DEAN'S FIRST ENCOUNTER -- how he got hooked on lingerie

It started when I was four...this neighborhood girl age six came over to my house, and while my mom was on the phone she said lets go hide behind that big chair over there. While we were hiding,  she turned to me and asked me to switch underpants with I took my clothes off, including my white jockey-type underpants, while she pull off her soft cotton panties with cherries on them When I put them on, that was it...they felt so fantastic, so soft, so pretty, that I kept them on and smiled at her; she kept mine on  while giggling looking at me in her panties...that was it..Ii couldn't believe how wonderful they felt. I kept them and hid them, wearing them to bed every night...that's what caused me to explore my mother's drawers...finding lingerie silky and smooth. I tried everything on...some from my mother's honeymoon - real fancy lacey nightgowns, slips and panties...much too big for me, but the feel and sensuality of satin and silk against my skin made me thrilled to experience what a lady wears every day and how they must feel.

When I was about about eight, I would fake being sick on the day our cleaning lady would come to clean...she would change from her dress, which included a nylon half slip, and she would hang them on the back door in the bathroom. Ii would go to the bathroom and try the half slip on, and the feeling was terrific...sometimes I would spend too much time wearing the slip and dress until the cleaning lady wanted to change she would knock and knock...I quickly stripped and hung up her dress and slip put my clothes on...this went on for years.

Around twelve my need and desire to wear lingerie greatly increased...I would get on my bike and ride down to the local department stores and get a sundae; afterwards I would make sure my journey through the store took me through the lingerie department...seeing lacey nylon pantaloons, slips, panties of all colors and materials...I was excited and hard, but too embarrassed to buy them, so I shoplifted them by stuffing them down my pants and rode as fast as I could back to my house and going down in the basement to try every treasure on. I would wear the red pantaloons with a lacey hem under my pants to school, sitting in in class looking at the girls at the same time feeling the silky lacey pantaloons against my skin...if only they knew that I knew about a the feeling a girl gets wearing lingerie under their clothes...


Sometimes while the girls were in gym I would raid their lockers, looking at their lingerie, fantasizing about wearing them.  There were lots of hidden panties, slips, and  half slips hidden in my house. Sensations grew and the fantasies increased, causing me to experience more and more. Ii led a normal life...sports, dates dances proms... as a guy, but secretly always having a desire to wear and experience lingerie against my skin which turned me on and on and on. The greatest erections and orgasms were always with lingerie.

College was my best experience of all...I would raid laundry lines behind peoples homes near the campus...Ii belonged to the drama society and was in numerous plays and then I  experienced paradise: the costume room. Wow wow wow - a HUGE number of dresses, nightgowns, sheer blouses, slips, dresses, satins silks all colors, and in my size What a wardrobe closet I had; Ii would strip down in the 20 x 20 room, surrounded by racks and racks of gowns, lingerie that thespian women had worn on stage, velours, velvet gowns, chiffons, petticoats, lacey and fluffy. I spent a lot of time lingerie 101 at college...the greatest time ever.

I'm heterosexual,married thirtyyears, four children...six grandchildren...lingerie has always been the sensuality of it ,the feeling against my skin, the excitement of being in touch with my skin knowing the woman's world of dress and feeling what they feel when I wear a slip under my clothes, knowing they have lingerie under theirs as well - panties, slips, camisoles it was a wild ride for me.

I have studied women all my life, their feelings, emotions, and why they wear what they wear, which for the most part has been designed by a man...starting with Msr Lingerie in France...check out his story!


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