ANNA'S FIRST ENCOUNTER -- her best Halloween!


My story, like many other Poufbunnies', starts on Halloween. It was 1960 and I was 9 years old. Even though I had noticed girls clothes before (and even wondered what they felt like) I had never actually worn them. That year my mother had arranged for me and my older sister 9 (by one year) to go trick or treating with 2 of her friends, Ally and Betty. My sister decided to be a witch, and I had picked a vampire costume. That night, I went downstairs to get my
costume only to discover that the basement had water damage and had ruined major portions of the costume!

It was nighttime, so no costume shops were open and I was obviously upset. After a few minutes of thought, my mother then had an idea: I could go as a girl wearing my sister's clothes! Since I secretly desired to wear them, I said absolutely not, after all, I didn't want them to know my fantasy! But being a kid, I just couldn't say no to the candy I'd be missing out on.

My mother took me upstairs and handed me a pair of white panties. "Put these on" she said. Was there a hint of excitement in her voice? I did as she told me, and she proceeded to put a garter belt and stockings on me, followed by a slip. At this point, I was really enjoying the feel of these wonderful clothes. Next came the dress: A bright red knee length one with puffy sleeves. Then came the petticoat: A gorgeous white petticoat with multiple layers. I started to get an erection as I slipped it on and she finished the outfit with a pair of black patent leather shoes. She added a wig and some makeup and I was ready to go. I was expecting a lot of taunting from  my sister's friends, but they were nice about it, saying hot gutsy I was wearing the outfit. I remember it was very windy that night and several times I had to pull my skirt down to keep it from showing the world my panties! The night was unforgettable. The wonderful, sensuous feel of the petticoat swishing against my legs was almost surreal. I enjoyed it so much I was very sad to see the night come to an end.

My obsession with petticoats, however, did not. I'd dress in my sister's clothes whenever the opportunity would arise, and even got caught once...but that's a story for another time.  I guess. Today, at the age of 53, I have many of them.
I wear them every chance I get. My wife knows and enjoys it, in fact, she encourages me to wear them on Halloween as an adult every year!

And I do ;)


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