Together At Last
A Sequel to 'Poppy's Awakening

Short fiction by Worzel

© 2018, all rights reserved

Suggestive material 


Poppy, home from work and really tired, lay on her bed, dozing - and dreaming, sexily, of Tony, the man she would soon marry. And Tony loved how Poppy dressed – including all the wonderful lingerie she wore and had given him a chance to find out about.
Poppy’s wonderful mother had taught her to adore silky clothes and the lace of delicate sheer, silky nylon lingerie. Mom had taught Poppy the beauty of petticoats – full circle, nylon, their silky layers slipping and sliding deliciously over one another, and over lovely silky nylon and lacy, loose French knickers underneath, all the delicious petticoat silkiness weighed down by masses and masses of pretty, sexy, girly lace, to be shown off at the hems of full-circle skirts. Poppy adored lacy silky nylon chiffon petticoats. The lingerie her mother wore – and taught Poppy to wear – was so enticing - wonderful luxuriously romantic silky slips that Poppy still saw her Mom in. Her mother had helped her discover the flimsy, erotic silkiness of nylon, rather than the stiffness of satin, or the flatness of silk. Nowadays, Poppy had drawers and drawers full of silkiness - slips, knickers, camisoles and garter belts. Under her petticoats and slips, she always wore nylon stockings, sheer and silken. In a special closet, Poppy had her petticoats, layers and layers of silky, lacy sexiness. The day after her honeymoon, Poppy would take a naked husband in there with her …

But today, after Poppy had time for a shower and change of clothes, Poppy, Mom, Dad and Tony’s sister, Flo, went to a show and dinner. Tony was required to work late and couldn’t come. When they’d been home an hour or so, Poppy smiled when she saw Mom and Dad, passionately kissing in a corner of the hall. Dad’s hand was down inside the front of Mom’s lovely skirt. Below the calf-length skirt, the darling delicate lace of Mom’s beautifully feminine full petticoat had been flicking out provocatively all evening as she walked to and from dinner, and Dad had obviously been tantalised by it, just as Mom had intended. Now, as they kissed, Mom made breathless little, ‘u … u… u! …’ noises as his hand massaged her clitty through  the silken layers of her crowded nylon petticoats and silky knickers.
Poppy had – as usual – looked stunning herself that evening and, under her amazingly silky full, flowery black chiffon skirt, had worn the wonderful lacy nylon lingerie she adored. It could be guaranteed that Tony’s pretty sister, who had now also been under Mom’s influence for some time, would be wearing pretty nylons, panties and petticoats under her girly full-skirted dress as well. Poppy loved it when all three women were dressed in their lovely full skirts and petticoats and caught so many admiring glances …. 
She knew that when she married Tony, the delight and arousal that her carefully-chosen lingerie caused him already was going to help them have such a great sex-life, just as her parents obviously still did. She wished the same for Flo and her fiancé.
With her parents already gone to their room, Poppy had – as she often did - become increasingly aware of the romantic sexy silkiness of what she was wearing herself under her skirt. She lay down in her room, feeling the tug of her garters pulling her stockings taut under her lavishly full petticoat and French knickers . Now almost overwhelmed by the sensation of the petticoat’s silky soft pretty white shiny nylon, and delicate sexy matching white floral lace under her silky skirt, she gently touched the bumps of her garters through her petticoats, and then the lacy edging of her silky double-nylon knickers. She felt so girly, so alive, and so sexy.

She dialled Tony, home now in his own flat.
 ‘Oh darling, I’m lying on my bed …’ she said huskily.
‘Are you, sweetheart? Have you had a lovely time?’
‘Yes darling, and now I’m so missing you. I’m lying here in wonderfully silky nylon petticoats and feeling so sexy thinking about you. Would you like to hear about it …?’
‘Oh, Poppy …!’
‘Well, my French knickers feel so very silky and sexy next to my skin, and the nylon and the lace glistens under my sheer nylon petticoats and through my filmy skirt. My pettis feel so wonderful brushing over them.  And the lace of my white pettis is glistening through the chiffon of my darling full silky flowery black skirt. As I lie here, and under my reading lamp, I can see straight though the silky nylon to the bunched-up layers of my lovely petticoats. Their nylon is glistening so erotically straight through the pettiskirt, and the three bands of lace that go right round them are looking so pretty under the transparent skirt. I’ve put on little silky nylon gloves and I’m brushing the seven inch band of lace round the three layers of one petticoat, and one of another. The lace feels so sexy slipping under my gloves.
‘By the way, you’ve gone quiet! What are you doing?’
‘I’m lying here in heaven, naked, listening to you with a huge erection.’
‘Well, how would it be, if I told you some more …? I’m still wearing my very sheer nylon blouse. It’s so silky, it’s almost liquid. Under it, my nipples are so erect, pushing up under the lace of my cami, which matches my lacy nylon chiffon petticoats. The silkiness of the blouse makes ripples of light with the silkiness of the cami under it.
‘You know how much we adore making love when I’m dressed like this in my nylon petticoats.’
I’d love to straddle you and spread my silky petticoats over you and release my breasts from my silken blouse for you to lick and suck my nipples and bring me to orgasm, until all the silky layers, the lace and the light glistening from my petticoats overwhelms you too and your cock leaves glistening semen all over my gorgeous luxurious romantic silky petticoat-skirts.




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