RYAN'S FIRST ENCOUNTER -- his wonderful weekend!


I grew up with 2 older sisters and my mother. At age 7, I had become fascinated by girls' clothes and so one night I
snuck a pair of my sisters panties to bed. In bed, I tried them on for the first time. My knees were trembling as I pulled them on, the sensation of lace and silk was surreal! Then in what seemed like a minute later, I heard my mom calling me to get ready for school!  I had fallen asleep! Panicked, I hid the panties under my mattress and went downstairs and I left for school. When I returned home, I ran upstairs and found the panties were gone! I was petrified. The entire night, I expected my mom to punish and lecture me. It never happened. I had gotten away with it, or so I thought.

That happened on a Monday; the following Thursday my mother called me into my sisters room and there, on the bed, were the panties. My mother gave me a talking to about other peoples privacy, what's not normal, etc, etc. I promised never to wear them again and went off to school. Friday as I got home, my mom called me upstairs. My mother told me to get ready for my sister's birthday party. I was puzzled, because the party was a girls only one, and earlier she had said I needed to stay in my room during it. Then my sisters came in with some of their clothes. I panicked. I protested, but to no avail. My mother put a pair of white, frilly panties on me followed by a garter with white stockings and Mary Janes. Then my oldest sisters put me in a huge multi-layered white petticoat, followed by a white, sleeveless

They dragged me to the bathroom and applied rouge, lipstick and makeup and topped it off with a curly, blonde wig and then draped a blue cardigan sweater over my shoulders. The doorbell rang and I froze. My mother demanded, "Go and greet our guests!".

I opened the door to find the party guests: 15 second grade girls: my sister's classmates. Needless to say, I was the center of attention at the party. The girls would try to lift my skirt up, call me "Jenny", ask, "Where did you get that cute dress?" and fawn over me, "Oh, aren't you cute!".

Of course, there were plenty of picture taken of the event so we'd remember it.

During the party, I began to really appreciate the luxury of the clothing. The combination of silk, lace, nylon and satin was too good to be true! The party ended and my mom approached me, "You can change back on Monday. You want to be a girl? This is your chance!".

True to her word, the rest of the day and Saturday and Sunday I was dressed in my sisters' clothes. On Saturday, we went to visit my Aunt Laura. My mom insisted I play outside but not to ruin my pretty dress. I ran into a neighborhood girl, Vicky.  She invited me to her house and was very sweet to me. We played dress up all day and then on Sunday she went to church with my family. At church, either no one knew I was a boy or they didn't care.

We went home then and as one last punishment, I had to sleep in a silky nightgown. The next morning everything went back to normal. My mother said "I hope you learned your lesson" . and I did. I discovered my passion for women's clothing, which continues to this day:  Dresses, pettis, lingerie, stockings, etc. Vicky and I became lifelong friends and are going to celebrate 20 blissful years of marriage this November.     

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