It was at my Auntie's house that I first noticed just how pretty my cousin's friend Pauline was dressed.  It was a bright summer's day and we were all gathered together in the garden.  She was wearing a thin cream linen dress with just bra and panties on.  How did I know this? Well, the strong sunlight shone through her dress, revealing to me her white panties and bra, I fell in love with her there and then and, although she was a few years older than I, I never missed a chance to be in her company, often sitting on the floor or grass, gazing at Pauline in wonderment, seeing how happy she looked in her pretty dresses and skirts floating around her legs. One day Pauline, plopped herself beside me on the sofa -- she was wearing a yellow gingham checked dress with nylon petticoats; the perfumed scent she wore wafted across me, her petticoat and dress spread out on my lap. I felt the strangest feelings come over me -- I was physically shaking, wanting to touch the beautiful clothes she carelessly abandoned over my legs. I couldn't move, and I hoped she wouldn't either.  Listening to every word she said made me more and more in love with her. 

When my cousin Barbara left the room, leaving me all alone with Pauline, I flung my arms around her and said, 'I love you Pauline.' She took hold of my shoulders and kissed me on the forehead -- she was so sweet to me, but our age meant it wouldn't be anything but friendship. I was 12 and she would be 15, but from that day on she would always kiss me when we met or departed company. I truly loved her.

Not so long afterward, I was at her house -- we were all together again in her garden. Pauline was wearing a short straight pale blue skirt and a white nylon slip with a pretty lace hem and, when sitting, I could see her white panties. Barbara had a camera with which she had taken a few photos, so I took the opportunity to take a photo of Pauline and Barbara together sitting down on the garden bench.  Not that I wanted Barbara to be in the photograph -- it was Pauline I wanted to capture.  The two of them sat close to each other with their arms across each others shoulders, and there, in my view-finderm was the whiteness of Pauline's panties, with a hint of slip for good measure!

Afterwards, I went into Pauline's house to use the bathroom and had a peek into her room. The yellow cotton gingham dress was hanging on the knob of the wardrobe.  I crept in and ran my hands over the dress and then up the skirt
of the dress.  It was then that I realised that I so much wanted to wear it, but I never, just couldn't take the chance. Instead, I opened her dressing table drawers and rummaged through her underwear and took out a pair of white nylon panties and a short white nylon slip, shoving them down the front of my blue jeans.

I headed back to the bathroom; as you readers can imagine, I was shaking uncontrollably, my heart ever pounding. I wanted more than anything to keep them for myself.  I took off my jeans and pulled the panties up my legs and over my boy pants, then did the same with the slip.  The whole experience was electric and daring for a young boy so taken by wanting something so personal as Pauline's underwear. I checked and double checked that the slip wasn't visible under my clothes before going back into the garden. 

Both Barbara and Pauline enquired why I had taken so long. I gave the answer that I had been out in the front garden for a while, which they just accepted. All I wanted now was to get home. Once home, I hid the slip and panties under my pillow and waited for bedtime. I remember voluntarily taking a shower before going to bed, which was unusual for a 12 year old boy, then going into the bedroom.  I undressed naked and took the panties from beneath the pillow, hands shaking.  I pulled them up my legs and over my bottom; the thin nylon with pretty lace edging was so wonderful to look at, and knowing they belonged to Pauline made me feel as though I was her getting dressed.  I then put the slip on.  Oh! What a delight!  For the first time in my life, I felt beautiful -- it was gorgeous, so very pretty.  I felt that I would be doing this for a long time to come.

Bedtime was heaven after that first encounter, and as I got older, I added to my little collection that Pauline first 'gave' me.  I still see her most weeks, she is now married with children.  I never did tell her of my borrowing her things -- don't suppose I ever will, but I thank her here for opening up such a wonderful and exciting hobby that any boy such as I could wish for.


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