Jeangurl's movie experience

When I was 15, I was living alone in a boarding house in town, and one day I went to the movies a young guy sat next to me; after a while, he placed his hand on my bare leg - it was summer, and I was wearing baggy shorts.  His hand went up my shorts and he was startled to find I had silk panties on; this excited him and he asked if i would leave with him.

He had a car and drove me to his house in the suburbs; he didn't initially try to do anything more to me but he took my measurements and left, saying that he would be back soon.
When he came back he had bags of clothes ranging from a girl's school uniform of kilt and blouse to the then-popular billowing skirts and several petticoats and, of course, panties of various types (I had been wearing these for a while on my own).

He soon had me dressed as a girl, initially in the school uniform, and took me to a friend of his who had a hairdressing salon.  I don't know whether she knew I was a boy, but she treat me as a girl anyway, and I soon had a blonde page boy which wasn't too different from my usual style.
That evening he took me to a dance dressed in the wonderful skirt held up by two stiff petticoats and a pink blouse;  I was a young lady to everyone and even went to the ladies' powder room without question.
I wont go in to what followed, but being dressed like that was wonderful.

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