Zack and the slumber party...

My best friend Isaiah and me were heading towards his older sister's slumber party. His sister had about three friends - they were at ages 17 to
age 19, much older than just our 11 year old selves. I had short light brown hair, was wearing a plain white t-shirt with blue jeans, and Isaiah had black hair which barely left his scalp. His shirt was green, and his pants were blue jeans like mine. Using binoculars I stole from my mom and dad, and his telescope, we each snuck into the back yard of that house, so we could look into the second floor window. What we ended up seeing was rather dull,
to be honest - we had hoped to find something "weird" that they would be doing, and, no such luck. It was just his older sister, and one of her friends.

Unfortunately, we set the equipment down for a minute, and ate candy bars, and this gave the girls ample time to find out where we were, and grab
us before we could jump over the fence. We were caught! Pulled into the house, the girls locked the doors, and pulled out two petticoat outfits. For me, a sleeveless one, which came with some cute gloves... the petticoat offered to me was obviously a costume, one of the girls happened to be a thespian,  which meant that I would be expected to do a little performance or dance in that. Plus, some socks were offered along with it, ones that went up to my knees, and panties... soft cloth panties. I was pushed into a bathroom and they closed the door, so, I did what I had to do... I got undressed, and started with the panties, then worked my way up to the little gloves, noticing the sparkling fake jewelry in the palms of both hands of the white gloves.

I stepped out, sans makeup, probably because they were not so cruel as to put that on me. Isaiah and I stood side by side in the petticoat outfits
given to us, and we were embarrassed as could be. The girls giggled, questioning whether or not we should do such things as walk home ourselves that night. One of them commented, "Let's tie them up and put them on display,"an option which nobody else could accept. In the end, we were allowed to dress back up in our regular clothes, but, I kept the panties on under my boy clothes, hoping nobody would know that I had them.

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