Fiction by Claudette 2004, all rights reserved


Betsy had had quite enough of pleasing other people, especially her ex-husband. He had left her for another woman, which was bad enough. Betsy thought he showed a poverty of original thinking when it turned out to be his secretary. In any case, she was very glad her father gave her a sizeable amount of ‘blue chip’ stock before he died. At least that provided her with a substantial income, even if it didn’t warm her bed. The marriage hadn’t provided her with real love or something else she had always wanted. Even before she had ever met her husband, she had looked forward to the day when she would be the proud mother of a pretty little girl. Instead he had left her with a twelve year old boy to raise by herself. But that was about to change.

Men always wanted a son when they got married to perpetuate themselves into the future even after the father died. A boy that would grow up to be like his father?! Not while she was alive! Betsy was about to take steps to insure it would never happen! And since her son was just starting his 1953 summer vacation, it was the ideal time to begin changing her little boy into something that would both fulfill her desire to have a little girl, and serve as the supreme thwarting of her ex-husband’s wish: her little boy was about to become a sissy! What else would you call a boy that acted and dressed like a nice little girl? Of course he had no idea what was in store for him. But she was determined that he would be wearing a dress and learning to act like a nice little girl before the day was over!

His name was the same as his father’s...Edward. That would be the first thing she’d change. And it certainly wouldn’t become Edweena, Edwina or Edna. She decided his name would be the same as hers, Elizabeth. But where her nickname was Betsy, she would call her little boy ‘Beth’ from now on. Besides, he wouldn’t be a boy much longer; at least, not your usual type of boy.

At ten a.m., Eddie came in the back door looking for his usual pre-lunch snack. “Hi Mom,” he sang out from the kitchen.

“Anything to eat?”

“Eddie, it’s too early for snacks,” she replied. “Besides, there’s something we have to do today.” He came in and sat down on the couch next to her. She smiled down at him. He was a small for his age at four feet, five inches.

“What are we going to do Mom?” he asked.

“We’re going to go shopping, dear, and it’ll be lots of fun. But before we do that, I’m taking you to a beauty parlor to get your hair done. This summer your hair is going to be blond, just like mine.”

“Blond?” asked Eddie. “Why do you want me to have blond hair?”

“So it’ll be just like mine Eddie,” she answered. “And that’s only one of the changes we’ll be making to you today. When we go shopping, you’re going to get a whole new new wardrobe of pretty dresses, poufy bouffant slips and panties, girl’s shoes and socks, and some other things for pretty little girls.

“Mom, what do you mean? Why are you buying me girl's clothes?” he asked.

“Because sweetheart,” said Betsy, “this summer you’re going to become my pretty little girl. Won’t that be nice?”

“Mom, I’m not a sissy. I don’t want to be a girl,” he replied. “Why do you want to make me be a girl? I’m a boy, and I want to stay a boy.”

“I know dear,” said Betsy, “but girls are much nicer, and prettier, too. You’ll like being Mommy’s little girl after a while. From now on your name is Beth, almost the same as Mommy’s name.”

“Mom, I don’t want to be a girl,” he repeated a little angrily.

“I suppose you don’t now,” said Betsy, “but after you see how nice it is, you’ll be glad I turned you into a girl. And you’d better behave and do as Mommy tells you if you don’t want a spanking. We have to be on time at the beauty shop. But first you’re going to take a quick bubble bath so you’ll smell pretty like nice girls do.” She gave him a quick bubble bath, and afterwards she had him wear his Sunday pants and a clean shirt.

“We have to get going now. Come along sweetheart.”

She took his hand as they went with her out to her car, a recent Oldsmobile that the divorce court had awarded her. Eddie pulled back and she turned around and gave him a cross look.

“Beth, do you want a spanking before we leave? It’ll spoil what is going to be a wonderful day for you. Now come along or we’ll be late.”

Eddie didn’t know what to do. Becoming a girl?! That was crazy! He liked being a boy. And most of the time he didn’t do anything bad. Why did she want to make him become a girl? But he had bad memories of a couple of earlier spankings.

As they Betsy drove her car she looked over at Beth.  "Don’t look so worried Beth,” she said. “You’ll love wearing petticoats after a while. They’re so nice and girly. Mommy knows what’s best for you.”

It didn’t take long for them to get to FRANCINE’S, a beauty parlor. Betsy parked the car and when they got out she took his hand again. Francine saw them coming in and smiled at Betsy. She had told Francine her plans concerning Beth over the phone earlier. Betsy marched Beth down to where Francine was waiting for them. Several ladies were sitting under dryers.

“Well! Is this the nice boy that’s going to become your little girl?” asked Francine. “He’s so cute I know he’ll make a very pretty little girl once I finish with his hair and put some makeup on him. I hope you bring him back after you put him in a pretty dress so I can see him again.”

“Thank you Francine for fitting him in early today,” said Betsy. “Afterwards, I’m taking him shopping for his new clothes. I can hardly wait to put him in petticoats and dresses! Of course dressing him nice and pretty is only the first step. He’ll have to learn how to behave like a nice girl, too. By the way, his name is Beth now.”

“Oh, I’m sure he’ll be a good girl once he sees how nice it is,” said Francine. “Now let’s get him into the chair and see what we can do with his hair. Perhaps you’d like to paint his nails while he’s under the dryer. But that will have to wait till I’ve dyed it the same blond shade as your own. That is what you want, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” said Betsy, “the same color as mine.”

“Then let’s do that first. And after he’s been under a dryer for a while, we can see what we can do about a pretty style for him. His hair is quite long.”

"Yes,” replied Betsy. “I didn’t let him get a haircut since last September. I’ve been planning this for quite a while. Do you
think you might be able to put it into a ponytail and bangs? I’d love to see him with his hair like most of the girls nowadays.”

“I think we can do that,” said Francine. She picked up a card with three different colored pairs of plastic barrettes on it that she sold. “These and a few hair pins Will help to keep any short hair in place.”

Meanwhile “Beth” was terrified! Francine saw the look on his face.

“Don’t be scared sweetheart,” she said. “You’ll look nice and pretty when we finish.” That was exactly what he was afraid of ! She began to comb his hair back to see just how long it was. Soon she stripped his hair of its brown color and then dyed it as he sat with his head over a sink. Afterwards he sat under a dryer for a while, and Betsy painted his nails a pink color that would look nice with his blond hair. Then he got back into a styling chair again. Francine worked quickly and skillfully, and soon his hair was tied up in a five inch ponytail with a pretty pink ribbon bow. Cute bangs hung down almost to his eyebrows that Francine judiciously plucked and drew with an eyebrow pencil. Taking a mascara tube from her own pocketbook, she lengthened and thickened his lashes. Next came some blush for his cheeks, and then she showed him how to roll his lips together to coat them evenly with a pink lipstick. Finally she was done and swung Beth’s chair around so he could see himself.

He was shocked when he saw himself ! He began crying a little. He looked just like a girl now.

“Oh, don’t cry Beth,” Francine said to him as she quickly dabbed at his tears with a tissue. “You’ll get your makeup all messy.” She touched up his mascara.

“Francine, you’re a marvel!” said Betsy. “He looks much better than I even hoped for!”

“Yes, he’ll make a darling little girl now once you’ve dressed him up nice and pretty,” said Francine. “I wish I could go shopping for him with you.”

“I’m sorry,” said Betsy. “But we do have to go shopping now so I’ll have enough time before the store closes. There’s so much I have to get for him.” She paid Francine and included the largest tip she’d ever given her.

As they walked along the sidewalk back to the car, Beth was very aware that he was still wearing boy’s clothes. But passersby took little notice of him. Betsy began driving to a store called SUGAR & SPICE. All they sold were clothes for girls. It was an expensive store, but Betsy wanted to get him some really pretty dresses and things to make him look as much like a pretty girl as possible.

When they arrived at the store, she parked her car and when they got out, she took his hand as they walked towards the entrance.

“You’ll love this store darling,” she said. “Soon you’re going to be wearing the prettiest dresses in town.”

Beth was terrified again. Inside there were mannequins of girls wearing pretty dresses, rows of big racks with petticoats and bouffant slips hanging on them, and table top bins with loose different colored panties in them. On top of another counter were packages of other more expensive panties. Pretty anklet socks were also displayed in counter top racks. Recessed in the walls were more long racks of dresses.

“Can I help you?” asked a nice looking saleslady.

“Yes,” said Betsy. “My little boy is going to be my little girl this summer. We just had his hair done at a beauty shop, and now I want to get him his new wardrobe.”

“My goodness!” said the saleslady. “He does look like a pretty girl! Has he worn dresses before?”

“No,” replied Betsy. “But I know he’ll love wearing them after a while. He’ll need a complete wardrobe. I hope you won’t mind if we take up a lot of your time. But there’s so much I have to get for him.”

“Nonsense!” said the saleslady. “By the way, my name is Mrs. Burness. Where would you like to start?”

“Well, we might as well work from inside out,” answered Betsy.

“Panties will be the first thing. Girls size ten I think. He’s small for his age.”

“Step this way,” said Mrs. Burness. “We have some really pretty panties on sale right now. But don’t let the sale price fool you. They’re the prettiest panties we have; white and all the pastel colors, and darling lace around the legs openings and with lace ruffles across the back of them. They’re scrumptious panties!”

Soon Betsy was picking out a dozen pairs of panties for him.

She held up some pink ones that were decorated with white lace. “See sweetheart,” she said. “Aren’t these a lot nicer than boys’ underpants? You’ll be wearing a lot of them from now on.”

Beth felt so embarrassed! Other salesladies had over-heard Betsy’s opening conversation, and soon he became the center of attention in the store as they came closer to see him. They whispered to each other with big smiles.
Beth could see some real girls with their mommies shopping in nearby aisles. The women had caught on to the fact that he was really a boy. Some of them looked with envious eyes at Beth and his mother.

“Mommy, that little girl is dressed like a boy. Is she really a boy?” asked a little girl loud enough for Beth to hear. Beth felt like it was the end of the world.

“Now as far as petticoats are concerned,” said Mrs. Burness, “did you want just the waist high petticoats, or the bouffant slips for him?”

“It’s still cool enough now for the poufy slips,” said Betsy.

“Later I’ll get him some of the waist high petticoats and some camisoles.”

Mrs. Burness picked out a pink bouffant slip and held it up for Betsy to see.

“This one is very pretty, especially with the white lace at the end of each tier and at the hem. The bodice has pretty lace, too, and the straps are adjustable. There are three layers to it to make it really poufy. And the big pink bow is so precious!”

“Oh, yes!” said Betsy. “I bet it will be his favorite after a while. Let me have another in pink. And I want to get him one
each in, blue, yellow and two white ones also.” Mrs. Burness continued picking bouffant slips from the rack and placed them on top of a counter as they moved down along the racks.

“He’ll need a some training bras also,”said Betsy.

“Of course,” said Mrs. Burness. She slipped a tape measure around his chest and took his measurement. Then she placed a package of three training bras on top of the counter.

They moved along to a display of anklet socks that were trimmed with lace collars to fold down over his shoes. Betsy picked out eight pairs of them in several colors to match the dresses he’d be wearing. She took some plain white ones too. Some white strap shoes were next, and Beth had to sit down so they could try them on. Once they were sure of his size, he put on some pink socks and white strap shoes. Betsy got a second pair in white and also a pair of pink ones.

At last they began to look at the dresses. Beth saw four racks of them. Some of them were pinned up on the wall with their short full skirts flared out to the sides.

“Did you have anything special in mind for his dresses?” asked Mrs. Burness. “We have some darling party dresses.”

“Perhaps later I’ll get him a party dress,” said Betsy. “But his birthday isn’t til September. For now just some pretty dresses for everyday wear, and perhaps a couple of especially pretty ones for company and Sundays.”

Soon Mrs. Burness had helped Betsy to pick out nine dresses for him. She showed Betsy where the dressing rooms were so she could try them on him. Since they were all the same size, he would only need to try on one of them. When she had him in some panties, a poufy slip, and his dress, she took him out to the three-sided mirror. As he looked at his reflection, Beth felt like he was on display because a lot of salesladies and women with their little girls had come closer to see him. He was glad there weren’t any girls from school in the store.

And then he saw Nancy Roberts! She was in his class at school! Nancy waved at him with a big smile. Now he really thought it was the end of the world!  He knew she’d tell all her friends about seeing him dressed like a girl.

“Look darling!” said Betsy. “That pretty little girl seems to know you! Let’s go over to her and her mommy and we can say ‘hello’ to them.” She held his hand as they walked towards them.

“Hi Eddie!” said Nancy. “Gee! You look so pretty I almost didn’t know it was you. Are you going to be a girl? Maybe we can play together now.” There were some quick introductions between Betsy and Nancy’s mother.

“Oh!  He looks simply darling!” said Mrs. Roberts.

“It’s very nice to meet you Mrs. Roberts and your pretty little girl,” said Betsy.

“And I know Beth will love playing with her. But right now I’m still picking out some things for him. Perhaps later in the week you can come over to my house and the two of them can play together.”

“Of course,” said Mrs. Roberts. “I don’t want to hold up your shopping for such a pretty little girl.” She smiled at Betsy and gave her a wink.

“By the way,” said Mrs. Burness, “we have some very sweet ‘mother-and-daughter’ dress sets. Would you like to see them?”

“By all means!” said Betsy. “I know my little girl will love wearing a dress just like her mommy’s. Could we try them on? I’d love to have us wear them home if that’s alright.”

“Certainly,” said Mrs. Burness. Pretty soon Betsy and Beth were standing in front of a big full-length mirror in the dress department wearing the look-alike dresses.

“See darling!” said Betsy. “Now everyone will know you’re my little girl when they see us together. Isn’t it nice to wear a dress just like Mommy’s?”

By now Beth was wearing panties, a poufy pink slip, his white strap shoes and pink anklet socks, and of course the pretty pink bow on his ponytail, along with the pink gingham dress that looked just like Betsy’s. It had short puffed sleeves with white trim on them, and a cute white secretary collar. About an inch of the same white lace hung from under the hem of their dresses. It buttoned up in the back. A white sash went around his waist and was tied in a big bow in back.

As Beth looked at himself in the big mirror, he gave up all hope that his mommy would let him wear boy’s clothes again this summer. With his hair dyed blond like hers, the pink bow on his ponytail, and the pink gingham dress and girls shoes and socks, he had to admit that he did look like a girl now.

“Sweetheart, smile nice,” said Betsy. “After all, little girls look a lot nicer when they smile.”

He tried to smile as he looked at his reflection in the mirror. Gosh! He looked so much like a pretty little girl now! Maybe his pals wouldn’t recognize him.

“That’s better dear,” said Betsy. “Soon wearing girls' clothes all the time will make you happy that Mommy turned you into a pretty girl. But now we have to go home for supper. Afterwards we can cuddle on the couch together and watch Uncle Milty before you go to bed.”

“Yes Mommy,” he said. He watched Mommy pick out a baby-doll nightie for him before they left.

At last a couple of salesladies helped them carry everything out to Betsy’s car.

On the way home Betsy had a permanent smile on her face, while Beth sat in his seat with a sad look on his face.

“Smile nice dear,” Betsy said to him.

“Yes, Mommy,” he answered and smiled a little. He wondered how long Mommy was going to make him dress like a girl.



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