CHRISTINE'S FIRST ENCOUNTER -- The shop that understood

Like most everyone else, I was introduced to the heavenly world of feminine things at an early age. I was about five when I picked up a cousin's doll at our Thanksgiving dinner party and felt the soft folds of a Nylon Tricot nightgown the doll was dressed in. That one episode triggered a lifelong fascination with Nylon Tricot and all the wonderful things made from it.
When we lived in Bethesda, Maryland in the early 60's through  the late 70's, my bedroom was a converted and enclosed porch that opened off my parent's bedroom so I had to go through their room to get to mine. This arrangement worked fine, as I was a sound sleeper.  My two older sisters shared the master bedroom, as it was bigger. I was always on the lookout for soft feminine things Mom laid on the bed or had hanging in her closet.
Of course, my teenage sisters had all kinds of fun stuff and I checked everything out whenever the opportunity arose.
Mom had a beautiful waltz length triple layer nightgown of sea foam green nylon with double sheer puff sleeves that was so buttery soft I STILL can remember the feeling of it. One night I decided to get brave and sneak it out of her closet, as she wore usually more conservative gowns that were not as "enticing" to Dad; the fancy ones were reserved for "non-kid" nights.  I slipped it on and felt incredible and decided to sleep in it and sneak it back in the closet in the morning. As I was quietly closing the closet door, I noticed a small area of lace hanging behind a dress in the closet. I brushed aside the dress and found a gorgeous petticoat made from soft nylon chiffon and  slightly stiffer layers of organza. ( I now know the material names after years of learning and dressing and buying.); the petticoat was dripping with ruffled lace and little ribbon bows. I knew Mom never wore these and was confused why it was there. I pulled it out and the tags were still attached; as my older sister's birthday was days away, I figured it was a present for her.  I know I should have never touched it, but the urge was so strong!  I pulled it out and took it with me to my room and decided to snuggle under it while wearing the nightgown. You all know that heavenly sensation when you are enveloped in tons of fffffffffffffufffffffffffff
(My word coined by an ex-wife for my collection of petticoats and nightgowns.). Needless to say I hard a "hard" time (difficult) getting to sleep but finally did.
In the morning, Dad was already in the bathroom shaving and Mom was in the kitchen. I quietly got up and put the petticoat back in the closet and folded mom's nightgown and put in in her dresser drawer. Everything was fine until I got home from school. Mom was sitting on my bed and told me she had a question for me. I thought nothing unusual was afoot until she asked me how her nightgown got from a hanger in the closet to being neatly folded and in her dresser drawer. As kids do, I denied any knowledge and tried to make a fuss about such a strange question. "Do I look like I wear girls' clothes?" It didn't work. She kept after me until I broke and said I just wanted to feel what girls' clothes were like, as they looked so different.

She then got up and walked to the closet and brushed aside the clothes hanging in there to uncover the petticoat. She pulled it out and said, "It seems you have been rather active in here young man - I had not noticed, but when I slept under the petticoat I had accidentally torn off a tag and creased another. That was a dead giveaway.

She said that had better be the last time or else. -Insert all the usual assurances and promises here- She said, "I am not kidding either." Weeks went by but I couldn't get that heavenly feeling out of my mind.
One day while walking to school, I noticed a new store sign and stock already in the window: The Teen Scene by Dorothy. They ere still setting up, but there are a couple dresses in the widow and there is a sign maker installing a small explanatory sign about the scope of the store.  "Teen Dresses, Prom and Pageant Gowns, Formals, Lingerie for the Young Lady, Sleepwear, and Accessories"  and the tag line: "We can turn any girl into a princess." Needless to say this store caught my attention daily as I walked by to and from school; this weakness of mine for window shopping was my downfall.
After weeks of slowly cruising by and trying to be "unnoticed," I came up with a plan. I would use my savings and allowance and buy my own nightie and Mom would never know. One day, with about $60.00 in my pocket, I wandered in and approached one of the three salesladies and delivered a detailed story of how I wanted to buy my sister a really pretty nightgown for her birthday. She looked a bit amused and then showed me a couple that were kind of plain. I saw the one I wanted and it was gorgeous and super frilly; adding details to my story that she was all "girly" and loved fancy lacey things trying to direct her to the one I wanted. She finally took the hint and completed the sale and wrapped it in a nice box.
Here is the funny part. Being a typical(?) kid I never thought I made much of an impression on anyone in the store. However they evidently noticed me slowing or stopping EVERY DAY as I walked by to gaze at the dresses, etc in the window. I know now that they must have put two and two together early on.
My next genius move was to go in again in another month or so with another story about a cousin's birthday (sound familiar?). Repeat the whole scene. At the register, after I paid my hard earned money, all three salesladies were standing there when the one behind the counter asked me, "What do you do with these when you are done?" Color my face beet red and listen to me stammer denials and anything that would get me off the hook. She told me they had seen me almost every day standing at the window or looking in the open door. She said they had known from day one I was lying and that these were for me. She said she gets men all the time with the same story and she was tired of being lied to.

"Why can't you just tell me the truth and say they are for you?"  Since I was caught, I just sort of mumbled that I was embarrassed. She then told me all three ladies were sisters and they had a brother who did the same thing, so they did understood.
The next thing she said was heaven to my ears. She asked if I had any kind of job like mowing lawns, etc. I said I had a paper route that ran only on Wednesday and I got an allowance of $5.00 a week. She knew how long I had saved to get the $60.00 for my first purchase. She said she would make me a deal. I could work for her after school opening boxes and stocking the place as well as sweeping, etc. and she would not only pay me but as part of my pay she would add up time spent and credit it towards a new outfit. My first day in after school she asked me what I liked to wear. I told her I loved nightgowns and petticoats, I was in luck- she sold both. She led me to a rack of what looked like heaven on hangers- about 15 feet of gown after gown after gown. Next was a long rack of full slips, half slips and, at the end and onto another rack, a huge assortment of petticoats for long formals, cocktail length dresses and the cutest were pre-teen pageant petticoats. She also contracted with a store two doors down that was a bridal salon,  providing lingerie and bridal petticoats, and did alterations.
One item screamed out at me. I thought it was a regular short gown, but she explained it was a three piece babydoll. I had never seen anything so beautiful. It was baby pink and the two sheer layers of the gown were extremely full cut over the third opaque layer. There was a matching robe of sheer nylon (3 layers) with big puff sleeves and a pom pom-tipped ribbon tie.


The piece de resistance was a pair of extremely frilly full cut panties. Now comes the shocker. She said I was to stay in the back room and open the boxes laid out and unpack them and, as a treat, she would let me wear the outfit I was going to earn. She told me to go into the bathroom and wait. In about five minutes, she knocked on the door and said she had everything I needed. I cracked the door open and she handed me that beautiful babydoll, along with  two pairs of panties. She said she knew what boys sometimes did when they wore things like this so the first pair of panties was a regular pair of nylon panties, but larger than I needed, so they were a little loose. She said the second pair was special: They were sanitary plastic lined panties. I had never seen these before. She just said that young teen girls frequently wore them- no other explanation. Over these went the babydoll panties, then the gown and finally the robe. You cannot believe the feelings I had when I was all dressed. Every nerve was firing and I knew I was in heaven. She told me to step out so they could get a good look. I nervously did and she said I looked adorable. That was the end of the sweet attitude on their part. Now I was to get to work. Let me tell you, prancing around in that outfit unpacking bridal petticoats was something I will always remember.
Things progressed nicely, and I was getting richer (so far, about $100) and had acquired enough time credits to get my nightie to take home. Things took a drastic turn here: Each time they paid me in cash, my money was placed in a small envelope with the name and address of the store on it. I had taken them home to empty out and just tossed the envelopes. One day, Mom found an envelope on my dresser that I had not emptied out. As I found out later, she called the store asking why I had these envelopes and about the money. The store salesladies explained it ALL to her. On the Friday I was to get my nightie to sneak home, at 5:00 PM in walks my Mom. I heard the owner talking quietly to someone but could not hear what was being said. She called to me to pick up a petticoat from the reserved rack and bring it out, as there was no one there but the three salesladies. When I pranced out hugging the petticoat against me I almost passed out. Mom was standing there staring at me, and she had my two sisters with her. Words would not come; my knees were like jelly. The owner starting telling Mom all the stories I had used and the way I loved handling and trying on all the gowns and petticoats and slips and learning all the terms for the different lingerie. My sisters were hysterically laughing.
Mom just looked at me and asked how I liked the job. She asked again and I finally stammered out that I liked it, and the owner said I was quite helpful to her. Mom asked her if I always wore nighties to work in and the owner said I preferred them, but sometime she had me wear a pageant petticoat just for fun, but that I was ALWAYS demurely dressed in multiple panties.  Mom just looked at me and finally said that since I was a good employee and was earning money she was OK with the job.
As it was now about 6:30 PM and we had not eaten, I was getting hungry. Mom told us to get in the car and we would get something at a drive in. I started to pick up my clothes and head to the bathroom to change, but was abruptly stopped and told to give my clothes to my sister and mom told her to put them in the trunk.
Mom said, "Oh no, my little girl gets to wear her pretty new nightie to dinner and then home." No amount of pleading changed her mind, and the owner said she had a small present for me. She handed me a pair a pink high heel mules with  little pompoms to match the gown to wear, since boys' shoes would not match the outfit. So out the front door and down the sidewalk I had to walk about 50 feet to the car amid a lot of laughs and cat calls from passersby, and off we went to a Hot Shoppes drive-in, where I was easily seen by the car hop and another car's occupants. Lots of laughter and ideas from my sisters about outfits and ways to teach me lessons about dressing up. We ate and then drove home, and I was instructed to go to bed in the babydoll and to put it back on in the morning after my shower. On my bed Mom had laid out three new pairs of panties that I believe were my sisters'.  

Mom called the store at 9:00AM and asked if they wanted me back today, and they said sure. So she drove me back to the store IN MY BABYDOLL and left me there with no other clothes to work the entire day. She sent my sister, who had just gotten her driver's license, to pick me up at 5:00. I was allowed to bring my next earned purchase- a teen girls formal petticoat with a beautiful bodice of tiny ruffled lace rows and a very full skirt of tiered and gathered organza and lace. Naturally, sisters being prone to teasing, she drove all over town and down all the side streets in the hopes of displaying me to anyone she could.
So after Mom sort of accepted my predilection for frillies, I was allowed to collect more nighties, and started a large collection of every type and length of petticoat. She even bought me a custom-made square dance dress and three petticoats for it at Christmas. After all these years, I still get frillies from my sisters and Mom. Dad knows, but he has just accepted that I am a little goofy and, as long as I hurt no one, it was OK to play dress up. It does look a bit unusual though when we get together: I am sitting amid a mass of lace and ribbon trimmed petticoats (usually at least 200 yards) under a super frilly girly girly dress with ribbons in my hair and my mom and sisters  there in jeans and sweats. It is all the more unusual, as I am not the smallest guy in the world. I am losing weight though and toning up after years of indulging in culinary pleasures alongside petticoat pleasures. Currently, although I can now wear off the rack sizes, none are frilly enough so I have a few seamstresses and Mom has two that she contracts with for my special outfits
I have now converted one bedroom to a lingerie storage and display room. The best times in my life have been since my family members accepted me and gifted me with the most feminine items you can imagine, many are custom made and are more frilly than any woman or girl would ever wear today. I even jokingly told my sisters one day, as we watched a commercial for prepaid funerals, that I wanted to be buried in a nightgown and laid on a full super frilly petticoat. That said they promise it would be.
NOTE: Yesterday I got a small package from a neighbor who knows all about me. It was a bottle of Sunflower perfume. She put in a note that said when she smelled it all she could see was me in all my petticoats and finery, spritzing myself all over. Let me tell you girls, there is something about this perfume that just screams SISSY. It is an overwhelming feeling being dressed and smelling this heavenly scent wafting up from the layers of petticoats. Try it and I think you will feel the same.
I only wish more of us could have the same wonderful family life that I have loved so many years.


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