Lori B.'s Story - Her rough cousin

My first encounter was through my cousin Judy - she was so pretty all the boys wanted in her pants. I did too, but in another way.  Judy was three years my senior and she was very tough. She had been expelled from school for beating up boys on the playground. One Saturday, I was hanging with her and looking at her. She told me to go in the kitchen and get her a coke. I had been listening to her talk on the phone to one of her girlfriends. She was being so butch and cussing. I guess I was taking on her attitude and told her to kiss my ass; she popped me on my arm and said firmly, "Go get me a coke!"  I told her to kiss my ass again - She told the girl on the phone she had to take care of something and she would call her back.

When she hung up the phone, she grabbed me and pulled me to my feet. She began hitting me in the face and body - the pain was really bad as she kicked my butt real good, or maybe real bad. She asked me what I had told her when she told me to get her a coke. I said I was sorry and she again I asked me what I said. I repeated what I had said and she told me that I was going to beg her to allow me to kiss her ass all over. I started to bolt for the door, only to find her there before me, and she started hitting me again. I asked her to let me kiss her ass, she hit me again and yelled, "Beg, little prick."  I started begging (I think for my life) - she was real mad.

After about five minutes of begging, she did something that I would never have guessed she would do. She turned around and raised up her dress and her petticoats and pulled down her panties and told me to kiss very inch.  I started kissing... I had kissed her all over and, at the same time, felt her petticoats rub my face. She told me to follow her - I walked behind her to her room. Judy said, "You are a sissy, and from now on you will be my sissy. She opened her drawer and took out a pair of her silk panties that had ribbons and lace on them, handing them to me and said, "You may thank me for these now."

I thanked her and she told me to put them on. I was fourteen and had never took my clothes off in front of a girl, but I did as she said. I was then dressed in panties and bra and a silk slip and petticoats and her old party dress from when she was about my age. She then took me back to the living room and looked me in the eye and said, "GO get me a coke." I almost ran to get it for her. When I returned she handed me the phone and told me to tell the person on the line exactly what I was wearing from skin out. I took the phone and said hello - no one talked, but I began to tell 'them' what I was wearing. When I finished she told me to go stand in the corner till she called me.

From that day on, I loved dressing in girl's clothes but, most of all, petticoats. I found out the next day that I was talking on her phone, to my embarrassment, to my girlfriend, Betty.  She walked up to me at first bell and asked me if I still had Judy's panties one.  I almost wished the earth had sucked me up right then. Betty took my hand and told me that if I was not obedient to her she would tell my cousin Judy. Did I ever wear petticoats and other stuff again? You bet I did, and I married Betty and I am her little girl forever.

Lori B. stands for 'Betty's girl.'


Lori B.'s Sweet Remembrance


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