It was in the summer Holidays, 1954, My brother and I were at home. Mother worked, our next door neighbour was supposedly looking after us, in fact she basically fed us at lunch time, but she had given us a box full of old girls' clothes, the day before, he had said then that they would fit me,  my brother had asked her if she had any materials for
some reason, or another, I can't remember what.  Anyway, we were playing strip jack naked, and I was losing big style, and down to my underpants, when I lost again, he gave the opportunity of paying a forfeit, so I agreed, the forfeit was to dress up in some of the clothes in the box, and run round from the front to the back of the house, after an argument
he won as usual, and I wound up wearing a pair of navy blue knickers, a white cotton petticoat, white ankle socks, and a green gingham dress, with puff sleeves, he buttoned me in as the dress fastened up the back.  I put on my plastic sandals, unisex ones from Woolies. Then I had to go out the front door, and walk around the house to come back in through the back door.  My brother came out with me, and shut the door behind us, which locked as it had a Yale lock we walked round, and the back door was locked, he claimed that he didn't  have a front door key, so there I was dressed as a girl, and locked out of the house. 

We spent the morning playing football in the back garden, according to my brother I was playing like a girl.  Then we got called to go for dinner, and I was horrified, but had no choice but to go and see our neighbour.  My brother explained that I had dressed up as a dare, and we had got locked out, and our neighbour accepted it, he had started to treat me very differently than the way he usually did.  At least when Mum got home, he managed to get me back in the house without her seeing me, although by that time I had got used to what I was wearing, we had been sitting on the embankment over the back of our house waving at the trains as they went by during the afternoon.  The next day he cut up the dress, I was really sad about it.

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