I was 14 and it was 2002... It was the week before Halloween and our family  was planning a theme costume. It was my mom, older sister and I, we wanted to do something fun. I had seen how much joy the got out of planning this so I was nice (lazy) and gave them the responsibility of my costume. I had not paid attention to their costume or theme ideas for the week, and when the "night" came they handed me my costume... my mom was dressed up in a long  white silk gown with elbow length silk gloves and a fake long stem cigarette - she had a fake beauty mark also. My sister was dressed up in a pinstriped Armani suit, brown wig, and a watch and leather shoes... they were "millionaires". 

I wondered what I was and how I would fit into the theme. I opened the clothes bag to find a long blonde women's wig (that worried me), black leather heels (knew I was in for it), a little frilled white petticoat (that I had to ask mom about because I didn't know what it was) and a black
maid's outfit with a little apron. After a stage of arguing and the threat of staying home, I was persuaded to "try" it on.  I put it on and I did not like the length - it was upper thigh and poufing with the petti.  I was in full costume and it made it all the easier to get me out the door with more
persuasion. Half way through our night after I got over embarrassment, I enjoyed the feel of the petti and the reaction of the onlookers (I was even mistaken for a girl - once "referred to as sisters") after our night out trick or treating I had the sudden thought and question for my mom... "Mom, Why not a butler?" and my mom's response was "Whoops, oh well..." and a little grin.


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