Marilyn's Disappointment

I grew up in the 1950's and used to dress in my mother's underclothes and nightdresses. I was 14 in 1963 (the age of lovely petticoats) and by then I used to dress in my younger sister's dresses and underclothes. They knew I was doing it, but it wasn't mentioned. I dreaded it coming to a head, and maintained an outward masculine image to hide what I secretly sorrowed to be - a girl. I started wearing long nylon nightdresses to bed, and by the time I was 17, I wanted desperately to be able to do it openly, with my mother's approval. I made up my mind to let my mother "accidentally" find me in my nightdress; I had convinced myself that she would be mildly amused, and tell me it was no big deal (she knew I wore her clothes in secret anyway). She used to look into my room at night to close the window after I had gone to sleep, so one night I pretended to be asleep, partially uncovered. She came in, drew the quilt over me and went out. In the morning, when she looked in to call me to get up, I timed it so I was just getting out of bed. She spoke, not angrily, but with contempt: "Well, well, well - whatever next? Whatever next? Whatever next?" and went downstairs.  I realised I had made a great mistake - she would never approve of my dressing as a girl. No more was said about it, and I got married in 5 years from then. The family think is was a passing phase, but it wasn't, but that's another story. Be very careful - it's a leap in the dark, and only you know if you can take the risk.          xx Marilyn

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