Cindy's (#2) Story - An understanding cousin

I was Thirteen and she was seventeen it was nineteen fifty two; she, meaning my cousin Shirley, and she was so beautiful. I remember the day very well that it all started. Her family had moved to our town from Indiana. I went with my Dad and helped them unload the truck that contained the most wonderful things I had ever seen. She had these petticoats that were so big, and I carried every one into her room and sat them on the floor. Everyone was busy putting things in their place and I was alone with her petticoats. I looked out to see if anyone was near before I had one up to myself and looked in a mirror that stood in the corner. I felt my blood begin to boil, my head was spinning. I pulled it close and felt you what I called netting to me. Just about the time I started to set it back I heard a giggle behind me. I swallowed hard and turned to see my cousin watching me - I turned so red and almost cried. Did she think I was a sissy? Was she going to tell others?  A panic went through me and bolted for the door. She reached out and grabbed my arm. I turned to look her in the eyes, and she told me to settle down and listen. I froze, and she said she thought it was cute and OK, she promised without me asking not to tell.


She lead me back to the petticoat and told me to hold it to myself again I did and she said that she liked see me do that. This led to many hours of bliss. I would go to her house after school every day, as my Mom and Dad both worked so I had a few hours before they got home - they thought that it was great for her to keep a eye on me everyday. The day came when she dressed me in her panties and garters with the stockings and then the petticoat that had been my beginning of pleasure that was beyond anything I had ever experienced. I slipped it on over my head and down my body, I was in heaven. She gave me a yellow lacy dress to wear next and she told me it was her last years Easter dress, laughing she said maybe this year I could wear it to church and the big dinner afterwards, I could only hope for that.


I spent many hours wearing that outfit. She went away to collage the next fall. I did see her every time she came home for break and we played a few times. I am now married and my wife was told about my times with Shirley and sometimes Shirley comes to our house. I have some old petticoats and still have that same outfit. It does not fit me anymore, but my wife is good with sewing, and I have some new things she made for me. I am a lucky guy/gal.

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