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              *Life With Aunty*

              (Transcribed from a young woman’s memories of her childhood)


               Aunt Claudette 

       Principal characters:

Lilith Meene...a tall gorgeous twenty-six year old unmarried extreme feminist, often has a haughty imperious manner, incredibly wealthy, owner of Bouquet, a mid-Victorian mansion located on the outskirts of a town on New York State’s east side of the Hudson River, considered by Lilith and her exclusive social circle to be the “right side” (meaning the socially proper side) of the river, and not as far north as the “apple knocker” (farmers) country of upstate New York’s farmlands, also a distant aunt of Nancy.

Sally St. James...Lilith’s twice divorced forty-five year old, still very pretty mother, now also an extreme feminist due to her too early and ill-fated short marriages, following her second divorce lives again at Bouquet with Lilith, and becomes affectionate “Gramma” to Nancy.   

Nancy...formerly Paul, the little boy who is dressed and raised like a little girl by his aunt and her mother, and taught to behave like “a good little girl”, like the two women want him to be, effectively making the boy a sissy, beginning when he was seven years old.

“domestics”...another word for servants (maids, a butler, gardener, etc.).

Lilith’s and Sally’s friends...women that are devoted believers in the principles and basic ideas of The Ladies’ Petticoating & Girls-in-Training Club, a nation-wide organization, with chapters in many cities, of domineering women that make their little boys sissies by raising them like little girls until they’re twelve years old,
and are then getting the weekly female hormone injections and daily hormone pills leading up to their sexual reassignment surgery that will change their actual sex to female.   The basic form of the club activity and enjoyment is having their sissies take part in a little girl fashion contest held once every week, where all sissies have a turn in their prettiest dresses, bouffant slips, etc. on a modelling runway in the club’s large prettily decorated meeting hall (formerly the hall used for the state’s principal Grange chapter where farmers discussed such delicate subjects as whether cow manure or horse manure was better for fertilizing fields to grow corn).   

Other likeminded women regarding boys encountered in department stores and dress shops:

       Francine Bessette...the marvelously creative hairdresser and owner of FRANCINE’S, a beauty salon providing hair styles, “perms” and makeovers for women, girls and “suitable boys” (sissies). 

      Dr. Dorothy Gibson...a mentally gifted expert surgeon, specializing in female hormone injections and sexual reassignment surgery, her twelve year old sissy patients following a series of female hormone injections and a daily regimen of female hormone pills, along with the sex change surgery are lovingly referred to as “Gibson girls” by their satisfied mothers, step-mothers, aunts, and the sissies’ older sisters in the petticoating club. 

  The time:

Spring 1953.   A dramatic fashion change in women’s and girls’ clothes occurs. The new bouffant fashion decreed by the fashion designers of Paris, France of wearing multiple petticoats under full dresses and skirts arrives in America, with women usually wearing a full length or half slip and two or three petticoats under their dresses to give them the desired bouffant appearance, while little and pre-teen girls wear pretty bouffant slips under their dresses.   The horrible cheap polyester fabric that always gets pulls and a balling up of its fibers isn’t used for making clothes yet except as an insulating material for winter coats.   Nylon tricot (a French word, pronounced tree-ko) lingerie, having a silky feel and appearance to it, is now easily manufactured, and closely resembles expensive silk.   A big increase of various types of pretty lace and ribbon bows decorating clothes becomes standard, especially on women’s lingerie, and also on the panties, bouffant slips, blouses and dresses for little girls.

New textile developments produce a number of other new fabrics, most based on various treatments and methods of manufacturing nylon fabric or blending it with other fabrics.   Fabrics such as nylon parchment (a durable stiff very smooth material often used as an underskirt for supporting a bouffant slip’s layers of nylon horse hair netting, and taffeta and organza from soft to stiff;  also tulle, usually in layers of fine nylon netting, usually without a bottom edge binding and used extensively as a simple “filler” type of petticoat under wedding gowns and for their veils, and under a ballerina’s tutu; also chiffon, an overskirt of light material, made with a slightly rough nylon weave that produces an exciting “whispering” sound as it moves over the smoother and harder finished material of a gown or fancy cocktail dress (sometimes called an “evening dress”) under it. 

Sheer nylon stockings replace silk stockings, but still have a seam down the back of them that women always try to keep straight, and are subject to getting “runs,” a ladder-like separation of the nylon weave that women try to stop by applying a drop of clear nail polish to the run (only an emergency repair till good nylons can be put on, women often carrying extra nylons in their pocketbooks).   Stockings require a garter belt to be put on first before a woman’s panties, with its garter straps and tabs pulled down through her panties’ leg openings, both in the front and at the back of her legs, making it unnecessary to take it off when she pulls her panties down to relieve herself, or as women say, “freshen up.” 

“Poufy”...a fashion term used for women’s and girls’ (beginning at the toddler age), dresses and skirts, means 'filled out or puffy,' though women always call it poufy.   A dress or skirt with several petticoats under it was said to have “lots of pouf” to it, a frequent compliment made among women.

“Prissy” adjective, refers to the fussy way little girls manage the skirts of their dresses, bouffant slips or petticoats, always putting their hands behind them and smoothing their dresses under them when they sit down “like Mommy does, ”fluffing them up, smoothing away wrinkles on their dresses with their hands, primping or getting Mommy to re-tie the bow or bows on their hair, and always being careful to stay nice and clean “like a good little girl” when they play.

     Nature of this true biography: 

The intriguing account of how a normal little boy is made a sissy by Lilith and Sally, the events of his sissy “little girl years,” and a portion of his later life after having been turned into a twelve year old real girl by a series of female hormone injections and sexual reassignment surgery (simply referred to by doctors as SRS). 

                                          Let us begin... 

It was a warm April day in 1953 when Lilith with Sally drove the forty miles in Lilith’s new Cadillac Fleetwood sedan to the county’s Child Welfare Center, two days after she received the order from Family Court.  It had appointed her foster mother and guardian of the neglected seven year old child of her drug addicted cousin (from a different branch of the Meene family tree) and his equally addicted slatternly common-law wife, both now declared unfit parents and beginning long prison sentences for dealing in heroin and other drugs.  Neither Lilith nor Sally had been informed the of the child’s gender nor name due to a secretary’s error of omission.  The two women arrived at eight-thirty on a Friday morning and were taken to the office of the director and administrator, Mr. Sweeney, an alcoholic who was suffering from a hangover due to the previous night’s excessive drinking.   But he brightened up and smiled when he saw the two pretty women.

      One look at Sweeney with his pencil-thin moustache and oily looking slicked black hair and Lilith sized him up as a pathetic little bureaucrat with an inflated ego.   To make the whole business even more unpleasant, the lecherous Sweeney kept leering at Lilith during the entire time they were there.  Lilith regarded Sweeney as if he was some sort of barnyard animal, and returned his leering with a look as would split rocks (an Irish expression)!

Both women were prettily dressed for the occasion, wearing full dresses with petticoats under them, their hair pinned up in a bun at the back of the head called a chig˝on (a French word, pronounced chen-nyohn with the last syllable given a nasal pronunciation).  The style was a popular neat one among women at the time, keeping their hair up and away from the neck in the warm April weather, but gave them a severe and intimidating appearance like an angry strict school teacher when they weren’t smiling.   They placed their hands behind them and smoothed their dresses, petticoats and half-slips under them as they sat down opposite Sweeney at his desk.

Lilith introduced herself and Sally to Sweeney and handed him the court order she had received.

“I’ve been looking forward to meeting you,” said Sweeney, having been told of the stupendous Meene family fortune. “We received our confirmation of the Family Court order a few days ago.   Normally we don’t allow an unmarried woman for a foster mother, but it’s within my purview to make an exception when a woman of your means and obvious quality is involved (Sweeney could lay it on thick when the situation called for it), and after all, you are a distant aunt of his as well.”  

“Unfortunately most of his records were thrown out by mistake, except for his excellent health and dental records.   We know he’s seven years old, though we don’t know the exact date.   But it was some day last week in March.”

“He?” said Lilith, aghast at the thought of having a little boy knocking over the antiques in her lovely home as he ran around inside with his pals, screeching like a wild Indian and disrupting her and Sally’s enjoyable life of the idle rich.

“Yes,” replied Sweeney, “a boy.   I thought you knew that.   But Paul’s a good little boy.   I doubt he’ll give you any trouble.   I’ll have him brought in here  with his things and you can meet him.”

Sweeney spoke into his intercom.   Soon a stout matron bought the little boy in with the rest of his few tattered and patched clothes in a state-issued cheap suitcase made of simple cardboard panels folded together, and a thin plastic strap for a grip.

“Say hello little fellah,” said Sweeney. “These are the nice ladies you’re going to live with from now on at their home.”

       The little boy smiled and said hello.

 Lilith looked him over with a critical eye: long blond hair like her own, a clear medium complexion also like her own, the rosy blush of youth on his cheeks, a slim youthful build, about four feet tall, and a cute face and smile.

 “I apologize for the length of his hair,” said Sweeney, “but Paul had schedule conflicts during the last year and a half with the dentist whenever the barber was here.   But he does have an excellent first teeth, and he’s never had a cavity.”

 A bit different from Lilith in her feelings about children, Sally rarely thought about little boys, but she thought little girls were so cute and huggable wearing their little poufy slips and pretty dresses in the new bouffant style. 

    “Well, there’s not much more to say or do,” said Sweeney. “I’m sure the authorities in Albany will be glad to get my report, and know we’ve placed the child in a good home with his aunt, even if you’ve never met each other before.   Just sign this last page of the custody transfer form.” 

    Lilith noticed the rank odor of alcohol on Sweeney’s breath as he stood up and leaned over the desk, handing the official form and a pen to her.

      In a way, Sweeney hated to see the meeting almost over.   The younger woman was a snooty gal, but she was the first gorgeous looking woman to appear on his boring job in a year or more.   The older pretty gal with her had a big pair of tits and looked like she’d also be a great roll in the hay.   But now he’d have to fill out “another one of those damn long reports” to send to the authorities in the state capital.   He decided to do it later when he didn’t have such a head splitting hangover from drinking a full fifth of his favorite brand of bourbon whiskey last night, Old Plow Horse (120 proof).

Against her wishes about the whole business, Lilith signed the form and pushed it back to Sweeney.   He placed the signature page between the jaws of his Notary Public stamp and squeezed it, making an impression of the New York State’s notary seal on the page, then wrote in his Notary Public number and signed it, making the little boy’s aunt his legal foster mother and guardian.

“Good luck to you all,” said Sweeney, now glad to see them leave so he could get at the flask in his desk drawer, filled with his favorite brand of cheap  “medicinal”  bourbon, Old Race Horse 148 proof(74% alcohol) , made by the same distillery that makes Old Plow Horse).

      “I doubt luck will have much to do with the outcome,” said Lilith. “Come along Paul.   Now we’ll have some other things to do today.”

Now that the business was over, Lilith held Paul by the hand while the matron picked up his cardboard suitcase and they went out to Lilith’s Cadillac.

The matron placed Paul’s suitcase in the car’s trunk and Paul sat on the front seat between the two women, the skirts of their full dresses and petticoats spilling over his legs.   As they drove back home, they stopped at a HOWARD JOHNSON’S  restaurant for brunch.    While Paul was having a hot fudge sundae for dessert, Lilith asked Sally to come to the ladies room with her while a waitress stayed with Paul.  

        Once inside the rest room, Lilith told Sally her plans for Paul. 

“Mother, we simply can’t have a little boy living with us, making a racket and knocking over our antiques when he runs around in our home playing with other little boys,” said Lilith. “But if we make him a sissy by keeping him dressed in girls clothes, and teach him to behave like a good little girl, he’ll be no trouble at all.   I’m legally his foster mother now, so he’ll be my little girl and you’re his grandmother now.   He’s a cute little boy and he’ll look like a pretty little girl. It’ll be quite satisfying making a little boy a sissy by keeping him in pretty dresses and things every day, and he’ll be far less trouble than having a regular little boy living with us once we’ve taught him to behave like a good little girl.   What do you think?   Will you help me?”  

“What a nice idea!” said Sally and smiled as she thought how nice it would be.  She could hardly wait to get home so they could begin making the cute little boy look like Lilith’s pretty little girl and her own huggable cute little granddaughter that she’d always wanted to have.

When they got back to the Meene family mansion, a thunder storm had begun.   While the car was going up the driveway, though the house was made of wood, Paul had seen what looked like the square tower of a castle he’d seen in the movies, with a small front porch on it and the front door of the house.   There was a fancy little black metal fence and lightning rods on top of its slate roof, and some lilac bushes grew around the front of the house.   An old carriage house heated for Lilith’s car during the winter months, with an upstairs room for an elderly chauffer now retired and living elsewhere, was a little to one side behind the house.   Lilith parked her Cadillac under the porte cochere at the side of the house and held Paul by the hand as they entered the side door.  

It looked like a haunted house in the movies to Paul, except there weren’t any cobwebs in the big clean house.  The hallway walls were completely covered with small bevel- edged panels of dark wood, and a runner of Persian carpeting was on the polished hardwood floor.  

They went down the hallway to the kitchen and Lilith told Paul to sit down at the table as she began to make some coffee.   Sally gave Paul a glass of lemonade and sat down next to him, and eventually Lilith smoothed her skirts, petticoats and slip under her as she sat down on his other side with the coffee for Sally and herself.

“I don’t suppose you liked being at the child center Paul,” began Lilith, “but you’ll like living here with my mother and me after we’ve made a few changes to you.   I’m your new mommy now, but call me Aunty, and call my mother Gramma.   It’s good we got home early in the day.   The thunderstorm didn’t last long and now we’ll be able to go shopping for some new clothes for you.”

Paul thought what the changes would be; probably having to take a bath every Saturday night and getting his long hair cut.   Maybe I can get a crew cut like a sailor, he thought.

“Your hair is quite long Paul,” said Sally. “It’s down on your back now.   Didn’t they give you any haircuts at the child center sweetheart?” 

“Just a couple of times a year,” answered Paul. “But the last four times the barber came, I was at the dentist, getting some stuff brushed on my teeth so I won’t get any holes in them.   The other boys called me Wild Paul Hickcock.”

       “Isn’t that good Lilith,” said Sally. “Paul’s had fluoride treatments done to his teeth to prevent cavities.   Usually they don’t do that till he has his second teeth.”

“Yes, it is good,” replied Lilith. “But you’ll still have to brush your teeth after every meal Paul, and rinse your mouth.  There’s mouthwash in all the bathrooms.   It’ll make your breath smell nice and get rid of germs.   Always be sure you use it after every meal.   Gramma or I will help you.”

“Yes Aunty,” said Paul, eager to please his pretty aunty and gramma.

“You’ll have to take a bath before we go,” said Lilith. “You can’t wear new clothes without being good and clean first.   Come with me Paul.   Sally, please bring Paul’s suitcase up to his room while I give him his bath.”

Lilith held Paul by the hand and led him up the wide staircase to the second floor, and into her pretty bedroom that had it’s own bathroom instead of the one at the end of the hallway.    As the tub began to fill with warm water, she poured in some bubble bath solution while Paul took off his clothes.   Then he got in the bathtub, and began playing with the big mound of pretty smelling bubbles.   Lilith had put a rubber laundry apron on over her dress and now knelt beside the tub as she gave Paul a shampoo, first checking his hair for cooties (fortunately there weren’t any), followed by a thorough scrubbing from head to toe.

Finally, Paul got out and stood on the bathmat and Lilith dried him off with a fluffy peach colored towel.   Then she took him by the hand and led him down the hallway into a bedroom with the towel still wrapped around him. 

Paul looked around the bedroom curiously.

    The bed was a children’s full size bed for twin little girls with a ruffled edge pink canopy.   The edges of a floral print comforter were trimmed with big overlapping layers of white ruffles that went down almost to the floor.   The lacy print wallpaper had big pictures printed on it of Cinderella in her gown, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, the fairy Tinkerbell and Alice in Wonderland.   There was also a little girl’s dressing table with a wall mirror and a padded stool for it, having a ruffled pink drape going down from the seat to the floor.  A dresser with drawers and a big mirror against the wall behind it, a taller bureau of drawers, a full length mirror on the back of the bedroom door, rose colored wall-to-wall carpeting, a fireplace no longer used ,with its opening blocked up to save heat, and a large closet completed the bedroom’s furnishings and features.  

“Aunty, this looks like a girl’s room,” said Paul.

    “Yes Paul.  It is,” explained Lilith. “Two little girls stayed here last month while their mommy went on a vacation, and we made it nice for them.   The other spare rooms need to be cleaned and aired out later this spring, so this will be your bedroom, and you can also play in here and downstairs in the living room.”

Sally had brought in his flimsy suitcase.   A clean pair of blue jeans, a red tee shirt, clean white underpants and socks were on the bed.   Lilith put some floral scented powder in his sneakers to get rid of any odor while Paul got dressed and fastened his favorite belt with its Roy Rogers cowboy buckle on his blue jeans.

Meanwhile, Sally had gone back downstairs and called FRANCINE’S, a beauty salon, and made a late afternoon appointment for Paul.

 Lilith put on her white cloth gloves and took her pocketbook with her.  Then she held Paul by his well-scrubbed hand again and they went back downstairs and out the side door.   Sally was already in the Cadillac waiting for them.  

As they drove towards town, a doe and a fawn ran out of the forest and across the road.

“Look Aunty,” cried Paul excitedly. “It’s Bambi!”

      “Yes sweetheart,” said Lilith. “There are lots of animals in the woods.   But you stay close to the house when you play outside.   The forest is very big and dark.   You’d get lost in the woods and a big bear might eat you up.”

Wow! Bears!   Paul thought it was going to be fun living with his aunty.   It would be...for Lilith and Sally, but not at first for Paul.

They reached the town’s commercial section and Lilith parked her car in front of the entrance to STEINBERG’S, a department store, ignoring the fire hydrant near the right rear fender.   Later, a passing cop didn’t bother writing a ticket once he saw Lilith’s license plate: MEENE 1.

When they got out of the car, Lilith and Sally shook and rustled their dresses and petticoats to fluff them up since sitting in them tended to make them not as poufy as they liked them to be.

Then Lilith held Paul by the hand and they went into the store and got on an elevator.   When it reached the second floor, they got off and walked through the women's department and into the girl's department.

A pleasant looking middle-age saleslady came over to them. “I’m Deborah.   Can I help you?” she asked.

“Yes thank you,” said Lilith. “I need to get my nephew a new wardrobe.   He needs everything: panties, bouffant slips, dresses and socks and shoes.   You’ll have to take his measurements first since I’m not sure of his size.”

“Certainly,” said Deborah, “and I’ll check his shoe size also.”

“Aunty, I’m not a girl,” said a puzzled Paul.   “Why...”

“Just be nice and quiet sweetheart,” said Lilith cutting him short, “and I’ll explain it to you when we get home.”

Paul obeyed his pretty aunty like a good boy, but he started to feel sort of scared.

It didn’t surprise Deborah that Lilith was buying girls clothes for a little boy.   A lot of ladies seemed to be doing it lately.   She thought it was probably because of a wonderful club she’d heard about.   She quickly took Paul’s measurements with her tape measure and checked his height, then had him sit down and measured his foot for his shoe size as well.

“He’ll take a girls size seven dress and things except for his shoes,” said Deborah. “Where would you like to start?”

“Panties first,” answered Lilith.  

Deborah took them to a tabletop display of loose panties in smooth plastic bins, each bin numbered according to the size of the panties in it.   

“Let me have a dozen panties for him,” said Lilith, “the lacy nylon tricot rumba panties with the rows of ruffled white lace across the back of them and lace around the leg openings in an assortment of pastel colors and, some white ones also.   Later in the year we’ll get him some thicker cotton panties and some petti-panties and tights for the cold weather.”     

Deborah picked them out and showed them to Lilith.

“Yes, those are pretty,” said Lilith. “Let’s move on to the bouffant slips.”

      There were four long racks of bouffant slips for little girls, hung in order of size.   Deborah showed Lilith where the girls size seven slips were.    Lilith picked out three multi-layered white ones, three in pink, and one each in pastel yellow and lilac.   Most of them had a tricot bodice, a smooth nylon parchment underskirt holding out a layer of stiff white nylon netting in three widening tiers, and with white binding on the edges of its bottom four layers of nylon net ruffles.

Sally had gone off by herself to buy some things for him to play with when they were home.

When Lilith had picked out the bouffant slips she wanted for the little boy, Deborah took them from her, brought them and his panties to the counter where the cash register was, and returned to Lilith.

“Let me have two pairs of the shiny black Mary Janes and two pairs of the shiny patent leather white shoes that also have a strap and buckle,” said Lilith.

“Since it’s spring now, he should be wearing white shoes.   We’ll save his  Mary Janes for autumn and winter and get him some flats when he’s a little older.   You’d better include another pair of both colors a half size larger.   Children grow so fast.”

“Now for his socks,” said Lilith. “Be sure they’re mostly pastel colors that’ll go with his little dresses, but include some of those cute white ones that have the little flowers and the lace collar on them to fold down over the top of his shoes.”

Again Deborah brought everything Lilith was picking out to the cash register, then returned to her.

      “Let’s go to the dresses now,” said Lilith. “ I want some pretty every day sort of dresses he can play in, and some especially pretty ones for the weekends.   We usually have visitors then.”      


  Soon Lilith had picked out eight pretty dresses for Paul.

“By the way,” suggested Deborah, “we have some darling mother and daughter dress sets.   Would you like to see them?”

“By all means,” said Lilith. “I’d like seeing him wearing a pretty little dress that looks like mine.   And all little girls like to wear a pretty dress that looks like their mommy’s dress, in this case his aunty’s, dress.”

Deborah led the way to two racks of the mother and daughter-dresses.   One rack held the dresses in mothers’ sizes, and the other rack had the look-alike dresses in sizes for their little girls.

          Lilith chose a set in pink gingham, another in lilac gingham, and a red set with tiny white polka dots. She also picked out three other different sets in Sally’s considerably


 larger size around her bust and slightly larger waist.   All of the dresses she had picked out for Paul were soft cotton and buttoned up at the back, had a cute little white secretary collar with dainty round lapels and short puffed sleeves trimmed with plain white binding, and a white sash for his waist. 

Remembering a newspaper ad she’s seen recently, she also picked out a little pink poodle skirt and two button back white blouses with an eyelet lace bordered bodice, a lace trimmed collar and with lace trim on the short puffed sleeves.        

“Take the price tags off everything and add them up,” said Lilith, “and I’ll take the pink gingham set of dresses, a white bouffant slip, a pair of his pink rumba panties, a pink pair of socks and the pair of the white shoes.   You can take the rest of his things to the cash register while we try on the dresses to make sure they fit,” said Lilith as she took Paul by the hand.  She led him off to the dressing rooms with the pink gingham mother and daughter dresses with the rest of his little girl things.   Paul was too confused and afraid to say anything; Aunty and Gramma were pretty ladies, but a lot taller than him.

First Lilith helped Paul take off all his clothes.   Then she held open the pink rumba panties trimmed with white lace around the leg openings and in ruffled rows across the back of them.   He stepped into them when she told him to, and Lilith drew the elastic waistband up in place.   It made Paul feel squirmy to be wearing lacy panties like girls wore.

“Now put your arms up high, Paul,” said Lilith as she gathered the four bottom ruffles of the bouffant slip in her hands and held it over him.

Paul was terrified when he saw the layers of ruffles over his head and Aunty’s unsmiling face above it.   It was a girl thing coming down over him as the adjustable straps settled on his shoulders.   Next he had to put his hands in front of him when Lilith brought the little pink gingham dress down on him, so he could put his hands and arms through the short puffed sleeves.   Then she turned him around and buttoned up the back of it and tied the white sash in a nice big bow at the back of his waist with the bow having long tag ends.   His dress and his bouffant slip ended at the same level at the top of his knees.

Lilith was beginning to enjoy dressing the little boy like a girl.   She had no doubt she and Sally could make the little boy a sissy in a week or less.   Being such an extreme feminist, it would be very satisfying to her to make him a sissy and see him looking and behaving like a good little girl.

“Sit down on the little seat, Paul, and I’ll put your socks and shoes on you,” Lilith told him.

Once Lilith had Paul dressed like a little girl, she changed into her part of the mother and daughter dress set, her own three white petticoats poufing it out nicely.  

Outside the dressing room, she dropped Paul’s boys clothes, including his favorite belt with its Roy Rogers cowboy buckle, and his sneakers in a rubbish barrel, to be thrown away by the store.   Then she held him by the hand and led him out to a tall mirror in the dress department.

“See how nice my little girl looks now?   Smile pretty sweetheart,” said Lilith, a satisfied expression on her face as she held him around the waist.

He’ll look like a pretty little girl when Francine’s finished with his hair, she thought. 

When Paul saw himself in the mirror, he hardly felt like smiling.   Even on Halloween he’d never dared to dress like a girl - and next Halloween was still almost seven months away.

They went to the cash register, where Deborah was waiting for them.   Lilith wrote a check for her purchases, then took Paul back to the elevator.   Along the way, she stopped and paid cash for a shiny white little pocketbook with a shoulder strap, and a pair of pretty white cloth gloves for a little girl, just like the gloves she and Sally were wearing except for their smaller size.   She placed both items on him.  

“Keep your left hand on top of your pocketbook, Paul, so it won’t swing around when you walk,” instructed Lilith. “Don’t swing your right arm.   Just keep it along the side of your dress when you’re walking.”

Four salesgirls took everything down to her car once the dresses Lilith had bought for Paul and the dress she’d worn to the store had been boxed, the rest of his things put in some of the store’s large paper bags, the ruffled bottom edges of his other bouffant slips sticking out a little from the top of them, and placed them on the back seat.   Sally was already in the car with a couple more large paper bags she’d also put on the back seat. 

They got into the front seat again and Lilith drove down the street to FRANCINE’S, the beauty salon that she and Sally occasionally visited to get their hair style changed or permed.

“Don’t you look nice sweetheart!” said Sally, smiling at the little boy.  

When they got out of the car, Lilith and Sally paused to shake and pouf up their petticoats and dresses again.    Then Lilith held Paul by the hand as they went up the steps into FRANCINE’S.   Sally noticed that Paul’s bouffant slip whispered in a delightful way against the skirts of his little dress when he walked, like Lilith’s and her own petticoats did, but rustled in a more noticeable manner than his.

Francine paused in her work on a woman’s hair when she heard them enter.

“Well!   Is this the little boy Sally phoned me about, the one that’s going to be your little girl?” asked Francine as she smiled at Paul. “Mother and daughter dresses!    Doesn’t he look darling.   I bet he loves wearing a pretty dress that looks like his aunty’s dress.   And his cute little white pocketbook and white gloves make him look like a proper little lady with matching accessories.”  

“I’m his foster mother now and he’ll be my little girl from now on,” replied Lilith. “You know how Sally and I feel about boys.   We’ll teach him how to behave like a good little girl.   It won’t take long if he doesn’t want a sore bottom.”  

“Since he has such long hair, Fran,” said Sally, “we were thinking you could give him a ponytail and bangs.   That’s what most little girls have nowadays.”

“That’ll be easy,” answered Francine. “But you’ll have to wait until I finish with Catherine’s hair.   I’m almost done.   Sit down and I’ll be with you in a couple of minutes.”

They went over to some padded chairs along the wall and Lilith told him, “Paul, watch the way Gramma sits down.”  

Sally placed her hands behind her and smoothed her dress, petticoats and half slip under her as she sat down on the chair behind her.

“Now you sit down the same way,” instructed Lilith.

Paul sat down like Gramma had done and Lilith sat down on his other side.  Besides ladies, he’d seen that the little girls at his old school always sat down like that.

“Always remember to sit down that way sweetheart,” said Sally as she smiled at him, “so you won’t get wrinkles in your poufy slip and pretty dress.   That’s how good little girls sit down.”

Paul began looking around at the things in the scary place.   There was a row of chairs at the back of the room with big helmets over them - he wondered what they were for.   They looked like the space helmets in the Buck Rogers comic books that he’d read at the child center.

Soon Catherine got up from the styling chair, then paid, tipped and thanked Francine, and said goodbye, after giving her dress and petticoats a rustling shake in front of a full-length mirror next to the door to pouf them up nicely.

“Your turn, precious,” Francine told Paul, and Sally took his gloves off him and held them and his little pocket book for him.

Lilith gave Paul a little push up from his chair and he timidly walked over to Francine.   Francine easily lifted him up into the styling chair with two thick pads on it she used to raise the level of the little girls whose hair she styled or permed.   Then she tied a sheet (the type barbers use) around his neck to keep any cut hair from getting on his pretty dress.

“Did he just have a shampoo?” asked Francine as she smelled his hair.

“Yes, I gave him a shampoo and a bubble bath before we came,” replied Lilith.

“Lilith, you and Sally will love having a little sissy living with you,” said Francine. “I’ve already got my own little nephew wearing panties, bouffant slips and dresses.   He’s staying with me while his stepmother is spending this year in Europe, and he loves being a little girl now.   I’ll only be here for another week so I can stay with him while he’s here.   Today the lady next door to me is baby-sitting him for me while he plays hop scotch with her little girl.   Any women that want me to do their hair will have to call and make an appointment two days in advance so I can arrange to get a sitter for him.   I’ve trained a couple of new hairdressers to handle my other customers.”

“You mean you actually like having him with you?” asked Lilith, irritated by the thought of now having to train Paul to behave like a good little girl.

“I love it, Lilith,” answered Francine, “and you’ll love it too.   You’ll see.  Making a little boy a sissy is so much fun.   And it makes me feel good to see him fluffing up his bouffant slip and dress, brushing away wrinkles in his dress with his hands, asking me to retie the bow on his hair, and keeping himself nice and clean like the little girls in my neighborhood do.   Having a prissy little sissy living with me is even more fun than having a real little girl.   Take my word for it.”

“Perhaps for you,” said Lilith, “but this is something the Family Court forced on us.”

“Oh, Lilith,” said Sally, “forget about that.   I’ll love having a prissy little granddaughter now.   All little girls like to keep their dresses looking nice by fluffing them up now and then, and they always keep themselves nice and clean, even when they play together.”

       While they had been talking, Francine cut some bangs on his forehead and brought the rest of his long blond hair back and up from his neck and trimmed it a little, making a seven inch long ponytail beginning high on the back of his head, having a little upward flip at the end of it.  She tied a two inch wide pink ribbon to go with his pink gingham dress around the beginning of his ponytail in a big pretty bow, with the tag ends of the pert bow hanging down a few inches. 

“There.   That looks pretty,” said Francine. “Pink looks so nice on blond hair.   Lilith, first I’m just going to thin his eyebrows a little with my tweezers, then I’ll pierce his earlobes.   I’ll put some sterilized gold plated studs in them for now.   Leave them in overnight, and tomorrow you can put some little pearl studs in them I’ll give you as a present for him.   He’ll like having pierced ears like his pretty aunty and gramma have, and having pierced ears will be a sort of semi-permanent badge of his little girl femininity.   Then I’ll put some bright pink lipstick on him to go with his pretty dress.” 

Paul didn’t know what the word pierce meant. Once his neck was shielded with a towel, she held one of his earlobes away from his neck and numbed it with a thin spray of cold carbon dioxide gas from a pressurized can and pierced it with a spring powered needle device in Francine’s other hand.   Then she pierced the other earlobe and placed the gold plated studs in them.   Next she showed him how to keep his lower lip taut while she coated it with the pink lipstick, and how to roll his lips in together to coat his upper lip also.

“All done sweetheart,” said Francine, smiling at the pretty little sissy-to-be, then blotted her lipstick on a tissue and lifted him down from the styling chair.   Once Paul was standing on the floor, she bent down, gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek.

“Be a good little girl for your nice aunty and gramma now, precious,” she told him, smiling at how much he looked liked a pretty little girl now.   It was one of Francine’s typical pretty results for little boys being made sissies by domineering divorced mothers, step-mothers or aunts.

Lilith came over and paid Francine, included a lavish tip and thanked her.

      “Thanks Lilith,” said Francine. “By the way, this is the tenth little sissy I’ve given girls hair style this month.   This is why.   Here, take this.”   Francine gave Lilith a business card.

       Lilith read the business card with considerable interest, and then passed it to Sally.   Sally read it and smiled.    She handed it back to Lilith and she put it in her pocketbook, along with the pearl ear studs Francine had given her for Paul to wear.


 Call FelicitÚ at 555-GIRL for information & meeting schedule.

    Only women, sissies and older sisters of sissies allowed.  

    Complimentary hair bow and Girltalk dictionary for new sissies.

                   New members welcomed.  Don’t wait.   Call today.      

           “Thanks Fran,” said Lilith, as she put the card and the pearl ear studs Francine had given her in her pocketbook. “It’s interesting.   Sally and I will call about the club later this month after Nancy’s learned to behave like a good little girl.” 

“Nancy!   What a nice name for a pretty little sissy,” said Francine, with a sweet smile at Paul.

Sally took Paul by the hand after she’d put his white cloth gloves back on him and hung his cute little pocketbook on his left shoulder again.   Then they all left the salon without pausing at the mirror next to the door, and Lilith drove them back home.    Along the way Sally primped the bow on his ponytail.  

“Isn’t it nice it is to be a pretty little girl now, sweetheart?” Sally asked the little boy. “Now you can have lots of fun playing hop-scotch and jacks, and jumping rope with the other little girls that live near us.”

Paul still hadn’t seen what his hair looked like now.   Francine had swiveled the styling chair away from the mirror as a precaution to keep him from trying to jump out of it if he saw himself like some other little boys had tried to do.   But he had felt his ponytail bumping softly against the back of his head and neck when they’d walked back to the car.

Lilith parked the car under the porte cochere in case it rained again during the night.   They entered the side door and went down the hallway to the living room, pausing along the way as Paul looked at his reflection in a full-length mirror.  


What he saw looked like a little girl - every normal little boy’s most feared fate was just beginning.   He’d have a little girl’s ponytail and bangs, and be wearing lipstick and dresses every day now, along with the other pretty things girls wear under their dresses.   And he’d be taught to behave and play like a good little girl with the little girls and some other girly sissies that would soon be his only friends.   

It had taken Lilith’s two maids several trips to her car to bring his new clothes up to his room before they left for their weekend off, while Lilith, Sally and Paul had gone into the living room. 

“Now that we’re home, Gramma and I have something nice to tell you Paul,”  Lilith told him.   “Come sit on the couch between Gramma and me”.

Paul went to the couch and sat down between them.

“No no, sweetheart.” said Sally. “You forgot to put your hands behind you and smooth your dress and petticoat under you when you sat down.   Stand up and do it now, precious.”

Paul stood up and sat down again, smoothing his little dress and his bouffant slip with its four bottom layers of poufy nylon net ruffles under him like he’d seen the girls at school do.   

“That’s a good girl,” said Sally as she placed an arm around his shoulders, tugged him to her side and kissed him on the cheek.

“Paul,” began Lilith, “you’re going to be my little girl now, and from now on your name is Nancy.   That was my grandmother’s name, and it’s a nice name for a pretty little girl.” 

“But I don’t wanna be a girl,” said the boy.

      “After a while you will,” said Lilith. “But the boys won’t call you a sissy and laugh at you if you behave like a good little girl.   You’re very lucky, Nancy.   You look like a pretty little girl now.   And Gramma and I will teach you how to behave like a good little girl.   Don’t be afraid Nancy.   Soon you’ll love wearing dresses and having fun playing with the little girls that live near us.   And someday when you’re older, a nice doctor lady will make you a real girl.”

“Won’t that be nice sweetheart?” said Sally. “Girls have lots more fun than boys do.   And in a few years you’ll be a real girl, and grow up to be a pretty lady.”

“Until then Nancy, always do what Gramma and I teach you to do.” Lilith told him.   “Keep your room looking nice.    Good little girls don’t leave the clothes they wore for the day lying around.   We’ll drop the socks and panties you wore for the day down the laundry chute when you go to bed.   Little girls wear fresh panties and socks every day.   You can’t reach the bar in the closet to hang up your dress and bouffant slip, so Gramma or I will hang them up for you.” 

“Lilith, let’s have a quick little supper now,” said Sally. “The Disney CINDERELLA movie is coming on television in a little while.   Nancy will love seeing Cinderella in her pretty gown.”

“Yes,” said Lilith. “that’ll be a nice movie for our little girl to watch.”

      From now on, Lilith would usually call him Nancy, though sometimes she’d lose her patience and call him “sissy boy” when he didn’t do things the way little girls do.   But Sally always called him Nancy.   Sally agreed with what Francine had said.   It was so nice to have a cute little sissy living with them, and having him be her darling little granddaughter now. 

They went back into the kitchen and Sally made a salad and small meal for them.   When they began eating, Lilith and Sally taught Nancy how to hold his fork properly like girls and ladies do, and not make a fist around it like boys do.  

“Cut all your food before you start eating, then just keep your left hand on your napkin in your lap sweetheart,” instructed Sally. “Sit up nice and straight Nancy.   Good little girls don’t bend their face over their plate like naughty boys do, but you can lean a little closer when you bring your fork to your mouth.”

“Lilith, while we were in the store,” said Sally, “I bought some things for Nancy to play with, and some pretty nighties, too.   She behaved like a good little girl today at the store and at Francine’s beauty salon.   ”I’ll bring her play things downstairs from my room for her.”  

“Good thinking Mother,” replied Lilith. “I was so busy getting her dresses and things I forgot about getting her some pretty nighties and a doll and things to play with.   We’ll wait for you in the living room now that we’ve finished eating; I’ll do the dishes, since the maids have left.   I really can’t see why they won’t work a sixteen hour day like they should.   After all, I pay them overtime when they do when we expect visitors in the evening.   I’m beginning to think letting them have the weekends off was a bad idea.   It’s hard to get good domestics these days.”

A few minutes later, Nancy was sitting on the living room couch next to Lilith after she’d turned on the television set.   Soon Sally came downstairs and sat next to Nancy on his other side with a rustling of her skirts and petticoats.   She began taking some things from the two large paper bags from the store.

The first item was a box with a Little Susy magic skin doll with cute little pink socks, little white baby shoes, a miniature bouffant slip, extra dresses and snap fastening diapers.   She opened the box and showed the doll to her darling sissy granddaughter.

“Isn’t she nice, Nancy?” said Sally. “You can hold the little magic bottle to her mouth and see her drink her milk.   And you can change her diaper, too.   I’ll show you how sweetheart.”

The other items were a soft rag doll in panties and a little dress, yellow yarn pigtails, their ends tied with little pink ribbon bows, a coloring book for a little girl, a big box of crayons, three books of press-out paper dolls with little panties, poufy slips and dresses.   The last items were some pretty jig-saw puzzles for a little girl, a jump rope and game of jacks.  

“You can leave them in this room so you can play with them during the day, Nancy,” Sally told him, “but take your nice soft doll up to bed with you so you can hug her while you’re sleeping.”

In a few days Lilith would smile in satisfaction whenever she saw Nancy playing with his paper dolls, knowing she and Sally were succeeding in making him a sissy.

Then the CINDERELLA movie came on, and soon Nancy became so absorbed in watching it, he forgot how different in a strange sort of nice way it made him feel to be wearing girls clothes.   A mental dam in his mind had been broken - it was the classic “fatal flaw” of ancient Greek plays.   Soon the boy would like wearing girls clothes and doing lots of other things little girls do as he became more and more sissified.   

When a commercial came on, Sally got up, went to the kitchen and returned with a tray with two small glasses of sherry on it for her and Lilith, and a glass of 7-UP with a couple of straws in it for Nancy.   Nancy noticed that some of his pink lipstick came off on the straws.

During the next commercial, Lilith went to the downstairs bathroom to freshen up.   When she sat down on the couch again, Nancy said he had to pee.   

“Oh, don’t say pee Nancy.   That doesn’t sound nice sweetheart.   Come with me,” Sally told him. “I’ll show you how little girls freshen up sweetheart.   That’s what ladies and girls say when they have to go potty or put on fresh lipstick and fix their hair.”

They entered the bathroom and Sally told him, “Just stand in front of the johnny with your back to it ,and reach up under your dress and slip and pull your panties down onto your legs.   That’s it Nancy.   Now hold up the back of your dress and petticoat and sit down.   This is how girls and ladies freshen up, Nancy.”

“Petticoat?” asked the little boy.                                                                 

“Yes precious.” said Sally. “Your poufy slip is the kind of pretty petticoat all little girls wear now.   Ladies wear petticoats too.   Petticoats makes our little girl’s dresses stay out nice and pretty like other little girls’ dresses and ladies’ dresses do.”

After Nancy finished his business, and pulled his panties back up, Sally had him and wash his hands good and fluff up his bouffant slip and dress.

When they went back to the living room couch, Sally informed Lilith, “Now Nancy knows how to freshen up the way other little girls do.”

Then the commercial was over and the movie came back on.   Nancy thought Cinderella’s mean stepmother looked like Aunty.   About another hour later the movie was over.

“It’s time to go beddy-bye now sweetheart,” Sally told him. “Lilith, I’ll tuck Nancy in her pretty bed tonight.”

 “If you wish, Mother,” replied Lilith, aware of her mother’s obvious delight with having a little sissy for a granddaughter.

Sally held Nancy by the hand and they went upstairs and into the bathroom at the end of the hallway.   On the wall along the stairs they had passed by a big gilt- framed old photograph enlargements of their ancestor women in the Meene family line, either in Victorian big hoop-skirt dresses, or long dresses during the  Edwardian years that had a short train held out by a bustle under the dress.   As was the custom for photographs back in the earlier time, none of the women were smiling.   They all looked like bad mean ladies to Nancy.

First Sally wiped his lipstick off with a Kleenex and put some cold cream on his face, then wiped the excess off with another tissue so it wouldn’t get on his lace-trimmed pillow cases.   But some of it had sunk into his skin to keep it soft, smooth and pretty looking.   Then she had him brush his teeth and rinse his mouth with some mouthwash.   Next he pulled his panties down on his legs and sat down on the toilet seat, holding the back of his dress and slip up in back of him and freshened up, then held his dress and bouffant slip up in back of him again as he wiped his bum with some soft toilet paper (usually called bathroom paper by ladies).   Then Sally had him wash his hands good.

When they were done in the bathroom, she took him into his bedroom and untied the bow on his ponytail, then helped him take off his dress and bouffant slip, hung them in his big closet, and pulled down the ruffle edged comforter and top sheet of his pretty canopy bed.

Beside the things little girls play with, Sally had also bought him four pretty nighties to wear.   She put a pink soft cotton flannel one on him now.   It went down to his ankles and had a small lace trimmed collar.   Little flowers were on its white eyelet lace bordered bodice.

“Come sit on my lap sweetheart,” said Sally as she sat down on the edge of his bed, lifted him onto her lap, gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek.  “Now I’ll read our little girl a nice bedtime story.”

It took Sally only ten minutes to read Goldilocks and The Three Bears to her darling little sissy granddaughter.   Then he got into his pretty bed and Sally bent down, tucked him in and kissed him on the cheek. 

“Pretty dreams sweetheart,” said Sally, then left, turning off the light, though some moonlight came through the starched ruffle edged white linen curtains, while Nancy held his rag doll to him instead of a Teddy Bear.

She went back downstairs to the living room and sat on the couch near Lilith.

“Lilith, Nancy looks like such a cute little girl...” said Sally. “I could just hug him and kiss his little rosy cheeks all day when he sits on my lap.   I’m so glad he lives with us now.   I’ll go to White Plains later this month and buy him the prettiest little dresses I can find.   And I’ll put some new film in my camera and more film and flash-bulbs in my photographer’s shoulder bag tomorrow.   He looks like such a pretty little girl with his bangs and pony tail and wearing a pretty little dress.   It’s so nice making him a sissy and teaching him behave like a good little girl.”

Photography was Sally’s hobby.   She had a complete darkroom set up in the cellar that had the usual dull red light, rubber gloves, a rubber apron, trays for the developing and fixing fluids for the film’s negatives, a sink and an enlarger to make big pictures to frame and hang on a wall as well as smaller pictures to keep in her new photo album.    An enthusiastic almost professional grade photographer, Sally usually kept her camera nearby for taking some nice candid pictures.

“I have to admit that he really does look like a pretty little girl now,” replied Lilith. “Things could have been a lot worse.   Fortunately, he didn’t turn out to be some homely little monster of a boy.   But with some more training by us and having him play with the little girls in our neighborhood, he’ll begin to behave and act like real little girls do.   And he looks so much like a pretty little girl I’m sure the boys in our neighborhood won’t know he’s a sissy, unless some mother tells them.   A little spanking now and then will put an end to any boyish behavior.”

“Oh, don’t spank him Lilith,” said Sally. “He’ll be a good little girl.   Besides, you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar.   Lots of affection and praising him for being a good girl will make him happy he’s our little girl now.”

“Mother, no doubt affection will work to some extent,” said Lilith, “but even real little girls have to be disciplined now and then.   We’ll see how he behaves when our company arrives around ten thirty tomorrow morning.   While you were upstairs, I received a phone call.   Jane Belmore and her cute little sissy Charlene will be visiting us along with several other ladies that are friends of ours.”

“I’ll teach him how to curtsey in the morning before they get here,” said Sally.

“Yes, there’s a lot more little girl training we’ll have to give him,” said Lilith.

                                               NEXT MORNING...

People only remember the dreams they have just before they wake up, though sometimes a nightmare will wake them in the middle of the night.   Nancy was having a dream of himself wearing his girls clothes and walking down a street between Aunty and Gramma as they held his hands.   Store windows were near the sidewalk with mannequins of little girls in them wearing examples of dresses and bouffant slips the stores sold, and all the boys from the Child Welfare Center were on the street, pointing at him and laughing.   He stuck his tongue out at the boys, and Gramma told him good little girls don’t do that.  

He woke up when Sally kissed him on the cheek.  

“Time to get up, sleepyhead,” said Sally. “We have a lot to do this morning.   Some nice ladies phoned last night and will be visiting us today.   We want our little girl to look nice and pretty for them.   Put on your little housecoat and white slippers, and come downstairs with me now for breakfast.”   

Nancy’s little girl size housecoat was like a bathrobe, but was made of a smooth cotton/nylon blend covered with flowers printed on it, had a larger lace trimmed collar than his nightie, and a soft cloth self-belt to keep it closed that Sally tied in a bow in front.   She taught him to always close his left side first and then the right side over it like girls and ladies do. 

Then she held him by the hand and they went downstairs for breakfast.

Sally was already dressed, and had her bra, garter belt and panties on, nylon stockings and four inch high heels, a full length slip and a couple of new stiff petticoats under her pretty dress.   As the days would go by, Nancy would often see Aunty and Gramma in various stages of undress in the morning till they finished dressing for the day.

They went into the kitchen and Nancy remembered to put his hands behind him and smoothed his little housecoat and nightie under him as he sat down at the kitchen table next to Sally. 

“See Lilith?” said Sally, smiling lovingly at him. “Nancy does things now just like other little girls do.” 

Lilith was standing at the stove frying bacon and eggs, still wearing her very sheer black nylon peignoir with red lace trim.   The stretchy ends on the long roomy sleeves of its diaphanous robe were pushed up as she cooked breakfast.

When Lilith heard Sally, she looked over at Nancy with a smile.   Being such an extreme feminist, she found making a little boy a sissy was a very satisfying thing to be doing.

“Did our little girl have a nice sleep?” Lilith asked him.

“Sort of Aunty.” answered Nancy. “Gramma said some ladies are coming to visit you today.”

“Yes Nancy,” said Lilith. “Be a good little girl when they’re here.   You wouldn’t want me to have to spank you after they leave.   Would you?”

“No.  Please Aunty,” answered Nancy, scared of getting a spanking, “I’ll be a good girl.”

“Maybe after a while you and the little girl that’ll be with her mommy can go outside on the patio in back and play hop-scotch,” Sally told him. “The other little girl will show you how sweetheart.   Girls have nicer fun than boys do.   Now let’s finish our breakfast and then we’ll go back upstairs and I’ll give you your bubble bath before I dress you up nice and pretty for the day.”

“But Gramma, I just had a bubble bath yesterday,” said Nancy.

“Little girls have a bubble bath every day sweetheart,” said Sally. “Then they smell nice and pretty all day.   Aunty and I take a shower every morning and use powder and perfume to make us smell pretty.”

Nancy was beginning a routine he’d be doing every morning.   When they’d finished their breakfast, while Lilith washed the breakfast dishes, Sally would take him back upstairs and have him freshen up, then wash his hands, and Sally would give him his pretty smelling bubble bath and have him brush his teeth and rinse his mouth and gargle with some mouthwash.   Then it was into his bedroom and he’d be dressed up pretty for the day.

Sally loved the new bouffant style for women’s and girls’ clothes.   His lacy nylon rumba panties and his bouffant slips were so pretty.   And his part of the mother-and-daughter-dresses they’d bought made him look like Lilith’s cute little girl and her own darling little grand daughter that she’d always wanted to have.

First Sally pinned his long hair on top of his head with some bobby pins to keep it out of the way.  Today Lilith wanted him to wear his part of the of the pink gingham dress set and the lacy white bouffant slip he’d worn just for the afternoon and evening before.   Now Lilith was also putting on her part of the set for the day.   She could hardly wait for the other ladies to see how cute her little sissy looked in a pretty little dress that was a darling little copy of her own dress.

After she had put his lacy panties and bouffant slip on him, Nancy looked at his bouffant slip in the tall mirror on the back of his bedroom wall and smiled.

Next she put his pink gingham dress on him, tying the white sash in a big bow at the back of his waist.

“You’ll wear some fresh pink socks with your shiny white shoes again to go with your pretty dress sweetheart,” Sally told him. “The ladies will all love seeing how pretty our little girl is.   Aunty’s getting dressed up now too.”

“Gosh, Gramma,” said Nancy, “it feels nice wearing wear my dress. ”

“Aren’t dresses nice, Nancy,” said Sally, a statement rather than a question.  “You’ll always wear lacy panties, poufy slips and pretty dresses from now on.   Little girls are a lot happier than little boys are because all their clothes are so pretty.   And don’t be afraid of the other little girls.   Remember sweetheart, good little girls don’t fight when they play together.” 

“I like being a girl now, Gramma,” said Nancy with a little smile, in his child’s innocence about the sexes thinking he really was a girl now. 

Nancy hadn’t been a sissy before, but now he was beginning to like being a little girl and wearing his lacy panties, poufy slips and dresses.   It was every normal little boy’s biggest fear: to have to wear girls' clothes! But it felt nice to him now that Lilith and Sally were making him a sissy.   He liked the big pink bow on his ponytail and his pretty dress when he saw himself in a mirror. 

“You won’t be playing with boys anymore,” said Sally as she stood behind him,  “just with other little girls.   Our little girl will have lots of fun now.”

“I will, Gramma?” he asked.

“Yes sweetheart,” replied Sally. “and someday a nice doctor lady will make you even more of a girl when you’re older.  But be a good little girl till then.”

“Yes Gramma.   I will,” he replied with his cute smile, then asked, “When I get big, will I be a pretty lady like you and Aunty are?”

“Oh, I think you’ll be prettier than we are,” said Sally. “Now I’ll tie up your ponytail and brush your bangs down.   Then I’ll put your lipstick and some nail polish on you, and the little pearls in your ears in before we go back downstairs.”

“Yes Gramma,” said Nancy, eager and now well on his way to being a sissy that liked to wear girls clothes, looking pretty and playing with little girls and other sissies.  

After a pink lipstick was on him and his fingernails coated with a pink nail polish, his bangs brushed down and his ponytail tied up with a big pink ribbon bow again and had the little pearls in his earlobes, Sally held him by the hand and they went back downstairs, Sally’s petticoats and dress and Nancy’s little bouffant slip and dress whispering against each others.   Nancy’s pretty little dress ended at the top of his knees, and the bottom ruffles of his pretty bouffant slip ended at the same level and made his little dress look so nice and poufy when he was standing next to her. 

When they reached the kitchen again, Lilith had just taken off her apron and yellow rubber gloves after having washed the dishes as she grumbled to herself about the absent servants.   But she smiled now at their little sissy in a dress like her own again.   She bent down to him, gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek.

“Aunty,” said Nancy with his happy smile, “my dress looks like yours again.” 

“I knew our little girl would like that Nancy,” replied Lilith. “All little girls like to wear a pretty dress that looks like their mommy’s or aunty’s dress.”

“And if you’re a good little girl, you can wear a dress like mine sweetheart,” Sally told him and kissed him on the cheek.

“I’ll be a good girl Gramma,” said Nancy with a little smile.   It felt nice to wear girls clothes and have Aunty and Gramma giving him hugs and kissing his cheeks.  

Now Nancy liked wearing girls clothes, not that he had any choice about it.   In the days ahead, Lilith and Sally would turn him into even more of the darling little sissy they wanted him to be.   Soon while other little boys played with their Lionel trains or played cowboy, shooting their cap pistols at pretend Indians, Nancy would be sitting next to Sally on the couch as she taught him how to crochet doilies or helped him with his paper dolls.   At other times, Lilith would sit next to him as she showed him pictures of dresses and the other pretty things little girls wear in the catalogs that had been brought to them by THE LITTLE PRINCESS DRESS SHOP and another shop for little girls named SUGAR N SPICE.   Francine had called them and asked to have someone bring their catalogs to Lilith’s home.   In return, Francine would receive a small commission on whatever Lilith or Sally bought for Nancy to wear.   FRANCINE’S had become the favorite beauty salon of quite a large number of other women that had little boys they like to turn into sissies by keeping them in girls clothes and teaching them to behave and play like good little girls.

“Let’s go into the front parlor now sweetheart,” said Sally. “While we’ll wait for our visitors, I’ll show you how to curtsey and read our little girl a nice story.   Tomorrow Nancy I’ll get you a subscription to Jack & Jill magazine.   It has some nice stories and puzzles for little girls in it.”

They went into the front parlor and Sally showed him how to make a curtsey, then had him practice it a few times before they sat down on the loveseat, and Sally read him the story of Little Red Riding Hood.   Later in the day when he played by himself, since he didn’t have any toys that boys played with, he began to play with his doll and some of the other things little girls play with, this time with his crayons as he carefully colored in some pictures of little kitties in his coloring book for little girls.

The front parlor was actually the drawing room in the Victorian manner for having tea or sherry as they talked with visiting ladies.   It didn’t have a television set in it.   Instead of the cushier chairs and couch in the living room, the chairs were all upholstered in a shiny tightly woven ecru fabric, with roses and violets embroidered on the padded seat and backrest.   They had shiny dark-ish Brazilian rosewood frames with graceful curves to the legs and the rest of their frames.   The Victorian loveseat and long couch with its backrest curving up higher on one end were made the same way.   A lamp with big double globes, one above the other with big roses painted on them, was on a small table in front of the window.   Tiffany lamps with a clear glass chimney going up through an upside down cone shaped shade made from different colored pieces of glass in the shape of flowers held together with thin iron veining were on the end tables.   Thick maroon velvet floor-length drapes were at the side of the windows to cut down winter drafts, and lace curtains with starched white linen ruffles at their edges hung across the windows to prevent too much direct sunlight that could fade the colors of the Persian carpets and upholstery.    During a storm, the wooden shutters outside along the windows could be cranked closed from inside, and latched to keep them from being blown open by the wind.   Most Victorian houses didn’t have insulation in their outside walls and had a fireplace in each room for heat.   But Lilith had had a contractor blow insulation into the outside walls with a special machine to save heat during the cold New York winters, and a modern heating system installed.

The interior of all Victorian houses had a definitely feminine atmosphere and charm to them.   Lilith’s maids, Gloria LaChance and Grace Peebles, interviewed carefully before they were hired, were other extreme feminists, and feather dusted everything.   They also gently used a vacuum cleaner on the rugs, polished the fancy woodwork and wound up the mantle clocks over the mansion’s fireplaces and pulled down one of the weights of the tall grandfather’s clock in the corner to keep it wound up.   Only the heating and kitchen had been modernized with a refrigerator and gas stove for cooking.   Nancy had been told to never never touch the knobs on the stove, and both Sally and Lilith always checked to be sure they were turned off, but its pilot light was still lit after they finished cooking and before going to bed for the night.   Neither Sally, Lilith nor their friends smoked cigarettes, considering it to be unhealthy, and definitely unladylike.

Lilith’s maids thought Nancy was a darling little sissy, but kept a distant manner towards him, knowing Lilith wouldn’t want them interfering with her own ideas and methods of making him a sissy and teaching him to behave like a good little girl.

In fact Lilith expected them to do their work in the house quietly and efficiently without any unnecessary talking or any laughter.   Gloria and Grace entered and left by the tradesmen’s entrance at the back of the house near the mud room with its ladies’ high-heeled boots and fur collared high heeled overshoes.   Lilith expected them to be seen and not heard unless she had pulled one of the tasseled bell cords in the house to summon them, and to have them make a little curtsey when one of them came, and leave once she told them what she wanted.

Artwork of different types filled the drawing room and living room.  Small hand painted porcelain figurines of ladies in eighteenth century dresses and sun bonnets, and ballet dancers, were next to the mantle clock over the drawing room’s fireplace and on the window table near the double globe lamp.   Today’s interior decorators consider Victorian homes to have been too cluttered with knick-knacks, but they did give a feminine sentiment, charm and atmosphere to Victorian mansions like Lilith’s had. The front door had two tall slim windows with a lacy design etched on the glass, and above the door there was a fan shape sunburst window with a yellow glass sun at the top, and different colored vanes of glass slanting down between narrow wooden frames like the sun’s rays.   

Inside to the left of the front door was another door that led down a hallway with some small rooms off it to a large ballroom with a Steinway piano on a bandstand platform.   Though the ballroom hadn’t been used in years, when Nancy had his next birthday, Lilith had already decided to use the ballroom to hold his party in it after she’d had the maids dust and clean it.   For now the piano, chairs and couches along the ballroom’s walls had white dust sheets covering them.

Just as Sally finished reading him the story, the front door’s old fashion mechanical bell key had been twisted.   Sally had Nancy stand up next to her and held him by the hand as they waited for their visitors to come into the parlor.

Lilith had opened the door and was greeting a group of visiting ladies.   Their visitors were all wealthy women, though not to the enormous degree of the Meene family women.   All of them were divorced or widowed mothers, step-mothers or aunts.   They all came into the parlor and Sally told Nancy to say hello.   

He pinched the sides of his little dress and bouffant slip together and held them out away from his legs, put one leg in back of the other and bent his knees a little as he made a curtsey like Sally had taught him earlier that morning and said, “Hello.  I’m Nancy Meene.  It’s nice to meet you.”  

Sally and Lilith smiled in approval at how nice he curtseyed, as their visitors also smiled lovingly at him.

Nancy saw what he thought was a little girl about his age with one of the ladies.

“What a darling little girl!” said Betsy Whateley as she smiled at Nancy.

“This is Charlene.” said Jane Belmore to the other ladies. “She used to be my little boy Charles, but I decided to have him be my little girl.”

Charlene smiled and curtsied like Nancy had done and said hello.

“She’s such a pretty little girl,” said Lilith. “She must make you very happy.   Let’s all sit down now and you can tell me the latest gossip.”

Their visitors all tittered since proper ladies weren’t supposed to gossip, though actually they all did.

They all placed their hands behind them and smoothed their dresses, petticoats and slips under them, making a considerable rustling noise as they sat down.

“Lilith,” said Betsy, “I’m surprised.   I thought I heard that you had become the foster mother to your little nephew.”

“Yes.   I was,” replied Lilith. “But he’s too cute to let him be a boy.   Sally and I think he should be my little girl instead.   Besides, you know how Sally and I feel about boys.   But she’s happy she’s my little girl now.   Aren’t you Nancy?”

“Yes Aunty,” replied Nancy truthfully. “I like wearing a dress that looks like your dress, Aunty.”

“Mother and daughter dresses!” said Irene Hills, owner of Hills Horse Meat Company for dog food, but also eaten by poor people.   “Isn’t that sweet.   And what a nice way of encouraging Nancy to be a pretty little girl.”

The visiting women all got up and came over to the loveseat where Lilith was sitting with an arm around Nancy to get a closer look at him.    Lilith gave him a little push onto his feet and he began getting hugs and kisses on his cheeks from all of them as they told him how pretty his dress was.   Unlike normal little boys, Nancy smiled and giggled, liking it when they bent down, hugged him and kissed his cheeks.

“This is wonderful Lilith,” said Jane. “Now Charlene will have another little girl she can play with.” 

“Yes,” said Lilith. “Bring Charlene over any afternoon.   If the weather’s nice, and they can play hop-scotch and jump rope on the patio, or play jacks inside if it’s raining while we discuss what’s going on around town.   Just phone first to make sure we’re home.   Nancy, give Charlene a nice kiss on the lips now.”

She gave Nancy a little push onto his feet again, and the two sissies came up to each other and leaned forward a little with their hands a little way from the side of their dresses for balance and kissed, while the women smiled and made gushy feminine comments on how precious they were.

Sally’s camera had flashed just as the two sissies kissed.   Soon she’d make big enlargements of the picture to hang in her and Lilith’s bedrooms, as well as another big copy for Nancy’s bedroom.

 “Wasn’t that nice Nancy?” asked Sally. “Now you and Charlene are girlfriends and can play together.”

“Yes Gramma,” answered Nancy as he smiled prettily.   The boy liked being a little girl now.   He was already on the slippery downward slope to even more sissy things he’d like doing, and already had a little girl’s prissy manner as he fussed with the skirts of his little dress and bouffant slip when he was sitting on the love seat, fluffing them up and brushing away any wrinkles on his dress with his hands, and keeping himself nice and clean during the day.  

“Nancy, you and Charlene can go outside in back and play hop scotch while Gramma and I talk with the ladies for a while,” Lilith told him.  

Jane Belmore took a piece of chalk from her pocket book and put it into a little patch pocket on the front of Charlene’s dress, and the two sissies held hands as Nancy led the way to the kitchen back door and out onto the flagstone patio. 

“I suppose you’ll be taking Nancy to the club soon,” said Corrine Beliveau.

“What club is that?” asked Sally.

“The Ladies Petticoating and Girls in Training Club,” answered Corrine.

         “I just heard about it at Francine’s salon yesterday,” said Lilith. “What’s the club about?  'Girls in Training'... It sounds interesting.”

“It’s in the old Grange Hall,” explained Jane. “The members have decorated it so nice and pretty, and they had a carpenter construct a modelling runway so the sissies can show the audience their prettiest dresses in the weekly fashion contest for little girls.   Only women and their darling little sissies and some slightly older real girls are allowed to be members, but the real girls don’t take part in the fashion show.  They visit the sissies at their homes and help teach them more about being girls.” 

“Petticoating!” said Sally. “What a lovely name for making a cute little boy a darling little sissy.   It’s so nice to have a precious little sissy as my granddaughter now.”

 “Yes,” said Betsy, “and we received a federal grant for saving an historic building and paid off the mortgage on the property.   Now we have a healthy bank account, and a separate account we provide for research funds for area specialist doctors that do sexual reassignment surgery to our sissies when they get old enough.   They’re supposed to be eighteen to get the surgery done, but two of the members work at the town hall in the town clerk’s records department.   They change their ages to eighteen so they can legally get the series of female hormone injections and their sex change surgery done when they’re twelve years old to make them start developing breasts like real girls do at that age.”                

 “I’d love to have Nancy be in it,” said Lilith, “but he might need some more sissy training before we go, even though he likes wearing girls clothes and behaves like a good little girl now.    Give us another month or so first.”  

Though Lilith wasn’t much of a club joiner except for a seldom-used membership at the local country club, she could hardly wait to see Nancy modelling his prettiest bouffant slip and dress at the petticoating club.   But first she wanted to be sure they’d made him a complete sissy, and that he always behaved like a good little girl.   Actually Lilith and Sally were right in thinking Nancy was now already a sissy and liked wearing his dresses and things and behaving like good little girl.

“You’ll be glad when you join it Lilith,” said Irene. “On your first meeting you and Sally will each have to pay a year’s dues of a hundred and fifty dollars.   It pays the club’s utility bills and your copies of the PETTICOATING TIMES, the club’s weekly magazine and bulletin that’ll be mailed to you.   And also it pays the maids that clean the building, and for the top three place prizes the sissies win.   Usually the prizes are gift certificates redeemable at THE LITTLE PRINCESS DRESS SHOP and at the SUGAR N SPICE store, or for free hair styling at FRANCINE’S.”

“Lilith, wouldn’t it be nice to see Nancy up on the runway showing one of her pretty dresses to our friends and other ladies at the club,” said Sally. “All little girls like to show ladies how pretty they are.”

“Yes Mother,” agreed Lilith. “And I’m sure Nancy will like it as well.”  

       “Lilith,” suggested Sally, “it’d be nice for Nancy and Charlene to have a sleepover in Nancy’s canopy bed for twin little girls soon.   They could tell each other their little girl secrets before they go to sleep.”

“Certainly Mother,” answered Lilith. “It’d be another little girl fun thing both sissies would like.   But let’s wait till next week.   We’ll be busy this week.   I want to do some more shopping.   They’re having a sale on petticoats at some of the stores downtown starting on Monday.”

While the women were sitting down with their legs crossed, the bottom edges of their petticoats were visible under the hem of their pretty dresses.    Nancy liked seeing their petticoats.   And now he liked wearing his lacy panties, his poufy slips and his pretty dresses.   It was fun being a pretty little girl now. 

 “A sale on petticoats?” said Betsy. “I’ll have to get to it.   A woman can always use some new petticoats.   A couple of mine have rips in their nylon netting.  Somehow I must have caught one of my high heels in them without realizing it.   I’ll buy some new ones and give the torn ones to a thrift shop for some unfortunate middle class lady to buy and mend.”

“What about bouffant slips for our sissies?” asked Irene now that Nancy and Charlene had left and gone outside.

“Yes,” answered Lilith. “The paper advertised they’ll be on sale also at BEN-BERG’S department store.”

“That’s good,” replied Irene. “My little Steven is Stephany now, and he needs a new pastel blue one to go with his blue and white checked Sunday dress.”

“It’s feels so nice to dress a little boy like a precious little girl,” said Jane.

“Yes,” agreed Sally. “I’m the one that usually dresses Nancy in the morning. And now he loves wearing his pretty dresses and things.   And he always behaves like a good little girl now.   I’m sure he’ll grow up to be a gracious lady.”

 “Don’t worry Mother,” said Lilith. “We’ll make sure he grows up to be a proper lady.   The reputation of the Meene family depends on it.   There hasn’t been a man permanently in our branch of the family for three generations now.”

“Is that right?” asked Corrine.

“It certainly is,” replied Lilith. “Sally tried marriage twice with bad results.”

“Yes,” said Sally. “My first husband didn’t have a clue how to have me get an orgasm like Frenchmen like to do, and all the second one did was quit his job and play golf.   He hardly ever gave me any loving attention at all.   I’m sure they were just after my money.   But I didn’t let them talk me into having a joint checking account like they both wanted to have.   I gave them a small weekly allowance instead.   I’m glad I divorced both of them.”

“A wise decision Mother,” said Lilith. “Spending the Meene family money on men’s utterly foolish sports and things would have been a waste.   You really can’t expect men to do anything worthwhile with money, and they never do.”

The women’s talk continued on for an hour.   Nancy and Charlene were now outside on the patio, and Charlene drew a hop scotch pattern of squares on the flagstone surface with the chalk he took from the little pocket on his dress.   Then he showed Nancy how to play the game, his little dress and bouffant slip bouncing up and down as he hopped on a different foot to another square.   Then Nancy did it, a big smile on his cute face

After a while they sat down on a bench in the flower garden and began some girl talk.

“I’m glad my mommy made me a girl,” said Charlene.

“I was afraid on the first day, but I’m glad I’m a girl now too,” said Nancy. “I don’t wanna be a boy anymore.    It’s lots nicer being a girl.   I like wearing my panties and poufy slips and dresses now.   I love Gramma.   When I sit on her lap, she gives me lots of hugs and kisses on my cheeks.   She’s warm and soft, and she smells real pretty, too.” 

“Don’t you like your aunty?” asked Charlene. “She’s a pretty lady, too.”

“Most of the time I do,” answered Nancy. “But she gave me a spanking for running in the house and chewing bubble gum.”

“My mommy spanked me last week for being naughty,” said Charlene. “She caught me reading a SUPERMAN comic book.   Afterwards we went to a store and she bought me a little book called Jack and Jill.   But it’s really just for girls like us.”

“Gramma said she was going to get me a sub..scrip..tion to it,” said Nancy, having difficulty with the big word. “What’s a sub..scrip..tion?”

“It means that you’ll get it in the mail that comes to your house,” explained Charlene.

“Gee!  That’s better than having to go to a store to buy it,” replied Nancy.

“You better not say 'gee' anymore,” said Charlene. “Ladies don’t like it if we say that.   Mommy said only naughty boys say that.”

“I guess there’s lots of naughty things boys do that girls don’t do,” said Nancy. “And Gramma said that boys are always getting dirty.”

“And they’re always picking up grass snakes and worms and doing other icky things, too,” said Charlene.

“I saw a real big snake once in our garden that had a buzzer on its tail,”  said Nancy. “It had two tongues and kept sticking them out at me too.  So I ran away. It came out of the woods behind where I used to live.   Then my daddy that I used to live with killed it with his hoe.   I didn’t like my daddy and mommy.   They drank a lot of stuff that made them say naughty things and hit each other, and all I had to wear were dirty old clothes for boys with patches on them.   Dresses are lots more fun to wear.   It’s nice to be pretty like Aunty and Gramma are.”

“My mommy said girls are better than boys because we’re pretty and smarter, and boys don’t behave nice like we do,” said Charlene.

“I’m glad I’m a girl now,” said Nancy.

“Me too,” said Charlene, “but we better go back inside now.   I think Mommy will take me home soon.   She likes to watch a show on television in the afternoon that’s about love or something.”

“I love Gramma,” said Nancy. “Aunty’s nice to me too as long as I’m a good girl.”

The two sissies went back inside to the parlor.   But the ladies didn’t pay much attention to them at first.   They were having tea and talking about a man and a woman in the neighborhood that had recently gottn a divorce.   Naturally, they all took the woman’s side in the divorce, since her husband had been cheating on her with another woman.

Finally they all got up to leave, saying goodbye and giving each other a little hug.   Then they all bent down and hugged the two sissies and kissed them on the cheek when they said goodbye to them. 

“I have to leave now, too,” said Jane Belmore. “I’m going to show Charlene how to make a flower centerpiece for the dining room table.”

“Nancy, kiss Charlene goodbye now,” said Sally.

Once again the two sissies walked up close to each other in the middle of the room and kissed, and Sally’s camera flashed again.   Then their visitors left.

“Isn’t it nice to have a girlfriend to play with now sweetheart?” asked Sally.

“Yes Gramma,” answered Nancy. “The boys at the center used to pick on me because I wasn’t as big as they were.”

“Nobody will pick on our precious little girl now sweetheart,” said Sally as she bent down, wrapped her arms around Nancy and kissed him on the cheek.   Then she stood up straight again and asked, “What do think we should do for the rest of the day Lilith?”

“Well, we could just relax at home Mother,” answered Lilith, “though it’s such a nice day perhaps we should take Nancy for a walk in the city park.   She could ride one of the horses on the carousel and see the monkeys in the zoo.   They’re ugly little creatures, but they do all sorts of ridiculous funny things.”

“I’ll bring my camera,” said Sally, “and take some pictures of our little girl on one of the carousel’s horses with you standing next to her.”

“Alright Mother,” replied Lilith, “but let's have some lunch before we go.”

After lunch was over, Sally took her expensive leather photography bag with a padded shoulder strap and Lilith drove the Cadillac and parked it near the park entrance.    Lilith and Sally shook their dresses and petticoats to fluff them up, and they noticed that Nancy did it too, though the bouffant slips for little girls were so poufy that he really didn’t have to do it.   But it was a good habit for a little sissy to have when he became a big girl and would be wearing petticoats.   Then they began to walk down a walkway in the park, the high heels of the women clicking on its blacktop surface while they held Nancy by his hands between them.   Lots of other ladies were walking in the park with their little girls and boys.   Eventually they came to the carousel.  

Instead of an old fashion steam one, the carousel had an electric calliope that played Home Of The Mountain King whenever it started up for a ride.   Now it was stopped, and ladies were lifting their little girls or boys onto saddles on the realistically carved pony-size wooden horses.   Lilith got on the carousel with Nancy and held onto him once she’d lifted him onto the saddle on one of the horses.   It started up and began to circle around with the horses going up and down while the calliope played again.   Sally waited for the ride to be over, then took a picture of them with Lilith still holding him on the horse.   Both Lilith and Nancy had big smiles when Sally took their picture.   Then Lilith lifted Nancy off the horse and they got down from the carousel.

“Lilith,” said Sally, “the picture I took will make a nice childhood memory for Nancy when she’s a big girl.”

“Sally,” replied Lilith, “let me take a picture of you holding Nancy up while you stand in one of the flower beds.”

 Sally set the camera lens for the distance and on available light and showed Lilith the little button on top of the camera to press.   Soon, a large picture of Sally holding Nancy up in her right arm, the edges of the layers his bouffant slip showing under the hem of his little dress would be on the living room wall.   A copy of it would be hung on Nancy’s bedroom wall.   Both of them were smiling and Nancy was holding a floating helium filled pink balloon by a string tied to his wrist, which Lilith had bought for him.   Sally would also make a smaller copy of the picture for her new photo album she’d bought just for pictures to make a photographic history of her darling sissy granddaughter’s little girl years.

After seeing the monkeys hanging by their tails and chasing each other, they took Nancy into the aviary.   Lots of colorful parrots, macaws and toucans were flying around in large fenced-in cages.   Outside was another larger fenced-in area where the peacocks were strutting around, their long eyed tail feathers fanned out to impress and attract the duller colored peahens.

After seeing the birds they decided to go back home.   Once they were home, Sally took Nancy into the living room while Lilith went into the kitchen and started to make an early supper for them.

Sally lifted Nancy onto her lap, primped the bow on his ponytail and asked him, “Did our little girl have a nice time today precious?”

“Yes Gramma,” answered Nancy. “I hope Charlene comes with her mommy to see us again.   She taught me how to play hop-scotch.   It’s fun Gramma.”

“Aunty and I used to play hop-scotch when we were little girls,” Sally told him. “And next week you and Charlene can have a sleepover together in your pretty bed.   Aren’t you glad you’re our little girl now sweetheart?”   She hugged him and kissed his cheek.

“Yes, Gramma,” replied Nancy. ““I’m glad I’m a girl now.   It feels nice to wear pretty dresses, and it’s lots more fun than being a boy.”

Never having seen a baby girl having her diaper changed, Nancy had no idea about the sexual difference real little girls have in their panties.   The only difference between boys and girls as far as he could tell was that boys had short hair and always wore pants and shirts.   Girls always wore dresses and had long hair like he did.   He had always thought that he was a boy.   But Aunty and Gramma always dressed him up pretty and were teaching him how to be a good little girl, and now he was happy he was a girl instead of a boy, or so he thought he was.

“And little girls are a lot prettier than little boys Nancy,” said Sally. “Isn’t it nice to feel pretty now sweetheart?”

“Yes, Gramma,” answered Nancy. “It does make me feel pretty when I think about how pretty my clothes are.”     

Sally hugged him to her, the side are of his face against her sizeable breast that felt nice to him against his cheek.

“In a few more years,” said Sally, “a nice doctor lady will make you even more of a girl and you’ll grow up to be a pretty lady like Aunty.” 

“I want to be a pretty lady like you, Gramma,” replied the sissified boy.

Sally smiled, hugged him closer to her and kissed him on the cheek again.

“Aunty and I love our little girl sweetheart,” said Sally, “so always be a good little girl so Aunty doesn’t have to spank you.”

“I will Gramma,” replied her darling little sissy grand daughter.

“Now lets go have our supper Nancy,” said Sally. “Afterwards we can watch some television till it’s time for you to go to bed.” 

Television was still a relatively new thing in most people’s homes since the late 1940s.   Nancy had some favorite shows that he liked to watch, like Howdy-Doody and Kukla, Fran and Ollie.   Another new show had just debuted, The Donna Reed Show.   Lilith and Sally thought it was a good show for Nancy to watch, since fourteen year old Shelly Fabares played Donna’s pretty daughter Mary, and was a good role model for Nancy to want to be when he got to be Mary’s age.   Lilith’s  expensive new color television was hand wired and had a little fan in it instead of having just printed circuit boards that could warp from the set’s heat and break its connections.   It had a twenty-one inch screen, not one of the usual smaller size screens television sets featured at the time.  

When they finished their supper, while Sally washed the dishes, Lilith took Nancy into the living room and turned on the television.   Sally joined them a little later and sat down on Nancy’s other side.   Dorothy And The Wizard of Oz came on, and they let Nancy stay up and watch the whole show. 

Later on Tuesday night, The Milton Berle Show was just coming on.  “The Men of Texico” sang their introductory song, and then Berle came on the stage, dressed like a little girl.   But his front teeth had been blacked out and it made him look like an ugly little girl with hairy legs.   The women and Nancy laughed as Lilith tugged him closer to her side.   Arnold Stang told Berle he was “cheap, cheap, cheap”, and Berle replied, “What the...hey?”.    Swearing wasn’t allowed on television and Berle had almost broken the law.   The rest of the show had funny skits on it.   Robert Alda played the part of a sharp dressed gangster that threatened Berle if he didn’t make a payoff to him every week, and Berle made jokes about it.

When the show was over, Sally took Nancy up to bed.   First she took him into the upstairs bathroom and had him freshen up.  Then Sally wiped his lipstick off, washed his face, neck, ears and hands, dried him off with a fluffy towel, and had him brush his teeth and rinse his mouth with some mouth wash.   Then she took him into his little girls bedroom and untied the bow on his ponytail before she took off his dress and bouffant slip, hung them in his closet, and put him into one of his little pretty nighties.

Just like the night before, before he got in bed, Sally lifted her onto her lap while she sat on the edge of the bed and read him a story of a fairy godmother who made a poor little girl wearing a ragged dress look pretty with her magic wand, and showed him the pictures in it.   Then she got up and leaned down as she kissed their little sissy’s cheek goodnight as Nancy hugged his rag doll, Missy.

“Pretty dreams sweetheart,” said Sally as she turned off the light and left the room, closing the door behind her and went back downstairs to join Lilith in the living room again.

“Lilith, isn’t it nice to have such a cute little sissy living with us?” asked Sally. “It’s plain as day he likes wearing his lacy panties, poufy slips and dresses and being our pretty little girl now.”

“Yes Mother,” replied Lilith. “Things have turned out better than I’d hoped for since we began putting him in girls clothes and teaching him to be a good little girl.   But being as young as he is, I was sure it would only take a little time for him to like wearing his dresses and things and being a little girl.   And Charlene is just the type of little sissy for him to play with along with the other sissies and real little girls in our neighborhood.   Maybe we’ll take him with us some day and visit some of our other friends later on.   And we’ll go shopping again soon also.   Since ladies' petticoats and girls' bouffant slips are on sale this week, we might as well do some more shopping for Nancy and ourselves.”

“I’ll love seeing him in some little girl autumn and winter clothes we’ll be buying for him.”

“Some skirts and more blouses also, Mother,” said Lilith. “Dress him in one of your mother-and-daughter-dress sets tomorrow.   He’ll like that.   By the way, they’re already advertising some girls quilted circle skirts and tights for winter that’ll keep his legs warm in the cold weather.   We’ll have to buy him some.”

“And some big stuffed toy animals, too, Lilith,” said Sally. “I’ll get a handyman to make a shelf on the wall near his bed to keep them on.”

“I understand now why women spoil their little girls so much,” said Lilith. “It’s so nice to see Nancy in a new pretty dress and show him off to other women.   They all make such a nice big fuss over him, giving him hugs and kissing his cheeks.”

“Most of the time I don’t think of him as just a sissy, Lilith,” said Sally. “He looks and behaves like little girl so much now.   Isn’t it nice how he always remembers to put his hands behind him and smooth his dress and bouffant slip under him when he sits down, just like a real girl does?”

“Yes Mother,” replied Lilith. “Our training has paid off very well.   He’s really an irreversible sissy now.   Having made him a sissy makes me feel so good, and proud of myself, too.”

Nancy liked Gramma more than Aunty.   Sally had him sit on her lap on the couch when she taught him how to crochet doilies, and she always hugged him and kissed his cheeks before they started, and when they were done.   Gramma was soft and warm, and like Nancy had told Charlene, she smelled pretty, so he behaved like a good little girl and liked it when Gramma had him sit on her lap.   He liked it now when she dressed him up pretty in the mornings.   His lacy panties, poufy slips and dresses were lots more fun to wear than boys clothes.   The little boy liked being a girl now.   But he wondered how he could become a more of a girl like they had told he would someday. 

One day he asked Sally, “Gramma, what’s sur...gery?”

“Oh, it’s just a little thing a doctor lady will do to our little girl in a few years so you can grow up to be a pretty lady,” answered Sally. “It won’t take long and the doctor will make you sleep while it’s done.   You’ll be happy about it afterwards.”

“I’m glad Gramma,” replied Nancy, “cause I want to be a pretty lady like you when I get big.”

“You will sweetheart,” said Sally. “You’ll like being a big girl and wearing big girl dresses and petticoats, and not having to work all day like men do.”

One night during the next year while Nancy was upstairs hugging a rag doll (the one he named Missy) while he slept, Lilith told Sally they needed to talk about something important.

“What is it Lilith?” Sally asked.

“Mother, I’m going to see about getting Nancy his sexual reassignment surgery and hormone treatments when he’s twelve years old that’ll start his breasts growing, the same age as real little girls when they start developing their titties.”

       “Well that’s a ways off, Lilith,” responded Sally. “After all, he’s only eight years old.   Wasn’t that a nice birthday party we had for him.   But I’ll miss having him be my little sissy granddaughter.   He’s so cute and girly now.”

“Yes, he’s too young for it now, Mother,” agreed Lilith, “But I’m sure he likes being a girl now.   Training, discipline and patience, that’s all it takes in cases like his, along with your affectionate hugs and kisses, and encouraging him to be a good little girl, and to play nice with real little girls and other sissies.”

“Yes, he does Lilith,” said Sally. “You should see him smile and giggle when he plays hop-scotch now with his little girlfriends and other sissies in our neighborhood.   Little Charlene is his best friend now, too.”

“I’m glad to hear it, Mother,” replied Lilith. “Jane seems to have done an excellent job of making her little boy a sissy.”

“Lilith, you really ought to try to be more affectionate with him,” admonished Sally. “Sometimes I think he’s afraid of you.”

“That’s probably because I gave him a little spanking,” admitted Lilith. “He was running in the house like a tomboy, endangering our antiques and chewing bubble gum that could have made a sticky mess on the bodice of his dress.  

“But you’re probably right.   I’ll be more affectionate to him from now on.   Affection certainly won’t make him any less of a sissy than he is now.   He really seems to like wearing dresses and his little girl lingerie now.”

“Oh, I’m sure of it, Lilith,” replied Sally. “After I finish dressing him up pretty in the mornings, a big smile comes on his face when he looks at himself in the full length mirror on the back of his bedroom door.”

“I can see that he likes you more than me, Sally,” said Lilith. “I guess I’ve seemed threatening to him at times.   But I’ll be more affectionate with more hugs and kisses from now on like you do.   I can still remember you being very affectionate to me when I was a little girl.   And I certainly don’t want him to be afraid of me.   I have to admit that I really love our little sissy now.    That’s why we must get him his female hormone treatments and the sex change surgery.   We owe it to him.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that,” said Sally. “After all, we want him to still be happy after he’s been made a real girl.   By the way, here’s a picture I took of him cradling his doll in the crook of his arm while he was holding the bottle to its mouth.   I told him to look up and smile pretty when I took the picture.   Isn’t he precious!”

“Oh yes Mother!” agreed Lilith. “Could you make an enlargement of it?   It’d be so good to have it on my bedroom wall as a nice reminder to me of how much we’ve made him a girly little sissy.”

On a Monday morning in October, Sally and Lilith took Nancy shopping with them again.   He liked to go shopping with Aunty and Gramma because they always had him try on pretty things to wear in one of the ladies’ dressing rooms before they bought them: some new panties, poufy slips and pretty dresses.   And sometimes they’d buy him some little girl jewelry, like the pearl ring he had on the third finger of his right hand, and the little gold chain scarab bracelet on his left wrist, and the little pearl studs he wore in his earlobes that Francine had given Lilith.   He’d seen other little girls wearing them, too.   Before they went shopping, Sally had put him in one of his mother-and-daughter-dresses that matched hers.   As soon as he had seen himself in the full length mirror, he turned around and hugged Sally’s waist.

“I like wearing a dress like your dress Gramma,” Nancy had said. “I love you Gramma.”    Naturally Sally had bent down and wrapped arms around him in a big hug with his face between her breasts, then kissed him on the cheek.

While Lilith was picking out some new panties for him, Sally came over to them with a little red plaid dress still on the hanger, and a little girls pink snowsuit that she held behind her back while she showed Lilith the dress.

“Lilith, wouldn’t this be a nice little dress for Nancy this fall.   It has lots of pretty autumn colors.   And she could wear one of her pretty white bouffant slips under it to match its collar and the cuffs on the long sleeves.”

 “Yes, it is a pretty little dress Mother,” replied Lilith. “I suppose we should begin buying her some winter clothes now.   While we’re here I’ll buy her some quilted circle skirts, some pink tights and white ones, and some cashmere sweaters and a nice wool winter coat to keep her warm.”   

“And she’ll look so cute in this little pink snow suit with the little white bunnies on the front shoulders of it,” said Sally as she took the snow suit from behind her back.   “As soon as it snows this winter, I’ll go outside with her and we’ll build a snow lady on the front lawn.   I got the snowsuit in a size larger for her.   It’ll be her size by winter.”

“Alright Mother,” answered Lilith. “But first you’d better take her into a dressing room and try the dress on her.”

When Sally had Nancy in the girls size eight dress and a new white bouffant slip, she took him by the hand and they went out and stood before the tall mirror in the dress department.   He twisted back and forth to make it and his bouffant slip swish around his legs with a happy smile.   By now as Lilith had said, the boy had become an irreversible sissy.   And he liked playing little girls’ games with Charlene.   Charlene was his best friend now.   And they always kissed without being told to when Charlene arrived.

                             About three years later (1957)

The bouffant style was still the fashion for women and girls, though slimmer body hugging suit dresses and blouses and skirts without petticoats under them were also being seen on a lot of women.   Nancy was now eleven and a half years old and looked and behaved like a girl that age.   Lilith still hadn’t brought him to the Petticoating Club, though she thought it was high time she did.   But before doing it, there was something else both she and Sally wanted to do with him.   They made an appointment for him with Dr. Dorothy Gibson, the sex change surgeon.   Dr. Gibson was another extreme feminist, dedicated and determined to making sissies become real girls.

“His features and facial bone structure are just what I’d hoped for,” said Dr. Dorothy Gibson. “Nancy will be a pretty young woman when he grows up.”

 “Mrs. Meene,” said Dr. Gibson, “I’m not so naive as to think that Nancy is the legal age of eighteen to make him eligible for sexual reassignment surgery. But don’t worry.   The law doesn’t check on these things anymore.   It’s being done all over the country now, and they wouldn’t be able to investigate all of them.   So they don’t bother to try now.   And by having it done now before his puberty begins, it’ll be far more effective in making him a real girl.   As he grows up, his skin will stay nice and soft, and he won’t get any knotty hard muscles like teenage boys get and men have.   There’ll be a graceful feminine curve to his legs, a slim waist and a large pair of tits.   Excuse the everyday vernacular, but I think it’s important to speak plain about these things.”    

She gave Nancy his first weekly injection of female hormones and some hormone pills to take every morning with a glass of plain water as soon as he got up and a half hour before he ate or drank anything else, and said she’d stop at their home early each Friday morning on her way to her office to give him his other weekly injections.    But they had to wait a month for the surgery because Dr. Gibson was so busy operating on other sissies.   So Lilith and Sally decided to take him to the ladies’ petticoating club for sissies the next night.

Nancy had been a little scared when he heard the word “doctor.”   He didn’t feel sick and he wondered why they took him to a doctor.   But for a while he forgot about having the needle stuck in his arm.   

He liked looking in his big closet and seeing all his pretty dresses and poufy slips hanging in it.   Every morning he’d wonder which pretty dress Sally would dress him in for the day.   His favorite dresses were ones that looked like Gramma’s  dresses.   Once he was all dressed up pretty in a dress like her own, Sally would give him a hug, kiss his cheek and tell him what a big girl he was getting to be.   It made him smile and he’d hug Sally.

        Like mother-like daughter, Sally and Lilith were both 5’ 9” tall.   When they wore their four inch high heels, they stood 6’ 1”.   A bit self conscious of their height, they often wore just three inch high heels.   But that still raised their height to 6’.   But both women were proud of their height, and it often resulted in a restaurant’s maitre d’ giving them a better table, and getting faster and better service from a waiter or a store’s salesgirls.

But one day a boy that hadn’t been turned into a sissy yet, heard his mother tell another lady what an adorable prissy little sissy Nancy was.   He told a couple of his pals about it, and they took a walk up to Lilith’s home.   They caught Nancy picking wild daisies by himself near the driveway to make a bouquet he wanted to give to Gramma.

“Hey sissy boy,” said one of boys, “show us your panties.”

Nancy turned to run back inside, but one of the boys pushed him down on the driveway and he began to cry while the boys laughed at him.

Lilith and Sally happened to be in the drawing room and they went outside to see what the noise was about, Lilith taking a yardstick with her.   She waved it over her head in a threatening manner at the boys and they ran away, yelling out “Sissy boy.   Sissy boy,” sniggering and chortling like little ogres.

“They..they made me hur..hurt my kn..knee,” said Nancy as he sobbed and buried his face in the skirts of Sally’s dress.

“Don’t cry sweetheart,” said Sally as she hugged him and patted his back. “I’ll wash it off and put some nice medicine and a band-aid on it.   Lilith, I don’t want to put a lot of red iodine on Nancy’s knee.   I’ll put some antiseptic ointment on it and a band-aid after I wash it.   It won’t sting like iodine does either.”

“See Nancy?” said Lilith. “This is why girls only play with other girls.   Boys are jealous because girls are pretty.   Gramma and I know what’s best for our pretty girl sweetheart.”

They went back inside the house and Sally tenderly washed the little booboo on his knee, next put some antiseptic ointment on it with her fingertip, and then a band-aid.  

“Well, our little girl has her first scrape on her knee,” said Sally as she gave Nancy a hug and kissed his cheek.   Then Nancy went inside to watch The Donna Reed Show.

“Yes Mother,” said Lilith. “His little girl Purple Heart.   Sooner or later all little girls and sissies fall down and bang their knee.   I’m surprised it didn’t happen before now, considering how much Nancy and Charlene still love to jump rope together.

We’ll take Nancy to the little girls’ fashion show for sissies tomorrow night.”

“Won’t it be wonderful Lilith when he’s been made our real girl soon?” said Sally with a dreamy-eyed look in her eyes as she thought about it.

       “Yes Mother,” replied Lilith. “The female side of the Meene family line will continue then.   I’ve already put a considerable amount of money in a bank account in Nancy ’s name so he’ll be able to live the comfortable life of a proper lady when he’s old enough.   No woman in our branch of the family have ever had to stoop to working for a living.   And he’ll get the bulk of the family money when you and I are gone.   By the way, the dividends from our IBM stock have been enormous.   I think personal computers are going to be the wave of the future.”

“I just hope that we’ll both still be living and healthy when he’s a pretty young woman,” said Sally.

“I’m sure we both will Mother,” Lilith assured Sally. “After all, neither one of us is old yet, and we’re in excellent health.   Men simply aren’t as healthy as women are.   They let themselves get fat and have all that testosterone hormone running through their bodies that causes so many heart attacks and cancer to men when they’re only in their fifties or sixties.   But once Nancy ’s had his surgery with his testicles and penis removed and has a vagina and uterus, his body won’t be able to make any make male hormones.   Dr. Gibson explained it all to me.”

“Isn’t medical science wonderful Lilith!” said Sally.

“Yes Mother,” replied Lilith. “They should have started this and the cloning technique that’s being developed a long time ago.   Only baby girls that are genetic copies of their pretty mothers would have been born.   By now it’d be strictly a women’s and girl’s world.   But someday during this decade it will be.   We just have to wait till the men have died off.   Any men that are still alive after ten years can be painlessly euthanized for their own good (What?! editor) (That'll surprise the islamo-fascists!  other editor).   Think how nice and pretty the world will be with only women and girls in it.   We’ll probably start it all in our own country and western Europe first.   But imagine China with its population of half a billion women in it.   They’ll do away with communism.   Some men are such morons  when it comes to picking a political system.   But it’s reassuring to know Great Britain has a queen.   Mark my words.   Someday they’ll do away with their quarrelsome clumsy parliament and leave things for Her Majesty to decide.   We women always know what’s best for everyone, including Nancy.”

“I agree with you Lilith,” said Sally, “but I’ll miss having our precious sissy living with us after he’s grown into a young lady.”

“So will I Mother,” said Lilith. “It’s been so nice making him a sissy.   Petticoating a cute boy like him and having him wearing panties, a bouffant slip and a dress makes me feel so good, and accomplished, too.”

       “And teaching him how to be a good little girl too,” said Sally. “We really should have had him get ballet lessons.   Imagine how darling he would have looked making a pirouette on stage, wearing his little tutu and ballet slippers.”

“Time, Mother,” said Lilith. “That was a problem.   If he had come to live with us when he was only five or six years old, then we would have had the time to see that he got ballet lessons.   But we had our hands full enough teaching him to be a seven year old little girl then.”

“When are we going to take him to that nice club for sissies?” asked Sally.

      “At tomorrow night's meeting,” answered Lilith. “I’ll call Jane Belmore and  have her meet us there in the parking lot.   Today, why don’t you have him practice making a curtsey?   He hasn’t had to do it for a while.   It’d be nice to see him to do it on the runway to the women in the audience.” 

      “What dress do you think we should have him wear for the meeting?” asked Sally.

      “One of the mother and daughter dresses,” answered Lilith. “I’ll pick out one of the sets that I have and wear it with him instead of yours, if you don’t mind.”

      “Of course not, Lilith,” replied Sally. “Wear the new pink gingham set in the larger size he takes now we bought recently.   I think that’s the prettiest one.”

      “A pretty choice Mother,” said Lilith. “I hope so much he’ll win one of the prizes after all our work in getting him to look and behave like a good little girl.”

      “Maybe we should have had Francine dye his hair,” said Sally. “Girls and sissies with black hair and a pink bow on their ponytails look so pretty.”

      “True enough Mother,” said Lilith. “But there’s never been a black haired woman our branch of the Meene family.   We’ll stick to our and his genetic natural blond hair like our own for him.   It makes him appear to be a little girl in our own family, and it contrasts nicely with the pink plastic hair band he wears sometimes or the pink bow on his ponytail.

      “Speaking of the branches of the our family, I read in the newspaper not long ago, that my cousin and his wife or whatever she is, were denied an earlier release from prison.   It seems more evidence has come to light that shows they were selling drugs to high school children in the school’s parking lot.   As a result, they’ll have to serve their full sentences of twenty years in prison.   They’ll be no parole for either of them.”

      “Besides that, Lilith,” said Sally, “having been declared unfit parents, the court would never give Nancy back to them to raise.”

      “Nancy behaves like he’s all girl now Mother,” said Lilith with a satisfied smile.   “I’m sure he’ll do well in the little girl fashion contest for sissies tomorrow night.”

      The next day, Lilith and Sally explained to Nancy in the kitchen what he’d be doing at the petticoating club that night.

      “You just have to walk down and back on the modelling runway to show lots of nice ladies how pretty you are,” said Lilith.

      “What’s a runway?” asked Nancy.

      “It’s like wooden sidewalk up above the floor a little so all the ladies in the audience can look up at to see how pretty our girl’s bouffant slip and dress is,” explained Sally. “It has a special carpet on it so you won’t slip and fall down.   Won’t that be fun, sweetheart?”

      “Yes Gramma.   Which dress will I wear?” asked Nancy.

      “Your new pink gingham dress, Nancy,” answered Lilith. “My!   You’re getting to be a big girl now.   I’ll wear my part of the mother-and-daughter-dresses also.”

      Now thoroughly a sissy, Nancy liked wearing a pretty dress that looked like his aunty’s dress or his gramma’s dress.   He left the two women and went into the living room to watch The Donna Reed Show that was about to start.

      “Nancy looks like such a pretty girl now, Lilith,” said Sally. “I love helping him put on his poufy slip and a pretty dress in the morning.   He puts his own panties on himself now.”

      “All in all,” said Lilith, “I think we’ve done an excellent job of making him a sissy.   I have no doubt that he’ll enjoy being a twelve year old real girl once Dorothy Gibson has actually changed his sex and gender for good.   By the way Mother, she has a reputation for being the best doctor in the country for the female hormone treatments and sexual reassignment surgery.   I wonder what Nancy would have thought when he first came to live with us if he knew he’d be turned into a real girl after a few years.”

      “We’ll never know, Lilith,” replied Sally. “But it seems to me that sissies like Nancy should be made real girls, and I’m sure he’ll like it when he’s a real girl.”

      “I agree Mother,” said Lilith. “And it’ll be so nice seeing him going to his first prom wearing a pretty gown.   By the way, they have dances at the petticoating club on some of the evenings they don’t have their regular meetings, just for sissies of course.”

      “You mean sissies dance just with other sissies?” asked Sally.

      “Of course Mother,” replied Lilith. “We certainly wouldn’t want any early teenage pregnancies taking place later on.   If they develop lesbian tendencies after their sex change surgery, that’s a risk we’ll have to take, and it’s still better than being a man.”  

      “Well, it’s close to the time we’ll be going to tonight’s meeting,” said Sally. “We’d better get ready to go.   His new larger size pink gingham dress and white bouffant slip fit him just right.   I’m sure he’ll look adorable on the runway.”

      “Mother, be sure he takes his accessories with him, his pretty white cloth gloves and his shiny white pocketbook.”

      “He always remembers to take them when we go anywhere, Lilith, thanks to our reminding him.   He really has a girl’s habits now.   I put his lipstick, a compact and a lilac colored floral hanky trimmed with white lace in his pocketbook.   And I had him practice making a curtsey for a while yesterday.”

      “Then let’s go, Mother,” said Lilith and called to Nancy to come with them.

      As soon as they were in the Cadillac, Lilith, Sally and Nancy leaned back against the seat’s backrest, lifted their bums up a little and smoothed their dresses and petticoats under them.

      “Don’t forget to curtsey nice to the ladies when you reach the front end of the runway Nancy,” Lilith told him, “and keep your left hand on top of your pocketbook when you’re walking.”

      “I won’t forget, Aunty,” replied Nancy, feeling excited and eager to go to the nice club they’d told him about.   Nancy was anxious to show the all the ladies they told him would be in the audience how pretty he was in his new pink gingham dress with a new lacy white poufy slip under it.

      A large number of cars were in the parking lot, and Jane Belmore was there with her sissy Charlene, holding him by the hand at her side.

      “Mommy bought me a new dress to wear tonight,” Charlene told Nancy.

      “It’s very pretty Charlene,” said Nancy. “It must make you feel pretty, too.”

      “Yes Nancy,” said Charlene, “and your dress is very pretty, too.”   Then the two sissies kissed without being told to, much to the smiling delight of the women.

“Lilith, I’ll take the girls to a room backstage to get their makeup touched up and get their instructions for the show,” said Jane.

      “Thanks Jane,” replied Lilith. “Nancy, go with Charlene and her mommy now sweetheart.   And don’t forget the things we told you to do.”

      “Yes Aunty,” said Nancy. “I won’t forget.”

      Lilith and Sally stopped at a desk near the entrance and they both paid their dues for a year, and then were each given the latest copy of THE PETTICOATING TIMES, the club’s magazine and bulletin, printed just that morning and rush-delivered to the club.

      Soon an older teenage sissy wearing a French Maid’s outfit with fluffy short white petticoats under it and white four inch high heels with black stockings took them to a table near the end of the runway.   He quickly returned with a tray and placed a cut glass decanter of Chablis and wine glasses for them on the table along with a plate of hors d’oeuvres.

      Meanwhile, the prizes for the winning toddler-age sissies were being given out by Brunhilde (pronounced Brun-hill-deh), the club’s Chapter Matron, wearing a bright red dress with three black petticoats and a black full slip, trimmed with a red ribbon running through it’s black lace bottom edge under her petticoats.

      The first prize winner’s mother held him in up her arm as she kissed his cheek and took the first prize for the toddler age sissy winner, a ten dollar gift certificate redeemable at the Sugar N Spice store for little girls.

      The women in the audience cheered and clapped their approval.

      Two other women came along and asked Lilith if they could share their table.

       “Of course,” answered Lilith.   It would give her a chance to find out more about the club.

      The two woman sat down, smoothing their dresses, petticoats and slips under them and introduced themselves to Lilith and Sally.

      “By the way,” asked Lilith, “how long has the club been in existence?”

“It started up after the Korean War was over,” explained Carol Morse, “and had a very small membership.   But as soon as the bouffant style came along, its membership grew much larger, and now it’s hard to find room in the parking lot.”

      “I can understand why,” said Sally. “The sissies look so darling in their little dresses with a bouffant slip poufing them out nice and pretty.”

      “Tell me something,” said Lilith. “Has there ever been any indication of masturbation by the sissies?”

      “It’s definitely forbidden,” answered Barbara Edwards. “The club rules that you signed require you to give a spanking to your sissy if you catch him doing it.    Besides, real little girls hardly ever do it.   My sister June Cleaver is divorced now and has a sissy they used to call Beaver, but his name is Judy now that he’s been petticoated.   And she had to spank him three times before he stopped doing it.   His older brother lives with his father.”

      “I’ll check Nancy’s panties and bed sheets from now on,” said Lilith, “but so far he seems to behave like a good girl.   In another month I won’t have to bother.   Dr. Dorothy Gibson will have given him his sexual reassignment surgery by then, making him a real girl.   Sally and I can hardly wait till it’s been done.”

      “You’re right in step with the other matrons in the club,” said Carol. “It’s really the best thing for them.   Once a boy has been made a sissy, he’d never fit in as a regular teenage boy.   They’d all have their happy memories of their sissy little girl years and would rather be teenage girls, and women when they’re older.”

      “Matrons?” asked Lilith.

      “It’s just a title we call ourselves since we have to check and make sure our sissies aren’t doing any boy things, such as reading boys naughty comic books like BATMAN, or watching violent westerns or war movies on television.”

      “Yes,” said Lilith. “Sally and I only let Nancy read Jack & Jill Magazine and a couple of other little books for girls.   I suppose 'matron' is a good title for us.   I’m always checking to see Nancy isn’t backsliding into any boyish behavior.

      “Yesterday I began reading LITTLE WOMEN to Nancy. There are some nice pictures in the book, and Nancy could hardly take his eyes off the long pretty dresses and petticoats girls wore when it was written a hundred years or more ago.”

      “Just think Lilith,” continued Sally. “In another month or less, Nancy will be turned into a real girl.”

      “Yes Mother,” replied Lilith. “Our duty will be accomplished and our dreams a reality.   We’ll have to have a special party for her as soon as she’s recovered from the surgery.   I’ll hire an RN to stay with her while she’s recovering, and we’ll have a handyman set up a cot in Nancy’s room for the nurse.   Dr. Gibson said a nurse should take her temperature frequently to make sure there isn’t any infection from the surgery.   But imagine Mother, the cute little boy that came to live with us will soon be a real girl and have growing breasts and a cunt and vagina like other twelve year old girls.   I’m glad I already had one of the other matrons of the Petticoating Club that works in the town hall records change his age to eighteen to make him legally eligible for his surgery.”

      “Imagine Nancy going to her first prom wearing a lovely gown,” said Sally. “But I’ll really miss not having a precious little sissy living with us anymore.”

      “I will too Mother,” agreed Lilith, “but time marches on, and it’ll be nice having a pretty young woman of our own family living with us in a few years.”

      “We all have the same plans for our sissies,” said Carol. “It’s a requirement for all matrons in the club to get their sissies turned into real girls when they get to be twelve years old.   Otherwise you’d have your membership in the club revoked.”

      “What a wonderful club this is!” said Sally.

      At this point, Brunhilde announced the beginning of the little girl fashion show for the matrons’ sissies.

      “Matrons, remember that the three winners are decided by the amount of applause you give to each sissy when he finishes his walk on the runway.   And don’t forget the chartered bus shopping trip to New York City we’ll make next month.   Your cars can be left in our parking lot, and security guards will keep an eye on them day and night to prevent any vandalism.   We plan to shop at several stores, including Macy’s and Bergdorf-Goodman.   You’ll be able to buy the latest fashions for your sissies and yourself, as well.   Be sure you sign up for the trip by the end of this meeting or next week’s meeting at the latest.   And now let’s begin the program for little and pre-teen sissies.   By the way, we have two new co-matrons in our club now, the sissy’s aunt and foster mother and his substitute grandmother, Lilith Meene and Sally St. James.   Ladies, would you stand up please?”

        Lilith and Sally stood up and smiled.

        Applause went up from the other smiling matrons.  

        As Lilith and Sally looked around, they spotted other women in the audience that they knew or had seen in some of the stores they shopped in for Nancy.

      “The first sissy to be on the runway is Annabelle, and his matron is his mother Rachel Lee,” announced Brunhilde.

      “Annabelle Lee,” said Lilith. “Isn’t that a lovely name.   It comes from one of Edgar Allan Poe’s poems.”

      A cute little sissy wearing a pastel blue dress over his white bouffant slip and panties was assisted up the rear stairs of the runway by a club matron and began to walk down the runway.   When he came to the end of it, he turned around and walked back and sat down on a chair in four long rows of them at the back of the stage.   Sitting below the level of the runway, his lace trimmed pink panties were visible to the audience of women as his bouffant slip and dress flared out when he had quickly turned to walk back down the runway.   Applause and cheers came up from the big audience of matrons and their lady guests staying with them.

      The next sissy was wearing a little pink dress with short puffed sleeves, a little secretary collar and a lacy bodice.

      He also received cheers and clapped applause from the audience of matrons.

      “Mother, haven’t they decorated the club so nice!” said Lilith. “Did you notice the pictures of the winning sissies of previous meetings hanging on the walls at the side?   They all look so precious.   I really wish Nancy had come to live with us when he was just a toddler.   Sissies that age are so darling.   Their little dresses and poufy slips are so short their pretty panties with rows of pretty lace on the back of them are always coming into view when they play on a living room rug.”

      While the sissies were on the runway, the club’s photographer matron would take a picture of each sissy in case he turned out to be a winner in the little girl fashion show.   She was also allowed to sell the negatives to several nation wide monthly magazines for women that wanted to copy the pictures for their fashion pages for their readers’ little girls and sissies.

      Sally had brought her own camera and extra film and flash bulbs to take Nancy’s picture when he had his walk on the runway, and both she and Lilith noticed that most of the other matrons also had a camera ready to take a picture of their own sissies.   Flash bulbs were constantly going off during the meeting as the sissies walked down and back on the runway.   Most of the sissies in the little and preteen part of the show were between seven and eleven years old.

      “Mother, isn’t this such a nice display of sissies,” said Lilith with a smile. “They all look like such pretty little girls.   I’m so glad we joined the club.   And it’s good to know there are so many other right-thinking women in our area.”

      “Oh, I’m very glad we joined it too Lilith,” replied Sally. “Maybe Nancy will meet some other sissies that’ll become new girlfriends with him.   That’ll help increase his girly femininity and be happy when he’s a real girl soon.”

      “You’re right Mother,” agreed Lilith. “And I have to admit that making a boy a sissy and naming him Nancy has been the most rewarding, fun-filled and satisfying experience in my life so far.   And the wonderful culmination of it all will be when Nancy’s had his sexual reassignment surgery and has been turned into a real girl.”

      “I feel the same way Lilith,” agreed Sally. “And it’s really been the best thing for him to have been made a sissy by us.   After all, being raised as a little girl is such a pretty and happy experience for all sissies.   And I’m sure he must had sissy tendencies even before he came to live with us.   Why else would he have liked being dressed pretty and being taught to behave like a good little girl so soon as he did?”

      “In that case Mother,” said Lilith, “dressing him in girls clothes and teaching him to behave like one must have made him happy that we raised him like a little girl, though it may have taken a little time and coaxing before he admitted it to himself and us.”

      “Not as long as you think Lilith,” said Sally. “On just his second day with us, after I dressed him up nice and pretty for the day, a big smile came on his face when he looked at his reflection in the full-length mirror on the back of his bedroom door, and he told me it he liked wearing his pretty dress and things and that it was lots more fun being a girl.”

      “Really Mother?” asked Lilith. “That make me not feel any guilt about making a him a sissy.   And also not guilty for getting him his sexual reassignment surgery and the rest of his female hormone injections, not that I should feel guilty about any of it at all.   After all, girls and women are the superior sex, not boys and men.”

      “Of course we are Lilith,” said Sally. “You can’t blame women for starting wars and for most of the crime committed in the world.   Even when a woman kills her husband, it’s usually for a justifiable reason.   Some men are such brutes in the way they mistreat their wives, acting like beastly drunken cavemen.” 

      “That’s very true Mother,” agreed Lilith. “Oh look.   Here comes the next sissy.   Isn’t he cute!”

      This time an eleven year old sissy introduced as Shirley by the Chapter Matron, wearing a swishy pink poodle skirt with white three white nylon horsehair petticoats with scalloped lace trim, and a white short sleeve cashmere sweater with a pink scarf tied around his blond ponytail, and pink socks and saddle shoes began his walk down the runway.   Naturally, his matron had also put a bright pink lipstick and nail polish on him.   A happy cute smile was on his face as he walked down the runway.

      Brunhilde, the Chapter Matron, had introduced him as Mary-Beth.

      “By the way,” Lilith asked Carol, “why is Brunhilde referred to as the Chapter Matron?”

      “Because there other chapters of the club in lots of other cities in our country.   The Ladies Petticoating and Girls-in-Training Club is a nation wide organization now, from coast to coast.   The San Francisco Chapter was the largest one with more than five hundred sissies in it, so now they’ve split it up into chapters for different parts of the city.   Having too many sissies in one chapter doesn’t provide enough time for each of the sissies to have their turn on the runway.”

      “A nation wide organization for sissies!” said Sally. “What a wonderful idea!”

      “Fabulous!” said Lilith. “That means that if we had gone on a vacation, perhaps we would have been able to have Nancy have his turn on the runway in another city’s chapter as a visiting sissy.”

  “Oh yes,” said Carol. “The matrons of visiting sissies are actually encouraged by the national headquarters located in New York City, where the club started, to have their sissies take part in the other chapter meetings in other cities.   It helps to spread around any new sissy making techniques to the club’s Matrons in other chapters.”

      “I always loved New York City,” said Sally, “and now I have another reason for loving it.   And Best and Company’s store in Boston carries such a pretty line of clothes for women and girls.   They have another branch of their store in New York City, but it’s always so crowded that I usually don’t bother to shop there.   And it’s quite a distance to have to drive all the way down there.”

      “That’s why the club has a chartered bus trip to New York City once every year,” replied Carol.

      “Hmm, I’ll have to keep that in mind,” said Lilith. “Some of the special low-priced sales on dresses and lingerie I’ve seen advertised in the Sunday edition of the New York Times'’ fashion section are bargains, not that money would be a problem for Sally or me.    And it’s always nice to visit another city for a few days.   I love to have dinner at Lutrec’s, New York City’s best French restaurant.   The food and service are the best in the city.   Sally and I can both speak French, and it always impresses the waiters when we order in French.   Some day I’d love to make a trip to Paris, where the bouffant style began.   They say it’s the loveliest and most exciting city in Europe, the City of Light they call it.”

      “I’ve been to Paris,” said Barbara, “and your description of it is exactly right.   It’s a great city to shop in since the American dollar is worth so much more than the French franc.   You can buy a really pretty famous designer’s dress with some francs that would be worth just a few dollars in our own money.   The monetary exchange rate is very favorable to visitors from America.”

      By pure coincidence, Brunhilde announced the next sissy with the French girl’s name Paulette as he began his walk down the runway.

      “Mother,” said Lilith, “I think I’m beginning to be overloaded with happiness at seeing so many cute little sissies.”

      “Isn’t it wonderful!” replied Sally. “But it’s unfortunate Nancy won’t be eligible to be in the club soon once he’s been turned into a real girl.”

      “Oh, he can still be in the club after he’s been made a real girl,” said Barbara. “He can be one of the real girls that visit the club’s new sissies at their homes to teach them more about being good little girls, and tell them how happy it is to be real girls when they get old enough.”

      “A lovely and charitable job to be sure!” said Lilith. “But Sally and I will probably take a vacation for a while after Nancy’s completely recovered from his sex change surgery.   I want to show Nancy some other parts and things of our country, like the Catskills, Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon and Hawaii, with it’s wonderful beaches and hotels.”

      “Lilith,” said Barbara Cleaver, “we are all aware of your family’s tremendous wealth and the ability to be able to take lots of such great vacations.   But always remember one of your principal duties as club members here in your own chapter; to encourage other mothers’ or stepmothers’, aunts’ and teenage sisters’ desire to petticoat their their little boys or little brothers and make them sissies by raising them like little girls, and to provide help and advice to them in achieving it.”

      “Just think,” said Lilith. “For a little boy to be petticoated by his teenage sister!    What a nice thing for a daughter to do for her mother.”

      More sissies kept coming down the runway when they had their turn.   Meanwhile, Nancy was backstage and talking with another sissy.

      “Aunty and Gramma took me to a doctor lady the other day,” said Nancy. “She used a big needle to put some stuff in my arm to make my titties grow.   My chest sort of hurts now if I push anything against it.   I don’t think I’ll ever be able to be a boy again now.”

      “Don’t you like being a girl?” asked the other sissy.

      “Oh, sure I do,” replied Nancy. “But sometimes I remember when I was a boy.   It seems like a long time ago.   But being a girl is a lot nicer than being a boy.   I’m glad I went to live with my aunty and Gramma.   It makes me feel nice when I wear a dress with lacy panties and poufy slip under it.”

  While the two sissies were talking, a club matron would come backstage and take a sissy out to the runway for his turn on it.   After a while she came in and called Nancy.   He stood up and fluffed up his bouffant slip and dress like he’d been trained to do after he been sitting down anywhere.   The club matron took his hand and led him up the stairs at the back end of the modelling runway.

      She told him, “It’s time to show all the ladies how pretty you are Nancy.   Just walk steady down and back on the runway sweetheart, but not too fast or too slow.   Good luck Nancy.”   She gave him a little hug and then he started walking down the runway.

      “Look Mother!” said Lilith. “Here comes Nancy.”

      Sally had her camera ready.

      A murmur of approval was made by the matrons in the audience as they noticed his white cloth gloves and matching white little pocketbook.  

      Nancy reached the end of the runway and curtsied nice, then turned around quickly to make his dress and bouffant slip flare out.   Sitting below the runway, the matrons in the audience could see his lacy panties and the bottom edge nylon ruffles of his bouffant slip when he had turned quickly.   Nancy was the only sissy that curtsied at the front end of the runway.   Clapped applause and a loud cheer had come up from the the audience of women when he had curtsied, and Sally had taken his picture.   When he had reached the back end of the runway again, he sat down in one of the folding chairs in three long rows at the back of the stage, keeping his feet and knees together with his hands in his lap like a good little girl.

      More sissies had their turn on the runway until all of them had done it.

At the back of the stage at a podium a little to one side of the runway, Brunhilde could be seen quietly conferring with some of the club’s other matrons that made up the awards committee.   Soon she announced that Nancy was the winner of the first place prize.   More clapping and cheers came up from the women in the audience.

      “Would Nancy and his co-matrons please come up on the runway now?” said Brunhilde.

      Lilith and Sally eagerly got up and walked to the stairs at the back end of the runway and went up on it.   By then Nancy was back on the runway also.

      When the audience of women noticed Nancy and Lilith were wearing mother and daughter dresses, the cheered and clapped even louder, as well as loudly stamping and clicking their high heels on the floor in approval.

      “We praise Nancy’s girly demeanor,” said Brunhilde, “and by the way Ms. Meene, I think the mother-and-daughter-dresses are such a lovely way of encouraging Nancy to be a pretty little girl.   Very well done ladies.”  

      She handed Lilith the first place winner’s pink beribboned silk badge and a gift certificate redeemable with purchases at the LITTLE PRINCESS DRESS SHOP to Lilith.   Sally was occupied with taking more pictures of Nancy as Brunhilde bent down and gave him a hug and kissed him on both cheeks while Lilith smiled in satisfaction at having made him such a pretty sissy.

      Nancy went on to be the club’s only three time winner.   The following month he successfully went through the rest of his female hormone injections and his sexual reassignment surgery without any complications or infection, making him a twelve year old real girl, except for one thing.   Though now a real girl, he still wouldn’t be able to get pregnant.  

      Lilith and Sally sent him to a private school for girls near the eastern side of Massachusetts.   She graduated and went on to college, majoring in fashion design and art.

      But now Nancy had developed the same determination Lilith and Sally had had in making him a sissy when he was still just a little boy.   Charlene, who had also had female hormone treatments and sexual reassignment surgery, was Nancy’s dearest friend.   One day she and Charlene went back to the Child Welfare Center where Lilith and Sally had been given custody of him.   Nancy legally adopted a cute little seven year old boy with blond hair like Nancy had.

On the way back home, she stopped at a store and bought him some pretty nighties for him to wear to bed.

      They entered the front door and Nancy called to Lilith and Sally to come into the drawing room.   Soon Lilith and Sally entered the room.

      “Aunt Lilith,” said Nancy, “I’m so glad you saved the clothes I wore when I was a little sissy.   I’m sure they’ll fit Timmy, I mean Tammy.   That’s his new name now.   I’ll bring some of my little girl clothes down from the attic tonight and iron them.   I’m sure they’ll fit him, I mean her.   It’ll probably take me a few days to get them all ironed unless you and Grandmother help me.”

      “Nancy, what a wonderful idea!” said Lilith with her former eagerness and smile at the prospect of helping to make yet another cute little boy a sissy.   Though Lilith and Sally were older now, Lilith and Sally were still pretty women and both of them could hardly wait to help Nancy make the cute little boy another darling little sissy.

      The bouffant style was no longer the fashion for women’s dresses, but little girls would still wear lacy panties and bouffant slips under their pretty dresses for a few more years.

        Soon Nancy would smile with satisfaction like Lilith and Sally had done as she saw Tammy playing with one of his dolls.

        The same desire, determination and methods to make little boys sissies would be carried on by other generations of Meene family women for many more years.   It seemed to be an acquired desire, or perhaps some sort of a genetic thing.

         Nancy had a personal computer now, and Petticoat Pond, with its wonderful chatroom for little sissies and girls, would soon become Tammy’s favorite website.

                                                       C’est Finis 

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