Michelle's Halloween

I'm a divorced former CD <sic>  who met a lady who understands me perfectly. Jane and recently got married and we dress together for pleasure. I don't need to go out dressed any more - it's for the bedroom!

Anyway, Halloween '07 in NYC, we dressed as matching maids and joined the parade. We looked great!

However later in a crush of people, my backpack was stolen, and we lost our keys to Jane's daughter's apartment in the East Village. So there we were, walking through Manhattan (no money, no keys) all the way back. Then, to get in, I had to leap to the fire escape and haul myself bodily up to the first landing.

The embarrassing part? While I was struggling to to make it up, my wife stood below me on the pavement and sang out, "Hey Michelle, I can see right up your petticoats!" I was too busy to hiss back, but it sure turned my cheeks red! Luckily it was Halloween, and in NYC.

Anyway, we got in through a window, then collapsed on the floor of the apartment, giggling all night.

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