Petti Pictures--Extending the Charm

Petti Pictures

(Itinerations of Expansiveness)

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Two types of expansiveness

From Kristi

Left: 'Parachuting Trail Maid'
by Parachute Dresses




John N. sends this awkward scene

ED: Kind of looks like a scene from one of the 'Gypsy'
weddings TV scenes.  Definitely extending her charm!




Extending her charm in a 'Sleeping Beauty'
Neiman Marcus wedding gown

From Nancy N.



Extending her charm like a beautiful bird!

Sent by Kristi

Pettis & corsets area





    From Gerd    



From Gerd    

(R) Eugénie design 1948-1949
Willy Maywald photography




Extending the charm

by Dior!

    From Gerd    



A spectacular deci-circle and a forties
bride are great examples of

Extending the charm

    From Gerd    




Crinolyn offers this nice example
of extending the charm

Pettis and corsets area


ED:  Get a load of the red shoes!

(Directly above right) Photographer: Matthew Williamson

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