Poppy's Awakening

Short fiction by Worzel

2018, all rights reserved

Poppy’s mother was so pretty, and her dad was obviously madly in love with her.

When Poppy was a teen, she loved the way her mother dressed. She wore girly flaring dresses, sometimes with complete circle skirts of taffeta or chiffon. And she loved petticoats, lacy ones, usually of the softest silkiest nylon chiffon.  Sometimes, before she put on her dress, Poppy would watch her mother slither into a glistening lacy white nylon full slip, sheer and silky, so pretty, showing off her suspenders, silky knickers and lace-top stockings under her business suit.

When her mother and dad went out, she wore flirty full skirts and lacy chiffon petticoats. Poppy saw how Dad really looked at his wife and clearly appreciated everything about her - her achingly pretty lingerie, her beautiful makeup and perfume. And Poppy loved Mummy’s pretty lingerie, too – the lace of her slips and camisoles seen through sheer silky blouse and the sheen of the slippery silken nylon of her French knickers.

Poppy’s brilliant academic career took her all the way to a doctorate at 25, and there was little time for boys – until she met Tony.

One evening, when she was 27, staying with Mother and Dad, Poppy and her new boyfriend, who lived in town, were invited to join them at a dance. During the afternoon, a couple of hours before dinner, she sat with her mother in the dressing room, as Mom put on beautiful shiny nylon stockings, a very lacy camisole with ribbon straps, and a sheer silky blouse, with sheer and very lacy knickers and two silky transparent, very lacy nylon petticoats and beautiful perfume and makeup. One of the petticoats was blue and its two layers of glistening silky nylon sheerness were divided by four lovely sexy lace bands, ending in sensationally pretty lacy hems of four inches. This beautiful petti contrasted with the glistening white sheerness of the other, which had one silken layer and five inches of lace. The erotic lacy invitation of the blue petti moved beautifully under the achingly beautiful sheer nylon of the other.  Mother was clearly very happy. Stroking one silky chiffon layer over another, Mother sighed and, smiling with such happiness, said, ‘Your dad’s going to love what I’m wearing. Men like him love full-circle skirts and soft silky petticoats with lots of lace.’

When Mother walked across the dressing room, now in four-inch stilettos, Poppy watched her Mummy’s glistening lacy petticoats and her skirt sway out so prettily. For a moment, Poppy’s hand brushed over her pussy; her mother was so pretty.  

Mom said, ‘Take off your full slip …’ and briefly left the room. When she came back out of her lingerie closet, she took from their wrapping and handed Poppy the prettiest pair of sheer nylon loose-legged panties. The legs were adorned with delicate lace.

‘You might like to try these on, darling.’ Their silkiness felt exquisite against her skin.

‘Oh, Mummy,’ the young woman exclaimed, ‘They feel so pretty!’

‘I know,’ said her mum, ‘Pretty girly undies are part of being a beautiful woman. Now, would you like to put on this suspender belt, darling …’ It had a six-inch hem of lace and satin ribbons; ‘ … and these …’ which were glossy silky shiny bridal stockings with another six inches of lace … ‘ … and now this … Out of a box, with a gasp of pleasure, Poppy took a completely sheer, full circle, calf length petticoat – two layers of glistening nylon of almost unimaginable silkiness, weighted with four inches of gorgeous glistening Chantilly lace. Poppy looked in the mirror at the lace of her suspenders under the slip.

‘Now this skirt …’ … a calf-length three-layer full-circle skirt in white chiffon with blue polka dots.  ‘ … And now this ‘ – a lovely silky camisole dripping with lace at the breasts and hem – ‘ … and this’ – an almost liquidly sheer silky blouse with little girly cap sleeves. ‘Put this round your shoulders …’ – a glistening silky sheer nylon chiffon scarf, ‘ … and look at yourself. You’re so, so pretty …!’

Poppy, clad from head to foot in the silkiest, sheerest sexiest nylon, went to her mother and they embraced and kissed. Then she looked at the lace of her camisole through her blouse, her suspenders and stocking tops and the glistening of the nylons through her two wonderful petticoats. She was almost transfigured by her own girly sexy beauty. In the bedroom, she sat down, almost overcome by her feeling of prettiness and girliness, and by the sensation of all the lovely romantic – and completely new - silky nylon and lace her mother had given her.

‘Oh darling,’ said Mother as they embraced, ‘you are so beautiful. You have a lifetime ahead of you to enjoy all the girliness in the world … And so has Tony, if he knows what’s best for him.’

Wearing her chiffon blouse and camisole, her petticoats, suspenders, stockings and nylon gloves, Poppy wondered what Tony would think of her when the saw her. She need have had no fears. Poppy was, for the first time in her life, going experience complete girly fulfillment.




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