DONNA'S FIRST ENCOUNTER -- how she grabbed the ring and ran!

As a young boy, my closest play friends were 3 girls, we shall call them Sandy, Mary Ellen and Karen.  Since this was during the last of the 50's, all 3 wore skirts or dresses to school, and invariably they wore pretty slips and, at times, lacy petticoats.  I loved playing with them and getting them to show me their pretty slips.  I would constantly flip their skirts just to see their pretty lace hems!

When I about to turn 12 or 13, the girls told me that they had arranged a special birthday party for me.  We gathered at Karen's house, in the basement recreation room.  The girls were all dressed in pretty party dresses with their laciest pettis and slips. They presented me with a large box wrapped in white tissue paper and tied with a wide pink satin ribbon and bow. When I opened the box, I was delighted.  Inside was a lovely lingerie ensemble consisting of matching panties, training bra, garter belt and full skirted pettislip - all in soft pink nylon with the sweetest white lace trim.  They said that they wanted me to have my very own lacy lingerie and wanted me to dress the in the pretty things right now!  Mary Ellen took me into an adjoining work room, closed the door and told me to undress and put on the panties.  I dutifully obeyed and was soon standing in front of her in the sweetest pink panties with with lace trim.  She then proceeded to help me with the bra and with the lovely full slip.  I felt totally feminine - and loved the feeling!  She then proceeded to remove her dress and together we returned to the others, both wearing only our pretty slips!   To my surprise, Sandy and Karen had also removed their party dresses, so all of us were in our pretty under things.  We then had cake and drinks while comparing our pretty slips, panties and bras. It was a magical birthday, one that I will always remember and cherish!

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