MEL'S FIRST ENCOUNTER -- No bra for her, just a fan!


My 1st encounter, like so many others here, started in the mid 50's when I was in junior high. All the girls were dressed so prettily in their full skirts filled out with layers of petticoats at that time. I especially
loved to see the embarrassment when a good stiff wind lifted those skirts and revealed the lovely petticoats (or MORE!!). I was so turned on by those kinds of scenes that I had to re-enact it for myself. That was my reason for "dressing". No bra, panties, makeup, hairdo, corset, etc. for me! My "thing" was full flared skirts, summer dresses, or prom gowns, filled out with layers of petticoats! I would actually set up fans and try to re-enact the Marilyn Monroe scene! I was always in dread of being caught! I actually WAS caught by my brother who thought I was loony! My parents thought so too, and but did anything about it.

Now, 45 years later, I STILL have the desire to act out the skirt blowing scene. Wife suspects but does not know and does NOT approve at all. I sometimes check into a cheap motel nearby and play out the scene for hours without any fear of discovery. I store the "equipment" (fans, dresses, gowns) at a storage place instead of home.

I get lots of thrills when I put on those gowns or dresses and feel them billowing all over my naked body!

Keep them flying!!


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