"A 4 Angels'" talkative friend

I'd been playing in my sister's petticoats some time after she'd stopped putting me in them for sessions of playing house; I'd found them delightful and a source for pleasure, and of course, the inevitable occurred.  I got caught, dressed in pettipants and a very stiff, lacy petticoat.

About two weeks after the hullabaloo died down, I learned that my sister had indeed told some outside our family. I was at our across-the-street neighbor's house, where a girl my age and her older sister (my sister's age) lived. Joy (the girl my age) was in a light blue dress with very full petticoats on underneath it, and asking whether or not I liked it.  She  went on to say that  when  she got it, it came with a beautiful blue petticoat and matching pettipants, and she new that I would just love them.  Her mother shushed her, but she just went on, telling me she'd heard from her sister that mine had told her about my sometimes wearing her petticoats.

The moment her mom's back was turned, Joy flipped up her skirt so that I had a wonderful glimpse of the aforementioned pettipants, and, yes, I did just love them!

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