Pushed Into the Cast

Fiction by Tom M.

2016, all rights reserved


“I am not interested in ever doing that again,” I said.  “Your friend has plenty of time to find a replacement.” 

“She’s coming over here to speak with you.  Please keep an open mind,” my aunt said.

About a half an hour later, the author, Mrs.  Hansen, arrived and asked to speak with me alone in the living room.  “Listen, Tom, I did not want to put you in this position.  I am already so grateful to you for what you did, you have no idea.  You were terrific.  You were the highlight of the show.  The man who wants to produce the play wants you in the cast.  I told him that you are not an actor and have no interest in becoming one.  He insists that he won’t produce it unless you are in the cast on opening night.  He wants to open in about three weeks and there is really no time to find a replacement that he will find acceptable in that time.  He understands that you will want out as soon as possible, but he insists that you be in the show on opening night.   He is planning seven performances a week:  Monday through Friday evenings at 8:00 and two performances on Saturday, at 2:00 and 8:00 PM.  I know that you live in the city and the schedule should not interfere with your school.  He is willing to pay you $400 per week.  Please, I beg you, won’t you help?” 

With that, she burst into tears.  “Oh, please don’t cry,” I said.  “You must know that because the play is in the city, the risk is greater that someone who knows me could go to the play and see me and I would be humiliated beyond description.  Well, because I know how close you are to my aunt, I will do it, but only for three weeks.” 

She looked up and smiled through her tears.  “We will start tomorrow to recruit your replacement,” she said as she came over to me and hugged me.


I went home later that day and started to dread what was in front of me.  The $400 was the only silver lining.  The following Saturday, I went to the theater, as requested. 

Alice lit up when she saw me.  She ran over to me and put her arms around me and planted a big kiss on my cheek.  “The audience went berserk when I pulled up your petticoat.  I know the play will be a hit if you’re there opening night – as long as you haven’t become an exhibitionist since the last show.” 

A pretty young woman came over to me and said.  “You must be Tom.  Come with me.”  We went to a small dressing room and she said, “This is yours.  I’m Audrey Drummond, the director and I know your story.  We appreciate your willingness to do this and we’ll make it as painless as possible.   My theory is that “if ain’t broken don’t fix it”, so you will be wearing the same dress and petticoat as the last time.  We don’t seem to have the panties you were wearing.  It seems that someone stole them as a souvenir.  They did take some pictures during the dress rehearsal and they appear to be light blue with a lot of lace, showing me the pictures.  I contacted the shop that sold them and they provided me with the brand.  From that I have narrowed the possibilities down to these three.  She showed me three pair of gorgeous blue nylon panties, which were pretty similar, but the ones I had worn had white lace up the side to nearly the top.  I pointed to one of the three and I said, “That’s the one.”  “Are you sure, because the producer is very superstitious and wants to be absolutely sure that you are wearing the same panties.”  She stated. 

“I am quite sure”, I said. “I don’t get to see, much less feel or wear girls’ panties, so I got a good look at them.” 

She smiled at me and said, “I know that your mother is deceased and that you have no sisters, so I believe you.  But, you have to admit that they look and feel silkier, sexier and better than cotton boxers.” 

I blushed, but only nodded.  “No wonder the producer insisted on having you in this role.  You are perfect – handsome, shy and really cute.” 

We then did sort of a dress rehearsal to get a feel for the new set.  The clothes I had worn to the theater were fine for the first scene and then I changed.  When it came time for the skirt lifting, Alice did it with gusto, holding the petticoat aloft for what seemed like an age.  That was the end of the scene, so the director called for a break.  She came over to me and said, “Wow, you look so terrific in that skirt and petticoat and those panties are awesome.  You can go home now and we’ll see you next Saturday.”

When the next Saturday came, the director gave me a pay envelope when I arrived and it was for a whole week’s pay.  Anyway, Alice came over to me and said, “I bet you think it’s unfair that I get to see your panties every performance and so far you’ve never gotten to see mine.” 

I jokingly responded, “Well pull up your skirt for me a dozen times and we’ll be even.” 

“Don’t be so crude,” she said.  “You just need to watch the third scene in the second act when I dance.  When I spin in this skirt and petticoat, it leaves nothing to the imagination.  Why don’t you watch today?” 

“OK” I said. 

I had not watched any of the play except the two scenes I was in, but the director always called out the next scene.  When I heard “Act 2, Scene 3,”  I went into a seat in the front of the orchestra.  After some blather, three pairs of teenagers came dancing onto the stage to some rock music.  Alice was among them.  They danced with great enthusiasm and, when the girls spun, their skirts and petticoats went over their waists to reveal beautiful pastel-colored nylon panties with lace, ribbons, bows, etc.  The dance continued for a number of minutes and I was mightily aroused.  Some dialogue followed the dancing and then the scene ended. 

When it was over, Alice and the two other girls came over to me.  Alice introduced them as Carol and Liz.  “Well, what did you think?” Alice asked. 

My face must have been beet red and I said, “The three of you are beautiful and very good dancers.” 

Immediately, Alice said, “Never mind that flattery, whose panties are the prettiest?” 

I must have got even redder and was unable to speak when Carol grabbed my arm and said, “We’re only teasing, so don’t have a stroke.” And with that the girls giggled. 

Liz said, “I’ve seen your panties a few times and I have to admit that they are the prettiest.  They have to be; it’s part of the plot.  But you do look terrific in that dress, petticoat and panties.  We’re jealous of Alice who has the best role in pulling up your skirt.  Maybe you’ll let us do for practice in case Alice misses a performance.” 

The director who had heard the conversation said, “That’s not a bad idea.”  Anyway, when my final scene came the director made us do it over five times, once with Alice and twice each with the other two doing the dirty deed.  When it was over, the three of them came over to me to say how much they enjoyed pulling up my petticoats and getting a real close up of the panties.  They all seemed to be genuinely excited and they each kissed me on the lips. 

Alice whispered, “If they weren’t here, I would pull up your petticoat and grab your panty-covered butt.”

The director chased them away and came over to me and said, “You are really being a big sport about this and I appreciate it.  By the way, they are not kidding about getting hot seeing you with your skirt up.  Truth to tell, I get excited as well.  You have some magic je n’sais quois.” 

“Some what?” I asked. 

“Oh”, she said, “It’s French for some indefinable quality, like inherent sex appeal.  Anyway, you have it and you will be very hard to replace.”    

“ I really don’t understand.  I have no idea of the plot or anything else, but it is a three act play.  I am on the stage for no more than five minutes total and I have absolutely no lines.  How can that be such an important role?”   

“While it’s true that you have no speaking part, you are spoken about a great deal.  The character development is such that it would be very hard to find somebody your age to play the part if it was a speaking part.  The author cleverly limited your time on stage so as not to spoil the image.  She was lucky enough to get you as a volunteer and you were absolutely perfect for the role.  She thought that she could get any guy, put a skirt on him, pull it up and get away with it.  However, when you so perfectly fit the description of the character even without a speaking part, she is now stuck with you.”  

“Just a minute,” I said, “I told her that I would not do it for more than three weeks.” 

“Oh. She thinks that she can find a suitable replacement, but the producer doesn’t think she can duplicate your magic, and I agree with him.”

That made me really nervous.  Anyway, opening night came and it was a smash hit.  The director made me stay in the dress for the curtain call and, sure enough, Alice pulled up my skirt again to the roar of the audience.  She could see that I was annoyed and said, “I’m sorry, but the director told me to do it.  With that, Audrey the director appeared and sheepishly admitted that she had done so.

While maintaining my shtick about how awful it was for me to be dressed like a girl, I had to admit that walking around with that chiffon petticoat enveloping my nylon covered legs with every step was nothing short of heavenly.  It was starting to look like I would be in the play for longer than I had thought.


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