My first encounter, like many others, occurred on Halloween.

My sister, who was a little older than me at thirteen, suggested we go to our grandmother's birthday party in Halloween costumes, since her birthday was October 31st (Halloween).  I said I would wear one if she did.  She already had a gypsy costume, which she showed me.  She then asked if I had a costume; I told her I didn't.  She
said, Great!  I could go to the party as a girl.  I hesitated, but then said OK.  She got very excited, saying we  were going to have a great time.

She reached into her closet and took out a yellow party dress with a white bodice and sewn-in crinoline.  I went to leave the room to get changed, and she told me to wait
a second as I needed to wear a petticoat with the dress, handing me a large yellow petti.

I went to my room and put on the petticoat and dress, and returned to her room. She greeted me with a wide smile and added yellow ankle socks and yellow Mary Janes. 
She then called a friend and borrowed a long blond wig.  Presently, she asked our mother to hem up the dress for the party.

Mom then contributed to the costume by going shopping and buying a pair of yellow rumba panties!

The day of the party we arrived early, while our grandmother was out shopping.  When she came home, she was greeted by two granddaughters instead of one!

After the party, my sister insisted we go out with two of her friends, me as her sister Judy, for a girls' night out.  I have to admit I enjoyed the attention of being a girl, and got lots of Halloween candy as well.


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