"Satin Slip"

The blue satin nightgown started it all!

Back then many, years ago (1939),  my mother found me asleep  wearing  her blue satin nightgown.  I know of it only because she told everybody she could how I looked just like an angel.  For years I heard the story and when I was 5 or 6,  my mother took me to a store to get my older sister a procession dress (same as a Communion dress).   My sister was in school,
but I was about the same size so Mom had me try on a zillion dresses there in the store fitting room.  I enjoyed the  attention I got from my Mom and the saleslady.  Most of the dresses had attached petticoats and after awhile my legs started to get itchy.  Petticoats in those days
were not like the ones of the 50s. They were STIFF.  The sales lady saw my problem and left and came back with a  soft little lacey full slip that Mom put on me before the next zillion dresses were tried on me.

Mom  finally chose a dress, and when we went to pay for it I asked  if I could keep the slip for myself.  I figured that she always thought I looked so pretty in her nightgown  and she talked about it so often that there couldn't be anything wrong with wearing a slip.   Well the saleslady  just started to laugh and bent down and gave me a big hug and  said, " I thought you were enjoying  yourself too much, and if it's all right with your mother, I would like for you to have the slip as a present from the store."   Mom thanked her  and accepted the present .  I wore the slip  until it  just fell apart  and I went back to borrowing "our blue satin nightgown."

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