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   Sugarbarre's 'Red Heart Dress'  


Valentine's Day, 2010 (Above three can be varyingly enlarged)



Sugarbarre image collection


The picture on the right
can be nicely cropped by clicking it


(beolow) Each can be enlarged to varying degree - crop of right image

"Red lining over eyelet and trimmed in red lace...this give peek-a-boo to red underneath - the sleeves are ruffled"





A small poodle skirt shoot


Can be enlarged



Below 11 shots enlargeable


(above) Her "Raggedy Ann" outfit

(below) Summer fun (enlargeable)


(below) The car (Enlargeable)


(above eight) Enlargeable




Sugarbarre's Sugar Sisters (Gina and Lola),
playing dress up!

Can be enlarged substantially


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