Petti Pictures


Many enlargeable on this page


For those interested in ballet boots...



"Inflatable PVC Maids Dress"
by Puncturegown 

From Kristi


More inflatables in this area



Two from the "Vendetta Vain" series by Brian Shannow

From Crinolyn

Could also be classified as fetish or cage crinoline,
as well as a pettis with corset image




Rhino sends this perky Petticoat Shop image that ventures a bit into
the realm of the

( if this whole site weren't devoted to a fetish! <g>)




Kind of 'fetishy' -
The contrast between inner and outer is rather attractive

From Kristi


Latex mermaid gown

from Crinolyn

More mermaids



Delightful fetish ballerina

From BB Bloomer

Pleats section


An attractive fetish image...

"Rehabilitation" by Zoliborz

Added by Crinolyn


Since there are several fetish components to this
picture from
Kristi, we have placed it our fetish section



Fetish maid

Sent by Crinolyn



Sissy Dahli:

"An image from the My Chemical Romance CD - 'The Black Parade.'







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