Broadway dancehall in North Beach


Liliana Scarlatta, muse to
Jimmy Vargas and the Black Dahlias,
works the black petticoats at their latest gig!


Jimmy Vargas:

"A 2015 picture of muse Liliana from our combo Black Dahlias, for the 'cancanesque' number 'High Heels, Black stockings.' She's trying out her new line of Lime petticoats."


A video of Jimmy Vargas and the Black Dahlias, featuring Muse Liliana Scarlatta in teasing crinoline mode,
performing a saucy petticoat striptease in the band's live performance of their song, CAT-WALKING BABY
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Another video by Jimmy Vargas

Video: Senorita Liliana Scarlatta's ethereal crinoline noir dance to her and Jimmy Vargas' song The Girl You Left Behind.


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