Furtive Bridgette

I never was 'caught in the act' (thank God!). I am a 27 year old who is still in the closet. When I was a junior in high school. (16 years old), I had all my frilly lingerie and silks hidden in my room behind a drawer. The drawer was very tight and always stuck. I hid the stuff 'behind' the drawer so even if someone opened it, they would not immediately see anything. Of course, this was not the cleanest place to preserve my lovely silks and frilly petticoat. I do take care of things better now. In  there, I had a lovely short petticoat, a corset with garters, thigh high stockings, and a couple pairs of silk panties. The corset was my ex-girlfriend's. She wore it once when she snuck over my house in the middle of the night and left it there. Naturally, I persuaded her to leave it there. Afterwards, I had wonderful times with it. One pair of panties were my mothers! The other stuff was stolen from places. (i.e. the sister's room at a party).

 Anyway.. I went away for a week with my new girlfriend to the Poconos. When I came back, my mother told me she was cleaning out my room and found all the stuff.
"Is that yours?" she asked.
"No!" I denied. "Of course not. What would I do with that stuff? I'm no fag!"
"I don't know," she said. "Maybe wear it and get sexually aroused... and masturbate."
I couldn't believe it!  She summed up everything with one sentence!!!!   I laughed like it was a silly notion.
"Nah! It's Carla's!" I said. Carla was my ex-girlfriend. "She wanted me to keep the stuff as a souvenir. I forgot it was there."
 At the time it seemed to work. I didn't even realize that one of the pairs of panties were hers. She put all the stuff in a bag and threw it in the garbage before I even got home. That pissed me off. It took a long time to get that stuff and it was my very first corset with garters! She never mentioned anything about it again but I was so embarrassed! I think she accepted my story as denial. She didn't want her son to be a transvestite.  So... now, I still live my secret double life but now, I am not purging and my wardrobe has gotten much better.

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