Yvette at the Amusement Park

It was summer of 1962 or 1963 and I went with my cousin Mario one Sunday to the big amusement park in our town.  He was with his girlfriend and she was wearing a lovely green dress and
a pretty white crinie underneath.  She had cute flat shoes, matching purse and cool sunglasses, and was so very conservative that she refused to go on any ride that might ruffle her in any way.  As a result, I went on all of the fun rides myself, while Mario and she stood around drinking Coke.  When we passed the fun house, Mario tried really hard to get her to go through with him, but she refused. 
She said, "They do things in there to lift girls' skirts and I'm not going to have that happen to me." 

Mario tried, but she was very insistent.  I was dying to get something to happen to her when I saw the Rotor Ride; I suggested we go in there because it was "like a merry go round".  She'd never been on a Rotor and my heart jumped when she agreed.  "Merry-go-rounds are fine," she said. Well, if you remember the Rotor, it was a real merry-go-round for girls with skirts.  We lined up on the wall and I purposely stood across from Mario and the girl.  She had no idea what was about to happen.  Once the wall started to to spin and the floor started to drop out from under us, her expression of horror was wonderful.  There was a good audience standing above in the gallery, and the ride operator knew just what to do.  After a few minutes of the obligatory fast spins, the ride slowed down and we all began our long slid down to the floor.  With her dress stuck firmly to the wall, she began sliding out of her crinie.  The look on her face was marvelous as she realized what was happening.  Within moments, the tops of her nylons began to appear and then her pink garter tabs.  Whatever she did to cover up failed because she kept sliding down. The operator did one last really fast spin, which caused everyone to sort of freeze, and then he dropped us quickly to the floor.  And there she stood, in her very pretty pink full cut panties and matching garter belt, screaming to the top of her voice while the audience cheered.  I've never recovered from that... it was awesome!"

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