I remember when I was ten years old, when one day as my older sister was taking care of me, for some reason or other I came into the living room with mud covering the clothes that I was wearing, my sister took one look at me and ordered me to take a bath, this I did without hesitation, but was not ready for what was coming next, for while I was in the bath, my sister called for me to go to her room when I had finished, as she had my clean clothes on there ready for me, so when I had taken the bath, as requested I went to her room with a towel wrapped round me, "Ok," she said, "take that towel off, so that you can get dressed," but as the towel fell away, I was sprayed with perfume, "What are you doing?" I asked, to which she told me that she wanted me to smell nice, "But that's girls," I said, "I know," she replied, with a giggle in her voice, she then handed me a pair of pink satin knickers, and demanded that I put them on, "I won't," I protested, saying that I would tell our mother, but my sister just pushed me backwards onto the bed and forced the knickers onto me, saying that Mum already knew about it, and had agreed that if I couldn't stay clean as a boy the I should be dressed as a girl to see if I could stay tidy dressed that way, Sharon, (my sister) then took out a fresh packet of black opaque tights and helped me into them.  After this I was helped into a short petticoat, and told to put on a short red skirt which was laying on the bed, again I refused, but Sharon simply put it over my head and zipped it up around my waist, and a pink and white jumper was then put onto me, "There you go, Rachel," Sharon said as she put a pair of white sandals onto my feet, "Who's Rachel?" I asked. "You are," she replied, "We cant call you Paul anymore, especially now that you are a girl."  Sharon then tied my already long hair into bunches and fixed it with ribbons, and applied a little makeup to my face, and shaped and painted my finger nails bright red. About ten minutes later Mum returned home. "Everything OK?", she called upstairs.  "Fine," Sharon called back. "Rachel is ready," she continued.  "OK," Mum called back. "Send her down, we are going out." I was about half way downstairs at this point, but on hearing this I froze.  "I can't go out dressed like this," I said, but Mum just came and put her arm around me, and said that she thought that I looked very pretty, and she wanted to show off her new daughter, as she ushered me out to the car, I guess we were out for about two hours, when we first left the house I was feeling very nervous, but as the time passed by, I began to feel more easy about the situation, when we returned home I felt that I had been dressed like a girl for long enough, and ran to my room, where I thought I could change back into my normal clothes, but was shocked to find that all my clothes had been removed and replace with girls clothes, all the clothes that Sharon had grown out of, I don't think it would have been so bad if there was at least one pair of jeans there, but all I had was skirts and dresses, and Sharon's old thick ribbed tights and my shoes were replaced with girls shoes - I even had nightdresses to sleep in, but when I went down and protested to Mum, all she said was that I was to live and dress like a girl for two weeks, and if I got the clothes dirty or I misbehaved in any way then I would be a girl for longer, with this I felt that I had no option but to agree to the deal, I was just relieved that I didn't have to go to school for the next few weeks, and believe me those two weeks were the longest in my whole life, and once things got back to normal, I always managed to behave and keep my clothes clean and tidy, for I knew that if I didn't, what would happen, and I knew that I didn't want to go through that again.

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