Alex Finds Out

Fiction by KatyCD

2016, all rights reserved


By the time we got back to the school and had out tea, my girl’s blue cotton knickers were sticking to my member and I couldn’t wait to take them off.

As I hurried up-stairs to my room I suddenly remembered that I did not have another pair of underpants to put on, but little did I know that help was at hand.

As I reached the top landing I heard a voice say, ‘Ah, Alex, the very person I am looking for’. It was Mrs McTaggert, I looked up and saw she was wearing a short paisley print dressing gown and a pair of fluffy pink slippers. As she leant forward to speak to me, the front of the gown gaped open and I had a wonderful long view of her pink satin, almost knee length, knickers and tan coloured stockings.

‘Alex, I need to have a wee chat with you and Ian.  Go and fetch him, dear,' she said.

‘But Miss, I need to change into some other underpants and I don’t have any,’ I replied.

‘No, buts Alex, we will sort that problem out once you are both in my room’.

'Oh, OK Miss,’ I said and set of back downstairs.

As luck would have it, I met Ian halfway and said to him ’You are wanted as well’.

‘Who wants me, what have I done now?' he asked.

'It’s Mrs Mac,' I said, ‘we both have to see her in her room. And listen, she’s not wearing a skirt!’. 

‘Did you see anything?’ was naturally enough the question from one ladies underwear obsessed boy to another.

‘Yes, her pink knickers,’ I replied in an excited voice, ’but we better hurry or she may change her mind or even get dressed again’.

As we went upstairs Ian asked, ‘Are you still wearing those girls' knickers? What do they feel like, can I try them?'

‘You won’t want them on now; they’re a bit icky in the front and anyway we haven’t got time,’ I replied ‘Come on’.   

I Knocked on Mrs McTaggert’s  door and I heard her say, ‘Come in’. We went in and saw that she was sitting in a round bedroom style basket chair and over to our left was a bed and, beside it, a wardrobe.

There was a large chest of drawers on the right, and I noticed that the bottom drawer was pulled open. This then was where she had got the blue cotton knickers I was still wearing and, inside the drawer, I could see some other white, pink and blue garments.

As she leaned forward, her dressing gown slid off her knees, revealing what I had seen earlier; but this time, I could also see the tops of her stockings. ‘So boys,’ she said in a rather low husky voice, ‘what have you been up to today, as if I didn’t know?'.

'Tell me, Alex, was Miss Watson able to help you out earlier?'

'Yes miss,' I grinned.

She smiled then said, 'Come over here both of you, I think a wee examination is in order, don’t you?' We took a few paces forward. ‘Closer darlings,’ she said. When we were nearly beside her she looked at me and said ‘Now Alex, take off your shorts and knickers,' then, looking at Ian, said, ’You will do the same, yes take them off. Then go over to the drawer there and find something nice and silky for you each to wear.'

I glanced over Ian and he said quietly, 'You first.'

'No you,' I replied.

'Now dears,' Mrs Mac said in a much sterner voice, 'Stop arguing or I will have to be very firm with you both.'

On hearing her tone, we glanced at each other and both started to remove our shorts.  As we did so, I looked at her and realised I could see the suspenders that held up her stockings and the front of her pink panties; as I watched she opened her legs a bit wider and I was able to make out the shape of her body under the tight panties. I could feel myself stirring in my panties when, suddenly, she grasped my blue girls' knickers with both hands and pulled them down round my ankles. Naturally, my member sprang fully erect and then, with a smile she said, 'Mmmm yes, very satisfactory young man. Now do as your told at once.'

Ian stepped out of his trousers, and I did likewise, also removing my blue knickers as well.

As we turned away she said 'Ian sweetie, underpants off too'.

He gave me a shy look and slowly pulled down his underpants a bit.

'Ah, shy are we, come closer and I will do it for you,' I heard her say.

As I bent down over the open drawer, I saw Ian standing in front of her, and watched as she slid his underpants down his legs and caressed his round bum. Then, giving him a playful smack, and said, 'Now go and get some nice lacy panties to show off in for me.'

By this time, my hands were full of lovely silky underwear and, spoilt for choice, I eventually selected a pair of girls' frilly panties with little pink bows at the waist and several ruffles of lace across the bum. Pulling them on I spied a short waist slip folded in one corner of the drawer, and picked it up and held it out for Mrs McTaggert's approval.

'Would you like to wear that as well then, Alex?' she asked. I nodded and hastily slipped it on up my legs to my waist and then couldn't resist rubbing my hands over the soft silky smoothness, and the feeling of it it sliding over the panties was most exquisite. I heard Ian move behind me and turned to see him pull on a pair of school knickers similar to the blue ones I had worn earlier.

'A good choice Ian,' I heard Mrs McTaggert say. 'Come over here and let me check they are not to tight.'

 As I looked at her, I could see she her left hand  was moving gently inside the low collar of her dressing gown. Ian went over to her and I watched fascinated as she slid her right hand fingers into the elasticated leg of Ian's, by now, bulging knickers.

I suddenly felt the urge to walk over and stand behind Ian, and my hand moved slowly down to touch the back of his knickers. I could feel the heat of his body through the material as I gently caressed his bottom.

Mrs McTaggert looked at me and smiled, then, looking at Ian, said, 'I saw you on the bus earlier touching Alex' knickers - did you enjoy it?'

'Yes miss,' he replied.

'Would you like to do it again and slide you hands over his soft frilly panties?'

'Yes miss,' he said again in a quiet voice.

'Go on then, feel his nice panties.'

Ian turned round and I could help moving my hand over the prominent bulge in his front. I could feel him doing the same to me, and suddenly it seemed the most natural thing in the world to kiss him. I could feel him respond and press harder against my hand. I looked up to see Mrs McTaggert had slid her hand inside her full knickers and was franticly rubbing herself and giving out little mewing sounds. I slid my hand inside Ian's knickers and gently wrapped my fingers round his warm hard member. He moaned and pressed against me, and I felt a hot wetness on my hand, and I could feel him shudder and sigh as he leaned against me.

Suddenly, there was a loud knock at the door and Miss Watson's head appeared round the edge. Ian and I both gasped and stepped back from each other as Mrs McTaggert made a shuddering cry.

Were in for it now I thought...


More to come?

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