I was just past my thirteenth birthday when it all started. I had two older sisters and they liked to torment me. One day when Mom left for her sister's house to help her with her newborn twins. I used this opportunity to check out my sister's rooms; I had hoped to find something I could use to blackmail them with.
As I looked through their dressers to try to find something, I saw some things I had not even thought would be in a girl's dressers. I picked up a pair of silky panties - I was so excited just touching them. I soon was removing my pants and shorts, sliding them up my legs - they sent waves of pleasure through my veins.
Just as I got them in place, the door flew open and both of my sisters came in. Their eyes got as big as saucers. Sandy was the oldest and often in charge of me when Mom was gone. She walked over to me and the next thing I saw was a flash, then another. Sandy had taken my picture in her panties. I begged her not to show them to anyone; she agreed that she would not if I did what she told me to do, no matter what.
Betty had disappeared and Sandy said that I was going to be her new sister. I was told in no uncertain terms that if I did not do everything they told me I knew what would happen. They told me to remove my shirt and stand still while they got me all dressed up. They got out these fluffy petticoats and a very short skirt that was pink with a Poodle on the side, and they put on a blouse that was very tight.  Then came the real horror as they put makeup on me and a wig. They made me talk with a lisp and to always call them Ma'am or Mistress. I was ordered to stand in front of a large picture window until they told me to move; the window was very big and it faced the street. Some boys walked by but did not notice me; the woman that lived next door saw me and stopped to stare right at me and she laughed. It was not long when my mother came home and saw me dressed like a slut (or so my sisters said).  She asked in a upset tone just what was I doing dressed in my sisters clothes. I told her what had happened, only to find myself in deeper.
My mother told me that I was to be dressed like a little girl all weekend; believe me I never went back to my sister's things again. I did however acquire  a full blown desire to be a little girl or just to dress like one and be dominated by women. Soon after, I married Donna and told her about the punishment. She loved the story, and the next time I got pissed at her for not getting the wash done so I could have clean clothes to wear to work, she looked at me and pointed to our bedroom, where she got out some of her old dresses and the petticoats along with panties and the rest of the outfit. That is how it all started.

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