I can remember that at about the age of ten I was in a school play where I played the role of a prince held captive by elves. (I thought that being held captive by elves dressed in tights was great!) I was supposed to wear tights as well as part of my costume. I really wanted to do so, but one of my male friends who was also supposed to wear tights put up such a fuss that I did
as well. Too bad!

I used to spend hours looking at either the girls at school or in mail order catalogues dressed up in colorful dresses, jumpers and tights (or "leotards" as we called them), and wished I could have some of my own. While I never spied on girls changing, the catalogues educated me about frilly underwear. Once I managed to get two girls who lived close by to take off their dresses and play in just their tops and tights.

I finally got up enough courage to order a pair of royal blue tights from a catalogue and went to pick them up after school. The feeling of the tights on my legs was great! Then it was a pair of white tights from JC Penney. Over the years, I gathered up quite a collection of tights, leotard tops, panties and other frilly things.  My favorites were pink ballet tights with seams and white lace tights. I had a jumper as well. I used to dress up as often as I could in my room at night. I even snuck out into the backyard one night, dressed in my schoolgirl's outfit, complete with frilly panties and tights.

Unfortunately, I was caught by my mother and all the clothing was given away. (It was just a phase, our doctor said.)

Now I fantasize that I had been "punished" by being made to wear the clothing around the house or in public.

Today I am more than a few years older and have a very understanding and supportive significant other. I have no male underwear and almost always have tights on.

I dress completely as often as I can and still love tights and any white, lacy, frilly clothing. I also have a couple of little girls' dresses that are loaded with lace trim and look great with a petticoat and white lace tights.

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