I remember quite well my First Encounter with some lovely, frilly petticoats, and that event seemed to have changed my whole lifestyle.
I had played dress up in my sister's clothes for years and nobody suspected a thing until my last adventure into her "off limits" bedroom.
Nancy had a new waltz length gown for an upcoming dance along with the petticoats to make the full taffeta skirt even more bouffant.  I simply had to try everything on and, finding myself alone in the house, I made my move to Nancy's bedroom.
For the first time ever, I was going to get as dressed up as much as possible, and that meant everything from panties, a bra, and the lovely petticoats I wanted so much to wear. The dress was just to top things off, but wearing the petticoats was my main goal.
My hands trembled as I fussed with the lacy panties, and the bra was impossible until I hooked it in front and twisted it around before I slipped my arms through the straps. Some rolled socks filled the empty cups nicely.
At last I had the first petti in my hands and shivered all over as I let it float softly down about my shoulders and adjusted it about my waist. The second petticoat had the same effect and it was also having an embarrassing effect over which I had no control. I didn't care, and I loved the way I felt.
The dress was next, and I almost hated to cover the lovely petticoats that fluffed about my knees. With a lot of struggling and twisting, I managed to get myself zipped up in the rustling gown and had to admit I loved the whole sensation and the effect it had on me. I almost looked like my sister and could probably pass as her twin, except she was a couple of years older.
As I pranced around admiring myself in the full length mirror I never heard the front door open, nor the bedroom door.  In a flash my whole world collapsed as Nancy screamed at me.  I was in so much trouble and it was going to get worse. 
Nancy wrestled with me a bit and I soon found she had her robe belt around my wrists and I was stuck and about to cry. It didn't help and Nancy was going to keep my tied until mom got home so show her what I had done.
As I looked at myself in the mirror everything changed and I looked like a scared little girl waiting for some sort of punishment that was sure to come.
Several hours later Mom arrived and I had stopped crying as she and Nancy decided what to do about me. Simple. Get me my own clothes and I would be Nancy's little sister. I'm still her little sister and will never forget how getting caught changed my life - for the better.

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