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A Note from PettiLady

(Beka is Pettilady's  daughter in law.)

(10 Aug 00) "Last Sunday I got my son's fiancée to try on our favorite kind of outfits! She liked it, but, more importantly, my 25 year old son's eyes popped out! He sees me all the time, but never imagined how his girlfriend would look. He wanted her to dress like that for her coming out party (the day she turned 21 in November, 2000)." (Ed: Never did find out if that happened!]

PettiLady writes later:

(18 Aug 00) "I think my future daughter-in-law is really getting into this. Beka will be 21 in November and has expressed her desire to dress like this on her birthday, as she and my son want to go out dancing with us. I think we may have a new convert to the petticoat fashion world!!"

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