LIDYA'S FIRST ENCOUNTER -- Lamenting the passing of the fifties

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To tell the truth, my first experience was so long ago that I really do not remember exactly. I am 67 years old and can remember, vaguely, wearing my sister's clothes at age 3 or there about, but that is not what I am writing about.

I remember fondly the days of the poodle skirts and crinolines. I had (have) an older sister, don't most of us?

I would get turned on by the clothes she and all the girls wore in the fifties. I always looked forward to when I would get a chance to wear them, it came but not too often.

I would feign sickness at school to get sent home so I could get a chance to put on one of her crinolines and poodle skirts. She had one that I particularly liked; it wasn't full and lacy but sort of plane. It was what she called a "Horse Hair" crinoline and was very stiff with a built in waist and was as efficient as any crinoline or stiff petticoat. She did have a few regular, lacy, ruffled ones that I wore just as often.

I liked the lacy ones because they would rub on my legs and I could feel them as I moved, but the stiff one left my legs free and just pushed the skirts out. The regular petticoats made me feel more feminine, but the stiff ones looked better. I tried wearing both together but it just didn't work. I spent many hours in her poodle skirts and shirtwaist dresses over the frothy petticoats when she was at school and my parents were at work.

Today I live alone and have three crinolines, one black and two white. I also have three poodle skirts and several dresses that require one or more petticoats and I wear them whenever I feel blue or despondent, they perk me up. I also have a saloon girl, or Can Can, dress that will take all three petticoats.

The girls of today, and the crossdressers, have no idea what they are missing since the fifties faded.


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