My first encounter happened when I was about 15 or so. I was asked to baby sit a couple of children and arrived at the predetermined time.  After playing with the kids and getting them into bed, I sat down for a time at the television. I was feeling a little chilly, so I went to look for a blanket. I opened a cupboard door in the hallway and I could not believe my eyes. There were four crinolines, all neatly lined up, and they looked so beautiful.  I took them from the closet and went to the bathroom. I quickly shed my clothes and slipped into each one. it was incredible. they were so soft and feel so very nice. I stayed in the bathroom for 30 minutes before I realized it was getting late, and the parents would be getting home soon. I reluctantly put the crinolines back in the cupboard and prepared for my evening to end. Soon after, the parents arrived and I left. Unfortunately, I was never asked to baby sit again. (I think they had another regular who was available.)

I am now 50 and I still remember the feeling.  I have purchased 3 crinolines.  One is very soft and the others are more rigid. I don't get much opportunity to dress in them, and I am a little heavier now, and I am considering selling them. It will be a sad day when they are gone, but I will always have the memories of those first crinolines.

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