MELODIE'S FIRST ENCOUNTER -- An alternative to a life of crime

It started when I was about 10.  My older brother ran the streets and wound up in jail. My mother and my aunt teamed up,  they said I wasn't going to end up the same way., and that this was supposed to be kept secret.  They started placing me in regular dresses at first, knowing I wouldn't go outside.  

Then  my aunt started giving my mother her daughter's party dresses with crinoline slips and tulle and lacy panties, and I got so use to them - I actually began to hate my boy's clothing.  I would rush home from school and change immediately. I had a closet full of the dresses.  

This went on till my fourteenth birthday or soon after.  I used to baby sit other kids,  and on couple of occasions I did dress as a girl by request of the child's mother.


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