Charlene's  Cook-out

My most embarrassing petti-moment came last fall.  We are members of a private Western club in North Carolina.   We have a ranch house and a dance barn and cook out facilities. About four times a year we have a big cook out and dance.  We also have a wagon train ride up to the ranch house, about three miles.  Most of the members have wagons and own horses.  We have line dancing and square dancing, usually with a band or DJ.  We all dress in square dance clothes. 

Well,  this Labor Day weekend was going to be a big one, so I decided to "overdress," I guess you could call it.  Instead f wearing my normal square dance outfit with my two crinoline petticoats, I decided to wear all four of my crinolines.  That turned out to be a mistake!

I wore my white shirt, black skirt, black leather vest, black boots, black petti-pants, and four 45-yard white net crinoline petticoats.  It looked great.  We all met and loaded up our wagons for the wagon train ride.  We stopped a couple of times and I got off the wagon both times to get myself something to drink at a store on  the way.  We arrived at the ranch house and I got off our wagon and talked to some friends.  I then walked a short distance to a horse trailer someone had for sale, just to take a look at it.  Little did I know that my number three  crinoline petticoat had started heading south. I had slipped down the nylon yoke to where to net material was sewed on the number four petticoat (about 6 to 8 inches).  I did not see it or feel it. 

Well, a guy walked up behind me and told me that my petticoat was showing bad.  Was I embarrassed!  I looked around toward the ranch house to go fix it, but it was too far to walk  in front of everyone. So I looked around for a better place to go.  I spotted a place behind the barn next to a hedge row of bushes.  It looked like a good place with nobody around to see me pull up skirt and yards of petticoat and fix the problem. Well, I jerked up my skirt and pulled on my runaway petticoat.

Everything went well until I started to dance that afternoon.  I pulled and tugged on my petticoats the whole time.  I learned my lesson about wearing four petticoats.  I love to show off my petticoats,  but I don't like them to fall down.  I thought my most embarrassing moment was over. 

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