Petticoat punishment fiction by Cathy Angela Davis, MKD

2008, all rights reserved

Chapter Two - Karen-ann Starts on the Road to Girlhood

When they awoke for breakfast they took a shower and dressed, his (her) mother bringing him (her) the same exact camp clothes as Karen-alice.  Today was horseback riding day - all the girls put on denim skirts that went down to their knees and a hot pink western girl's blouse, with a cowboy style camp hat in hot pink, and cowgirl boots with pink throughout; however, Karen-ann’s skirt was 3 inches above her knee). 

He went to breakfast, where he saw his mother, who gave him the first dose of special orange juice and said, “Drink it Karen-ann.”  He looked intensely at his mother and was going to say no, (which would have been a big mistake). Then that stern but kind look came to his mother’s face and he said, “Yes Mommy, thank you Mommy,” and drank the orange juice and ate the breakfast and said nothing and did not misbehave at all. That day, they went on a camp-out trail ride - his mother went, too and took along the orange juice and her breakfast and other meals for the two days. She travelled by van, which had a small stove and micro wave oven in it.

Karen-ann remembered what it was like before his father died, but inside, he could not dismiss the thought that he had deserted him by dying; however, he knew that, even if his father were alive and he did this, the same thing would have happened.  No, this never happened to his father when he was young because his father never gave his mother cause to do it. Karen-ann just knew his life was going to be different and knew his boyhood was going to disappear - he knew, but did not understand yet, that his mother was the first surgeon that could start the growth of female organs in males and make them younger, so they could get their cycle, but he also knew he would grow into that, as he was only eight.

The camp-out went great - Karen-ann started to enjoy herself and all the girls were kind to her. They treated him just like 'one of the girls' and talked of girl things like fashion, boys and the phoniness of Hollywood (They did not like the teen stars; all the girls there thought they were full of themselves and had no talent). Their parents showed them what talent was, and knew rap crap was not. The boys they talked about were ones from school, some bad who they did not like - like Karen-ann was when he was Kevin-andy.  Kevin-andy had long blond hair and blue eyes just like his sister; his mother never really cut his hair. So when she agreed to petticoat discipline and to use her new procedure on him, he already had the hair.

They started a camp fire and told stories of little girl romance and how they wished that, when they grew up, they would still be good girls and women and find good men.  Then they roasted marshmallows and had hot chocolate.  Karen-ann’s mother gave her her hot chocolate in a baby bottle - she knew she had to drink it, but tried not to.  Mother said, “If you do not drink it, I will feed and dress you like a one year old and you will not participate in any more activities - Is that clear Karen-ann?”

She acceded, of course.

Later, there was swimming, and Karen-ann and Karen-alice were the winners in the girls division, as well as the co-ed division

As time went on, each dose of hormones made him feel and behave more like a good girl - she became the most-behaved girl in the camp.  Her mother did not mind staying there, but did not take the money, only a refund instead of her fee; the owners thought that was a nice gesture and asked if she would come back next year as the camp doctor.  She replied, “Yes, if my girls can come for free.”   They agreed.

They loved camp and could not wait for next season, but soon came school-time, and Karen-ann had her surgery.


Afterwards, during recuperation, there was a little pain.  She was now all girl, but would have to take the hormones until she was 18, then her body would start to produce them naturally; because of her mother's new technique in transformation surgery, a man could really become a woman, and even get pregnant.

So as they went to their first day of school, no one knew that Karen-ann used to be Kevin-andrew.  Thanks to her mother, there was no sign of her
boyhood ever existing, it was the most successful transformation she had ever done and no other doctor could detect there even had been a transformation.  She had used lasers, and had decided not to develop a procedure to reverse the process, seeing no reason for it.

Karen-ann went to recess and lunch with the other girls, getting used to going to the bathroom and sitting down to pee - her sister had to go with her at camp to make sure she sat down, but now she had to sit down, as she had no boy hood left.   She still felt discomfort there, but her mother said that, by the end of the year, it would go away.

Then there were try-outs for the third grade swim team - they were still too young for cheerleading. So the 'Karens' tried out and beat everyone there, tying each other. So they were number one on the team and co-captains.  Later, they tried soccer, as well as field hockey and they also won a place on those teams and made team captains.  They were bored with their work, but Mother would not let them skip ahead, as she had seen troubled social adjustment in kids who did.  She wanted them to be well-adjusted and normal.

Mother said, “I am proud of both of you, and Karen-ann, you got a great report for the first day of school!  You can pick your own outfit out, even though I will shorten it, and you each can have a new doll and doll house of your own choosing.”

Karen-ann smiled a real girlish smile; she was starting to enjoy being a real girl.

Chapter Three

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