Alex Finds Out

Fiction by KatyCD

2016, all rights reserved


It was the early 60’s and I was 14 and staying for a short time at my grandmother's (who I am sure would have worn director knickers) and her daughter Ann, who was 18 at the time.

When Ann went out one evening with her boyfriend, Ray, I saw she had on a yellow print flared skirt and a white blouse with an elasticised belt; I was very taken with all the layers of net she had on under her skirt and, as she went out down the path, I could see the bottom of her multi-layered petticoats showing below the hem, which I found fascinating. A little while later I was able to sneak into her bedroom.  Lying on her bed was a  bra and a pair of white panties with some lace round the legs. Praying that no one would come upstairs, I ran my hands over the silky nylon  of the panties. I looked round the room and spotted a slip of white lacy material peeping out of the closed wardrobe door. As I opened the door, I could feel the butterflies in my tummy, when lovely sight met my eyes, and a froth of nylon engulfed me. I had another most peculiar feeling as well, it was all very exciting. I ran my hands over the material and looked at the satin ribbons and little bows on the frothy material of the petticoats and I was aware of a stirring in my rather tight pants, but, alas, I couldn’t stay too long. 

My aunt was back  home early that evening and I was able to sit quietly, almost opposite her, watching TV, as she sat on the couch beside her boyfriend Ray. What a wonderful sight all those layers of net made and when he teased her,  I thought I even caught a glimpse of her stocking top, which made my day. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the courage to sneak into her room again and a few days later I was back home and then off to summer residential school, which is where I saw my first proper view of some knickers, except for my sister's of course, but that’s another story!

*    *    *    *    *

Summer school was on the west coast and the school was an old baronial style ‘castle’.

It was very near the beach and most days, weather permitting, we were taken there in the afternoon for field trips.

I was starting to really look forward to these trips as the teachers, ladies who looked quite elderly to me but were probably only in their thirties or forties, used to sit up on the top of the dunes while we played and explored below. As I walked, with my pal Ian, past them along the beach, I looked up and saw that Mrs McTaggart, who was wearing a baggy grey tweed skirt suit and had a scarf on her head was sitting with Miss Watson who, being younger, was a bit more fashionably dressed in a button through green coloured spotted dress and dark green jacket. Mrs McTaggart, who was eating a sandwich, had her knees up and I was able to see most of her stockings and I thought even her knickers. I couldn’t make out much but I nudged Ian and whispered “Look to your left as we walk back”. We turned around after a few paces and looked again as we went by. This time I kneeled down to pick up something I had pretended to spot and was able to make out that her panties were a pale blue colour and seemed to cover her stocking tops.

As I picked up some bits of seashells, Ian said “Alex, I saw them and I know where they put out the washing to dry, do you want to see sometime?”

What a stupid question that was! Did I ever. As I looked again, she caught my eye and some flicker of understanding passed between us, or so I imagined, and I thought I saw her legs open a bit more.

Ian and I walked on a bit further, then we turned and walked back, but, by then, she had put her knees down and pulled down her tweed skirt. 

*    *    *    *    *

The next day was pouring wet, so no beach, but the following day we went on a short bus outing to the nearby town.  After a wander round the busy seaside town’s main street, Ian and I went up a side street and spotted Miss Watson coming out of a shop a wee bit further up. We walked on nearer to the shop and saw in the window what we took to be corsets and bras.  Feeling very bold, we looked in the door and there, amongst the lacy lingerie, was Mrs McTaggart, with a pair of long silky knickers held in front of her. She must have caught a movement out of the corner of her eye and started to turn our way, so we ducked back out of sight and Ian said ”Wow, that was close, I don’t think she spotted us”.

I replied, “I’m not so sure, Ian."

Later on, as we were about to get back on the bus, I saw Miss Watson sitting in the front seat by the door and so I pretended to miss-step as I got on and ‘fell’ up the steps so my eyes were level with her knees; she had on a looser dress that day and I could see the ends of lots of white net petticoats and, further, up a glimpse of lace underneath.

She said, “Alex don’t sit there staring into space all day, get into your seat.” I don’t think she knew what I was looking at, but now I wonder. Mrs McTaggart had come up behind me by this time and, as I was bending to get up, she put her hand on my bum and said, “Come along Alex, we have all seen enough scenery for one day.” I was pretty sure then that she had a very good idea of what we had been up to at the shop and what I was doing on the bus. Her hand seemed to stay for rather a long time on my bum cheek before she gave me a little push up the steps.

 *    *    *    *    *

The following Thursday morning we were all to go on a walk through the woods and up into the hills nearby, but at breakfast disaster struck, or so I thought at the time.  Miss Watson was hurrying past, and Ian nudged me and said, “Alex, look, look, you can almost see through her blouse”. Unfortunately I was drinking my orange juice at the time and proceeded to spill most of it on my trousers; I was pretty wet and sticky. Not only that, but I had missed the anticipated view of her bra!

Mrs McTaggart came over and took my arm saying “Come with me Alex, let’s get you cleaned up, we haven’t got long before we have to go.”

“But Miss,” I said “I have no clean underpants”.” Never mind” she replied “I’ll find you something, we can’t have you going out like that.” 

 Next thing I knew we were off up the stairs, with me trailing along behind. Naturally I looked up as I went behind her and could see her stocking clad legs and a bit of lace through the split in the back of her skirt but, alas, it was quite long and a more exciting view was not possible. We went into her room, where she rummaged in a drawer and said, “Do you have another pair of short trousers?”

“Yes, of course Miss,” I replied trying to be bold and grown up.

“Go and get them,” she ordered, so off I went.

When I got back, she said, “Here, put these on, and hurry “.She handed me a dark blue coloured garment. I was horrified; they looked like a pair of my sister's elasticised school knickers!

“Well, what are you waiting for, young man?” she asked, “You either wear these or stay here and help clean up the dorm.”

“Are, are, these yours?” I stuttered and at that moment a rather exciting thought went through my head.

“No, of course not,” she said “they belong to one of the girls - now take off those wet things and get a move on.”  I turned to go, and she exclaimed “Where are you going?”

“To change, Miss” I replied.

”Never mind that,” she said, “just take off those wet things now.”

I was about to protest, but I saw a certain look in her eye as she licked her lips with her tongue.

“Let me help,” she said. “We don’t want you getting too sticky now, do we?” and she started to undo my belt. The belt undone, she put her hand out again and started on the trouser buttons. I blushed as my trousers fell round my ankles and started to say something, but she looked into my eyes and said, “Pull down those wet underpants and step out of them and I will get you dried off”.

Meekly, but secretly pleased, I replied in a whisper, “Yes, Miss.”  As I reluctantly pulled down my wet white cotton underpants, I felt member grow and catch on the ‘Y’ of the front, and I made to free it.

But she beat me to it and her hand slipped inside. I could feel it cool against my privates, my member gave another little jump, and I looked at her again and saw she had her eyes closed. She made no move to take her hand away, and I didn’t do anything to discourage her as I started to enjoy the feeling of her hand caressing me.

After a few moments, she slowly opened her eyes, withdrew her hand and said “Well, that’s enough for now, don’t you think Alex?  We’d better hurry.”

I could see she was quite flushed, and looked away as I stepped out of the wet underpants. She handed me the knickers and I put them on, pulling them up over my semi-hard member.

“Very nice fit,” she whispered, and her hand came forward and ran along the inside of the elasticised knicker leg. I could feel the elastic tight round my legs, which was most peculiar, but rather nice all the same. She took her hand away and was all business now, as I put on the clean trousers and, still buttoning those up, hurried down the stairs.

Once on the bus, I got a chance to tell Ian what had happened.

“Wow!” he said “did she really touch you down there?”

Then I told him about the blue knickers she made me put on. Of course he wanted to see them so I loosened the fly and trouser button and showed him the knickers. His hand came out and he looked at me.  “Go on,” I said “you can touch them if you like.” His hand came forward and rubbed against the panties, then it moved down a bit and brushed against my member. I looked up and saw him blush and then slowly take his hand away.

“Very nice,“ he said, blushing again. I looked down to the front of the bus and was horrified to see Mrs McTaggart looking at us. I quickly buttoned myself up again and pretended to looked out the window.

 *    *    *    *    *

Later on when we stopped for a break in our hill climb, I noticed both teachers whispering together.

I don’t know what she said to Miss Watson, but they both looked over at Ian and me. Miss Watson came over and, as she had her jacket open, we could see the outline of her bra through her blouse, I could even make out the outline of her nipples pointing at us. I lowered my eyes and saw she had on stout walking boots and a pair of grey cord trousers that were hugging her tightly between the legs. I was still, of course, very aware of the tight elastic of my knickers and could feel something else happening underneath them.

She looked down at me and said, “So, Alex, are you enjoying yourself?”

“Yes Miss, “I replied boldly,” there is a fine view of the valley from here.”

She laughed, “Well then, young man, make the best of it, as we are starting back soon”.

I expected her to turn away, and I could see Ian looking over at us, but she moved slightly and spread her legs a bit wider; then she winked and turned her head away. Now I could see the outline of her panties over her bum through the trouser material.

She gave a little wiggle and then shouted, “Come on, boys and girls, time to be getting back and changed for tea.” 

As everyone turned away and set of down the hill again, after an minute,  she turned back to me and asked, “Are you managing alright with the knickers Mrs McTaggart got for you, not getting to tight are they?"

“No Miss, they feel very comfortable,” I replied. “I have got used to the elastic, I quite like the feel of the soft material against my legs.” 

“Very well,” she said “come here and I will just check for you”.

I stepped closer and her hands came out and started to undo my trouser buttons, I jumped a little as I was taken by surprise by her actions. “Come along” she said “don’t be shy, Alex”. I felt a thrill run through me as my trousers slid down my legs.

Her finger slipped inside the knicker elastic round my legs. I looked up to see her smiling at me. “That’s fine isn’t it?” she said “so come a little closer, young man”.

I moved forward and felt her right hand slide inside the knickers and rub against my member; I could feel it start to grow under her caress, but she didn’t stop just smiled again and gripped me tighter.

“Mmm,” she whispered, “you are growing up aren’t you Alex”. Her other hand started to pull my blue school knickers aside as she said, “We don’t want you spoiling another pair of panties now do we?”

I could feel my member start to peep out of the knicker leg as she bent over me. I closed my eyes and then I felt something warm, soft and wet move over my rigid member. I felt a hand hold my testicles, and just before I erupted into her mouth, she pulled away, tucking me back into the knickers.

She gave me a hug and said,” hurry now, Alex,” as her hand went round and felt my bum, “Pull up you trousers”.  But it was to late, I was now very wet and sticky.

She winked at me and said, ”I will be checking you put on clean panties when we get back”.

I hastily pulled up my trousers and set off behind her down the hill after the others.


Chapter Two

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