Keith's Water Problems


When I was 10, I started to wear my Mum's underskirts, I had no sisters and when my Dad walked out there was only Mum and me.   I used to wear her underskirts when she went to the shops; one day, the school phoned to say there was burst pipe and it would be closed till the next Monday.   Mum said she had to go to work that day and she wouldn't be back till 4:00pm.

When she had gone, I went into her bedroom and opened her underwear drawer and pulled out one of her underskirts.   I quickly took off my trousers and shirt, pulled on her underskirt and started to play with myself -- it felt really great in my Mum's underskirt.  I kept playing with myself for an hour, and when I stopped, I just lay there in her underskirt -- it felt so soft.   

Then one Saturday, our next door neighbour asked my Mum if she would pop in and water the plants, as she would be away till Wednesday. Mum said, "That's fine. Tony will do that." W

When Mum went off to work,  she said, "Don't forget to water the plants."   After she had gone, I took next doors key and went and watered the plants, and when I had finished I went into my neighbour's bedroom and opened her drawers -- there loads of underwear. I pulled out a long waist silk white underskirt, took off my trousers, and pulled it on.   Then I played with myself in her underskirt -- it felt softer than my Mum's underskirts.  When I stopped, and took it off I saw that there was my finger marks it.   I thought if she finds out she would tell my Mum.  I was scared, but when she came back on Wednesday she took out a bag and asked my Mum if she could give it to the jumble sale people who were coming to collect stuff the next day.

The next day, Mum said, "Don't forget to give the jumble sale people that bag.  When she had gone, I looked in the bag and nearly fainted:  There was the underskirt that had my finger marks on it, and I took it out of the bag and took off my trousers and pulled it on.  

I was just about to play with myself  when our neighbour  came in and saw me wearing her underskirt.  She screamed, "HOW DARE YOU WEAR MY UNDERWEAR!" and walked out the door. 

She told my Mum, who slapped me and said, "Don't you ever wear a woman's underskirt or panties again!

But, of course, I kept wearing my Mum's black full underskirt.   

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