Hillary Burton's Introduction to Underskirts


Although male, I developed a real appreciation of underskirts, and especially those of nylon, quite early on (about eight years of age). It started with my mother's slip drawer, I was frightened of being caught feeling her underwear. Her slips were nylon and lace - elasticated at the waist.

I also enjoyed my friend's mother's slips in her bedroom. She had an astonishing range.

At school in dramatics, I was invariably selected for female roles and, as I got older, 13, and was about to be fitted for a frock with my housemaster's wife and Matron, he called me into his office and said it was a delicate matter but he had reassured the ladies I would be willing to wear one of Matron's petticoats so as not to soil or damage the ladies' dresses, and also out of good old fashioned manners. I felt a tingling of panic as I climbed the wax floored stairs and corridor to Matron, where she and Mrs Grainger had frocks and three full slips and two waist slips laid out for me. Matron's slips were of nylon and fully trimmed with lace at the hem.

There was an awkward silence, then Matron said: "Mr Burnley has told you about the petticoat."

It was a statement that allowed no wriggle room.

At first the women were sombre & professional, but increasingly they giggled, albeit with pity, as they helped me into the items and fussed about me. I told them I was very nervous about wearing a dress, but they said, 'Nonsense, don't worry." I also pleaded whether I had to also wear a petticoat as I felt this crossed a line, but they said they had no choice, the housemaster was very specific.

Later, my slips and dresses chosen, I was led to the housemaster's room as he'd asked to check the final result, running his fingers around the hem of my skirt and slip and nodding with approval.

I went on to do the play and wore two or three slips/petticoats, depending on the dress, for different scenes.  I was so nervous to wear them, but I did.

As a lad discovering sexuality, the smooth shiny nylon of a petticoat or waist slip is compelling evidence of the female situation but it's one thing to have to wear a dress for a school play that is well established, but hard to have to wear a petticoat which in the past hast been used as a punishment. 

For understanding: the truth is I found the experience thrilling yet also scary. The matrons were very understanding about it, but in the end they felt I had no option and were more firm.

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