Dale's Shower

I was twelve when this occurred - it was nineteen  sixty and summer time. My cousin and I were playing in her house because it was raining cats and dogs outside. Shirley asked her mom if we could play in the attic; when she said yes, my cousin took me up there for the first time. It was a big area and there were boxes on one side. Because I was younger, she would often beat me up if I made her mad, so this was why I did as she said.

She went to the big box on the end and took it down. Inside were some of her old clothes that she had outgrown. She began to pull out some petticoats and my heart skipped a few beats, I think. I had only seen them on girls never, just standing like that one did - It was so stiff, I thought. Shirley brought it over by me and told me to take off my clothes; my reply made her upset with me and she walked over with her fist balled up and said it real slowly, I began to disrobe.

When I got to my shorts, she told me, "Them. too."  I had never been naked in front of anyone but my mom. I pulled them down and shook them off of my leg. She handed me a pink cotton pair of bloomers. I took them - I was almost ready to cry, but I put them on anyway. She then held out her petticoat and I put my head under it and she slide it down over my head. It was not long until I was dressed in a full outfit of her things. To this day I remember that petticoat sliding over me - my erection was hid under it and I hoped it would not explode in her bloomers, but it was to late. She told me to twirl around real fast - I did, and she laughed and said, "Now I have a girlfriend to play with."

We spent many hours up there that day playing with her dolls.  It was getting near dark when she let me put on my own clothes so I could go home. We played many more times in her attic, and I enjoyed every minute of it. If only we really could turn back the years. She died in 1978 and I helped her mom clean out the attic - she told me to put them in the trash. They are now in my attic and I often go there and, yes, I still wear some of her things that fit me.

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