From the start...

As a boy of ten I was caught wearing my sister's favourite blue dress and a 3-layer petticoat. She made me sit in her dress until my mother came home. Instead of being punished as I expected, I was told that if I wanted to dress like a girl it was OK, but not to wear my sister's clothes because it was personal to her. They thought it was just experimentation of a child, but although I started to wear my sister's cast off's, from then I regularly wore skirts in the house, and my mother and sister gradually accepted this was who I was and my mother started to buy me girl's clothes.
They christened me Alice and my blonde hair was kept shoulder length. From then I rarely wore boy's underwear. If I appeared in the house in trousers it was commented on. Later my aunt was introduced to the idea that I dressed as a girl while visiting one Sunday and from then I wore a girl's kilt to church with my aunt and I always wore knickers and a petticoat under it. I sometimes wore the kilt to school and wore plain white knickers. In Scotland in the 1950's the kilt was a common sight on young boys. Knickers were usually worn, blue and green were common, but you could get away with white.
I did get a ribbing at school for being a sissy, but it was more good natured than nasty. I did get to substitute for a girl in the Scottish country dancing in a Christmas show, and although that got me some less-savoury names I loved wearing a tartan dress and the petticoats. Final rehearsal was on the Friday before so I got to wear the dress to school. (Heaven) and I got kissed by a boy.   
I never grew out of it. As a teenager I got to go out with my sister and her friends and was often made to wear one of her friends dresses, and they would do my make-up. Being the 60's, I was often wearing a mini skirt or a mini dress, and it did get me more attention from boys, some welcome some not.    
After I went to college and graduated, I was dressing in secret. Unfortunately, more male characteristics took over, and though I was never overtly masculine, I was wary of being in public. I married at 28 and my wife never found out about my secret desires until I was in my early 50's. We split as a result, but I now dress full time as a woman and will undergo SRS next year. AND, yes, I still like to wear 1950's circle skirts and layers of petticoats when the opportunity arises. My boyfriend appreciates it, and I love wearing them.


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