I was the fourth son in a family in a rural southern Texas town. By the time I was seven, Mother noticed I was really very effeminate.  I just liked to play with the girls and hated getting dirty and playing rough with the boys I knew. I was eight years younger than my next oldest brother and was ignored by, all except my mother. She took a special interest in me.

Mother one day asked me the question:  "Timothy dear, would you like to be Mommy's sissy?  I will speak to your father and brothers and explain to them you are special and would like to do girl things and help Mother out in the house and learn to sew and cook. You will still be a boy outside our house as much as possible. I will speak to all the mothers in the town & explain to them as well. Their rough boys will not harm you or tease you. The other mothers will know about you being my sissy boy and all will be fine."

I broke down & cried right there. Oh Mommy, can I wear pretty clothes too?"

"Yes, dearie, but not all the time.

A month later, Mrs. Young called and asked to speak with me. "Hello Timothy.  My daughter Heather is having a birthday party in two weeks and would like you to come? There will be no boys; so we thought you might like to come as a pretty little girl. Talk with your mommy and see if it's OK."

The next Saturday Mother & I took a long drive to Houston. We pulled up outside a store called 'The Sweet Young Miss'.

"Well, Timothy, I brought you here to get your party outfit for next Saturday."

As we went into the store, three ladies came up to us. "Hello Timothy - your mother told us to expect you. I am Mrs. Graham. This is Miss Jacobs and Miss Hightower. They will help us too.  We know that some boys like you like to dress up fancy in girls' clothes. We think it is sweet. Just last week we had a darling boy in here. He was so pretty."

My mother was beaming. "Timothy, these three nice ladies will get you started. They know just what a little lady needs for a party these days. I'll be back in an hour and see how you are doing. Mrs. Graham has taken care of several sissies over the past twenty years. She is so kind." She kissed me.

I spent the next thirty minutes in heaven as I tried on dress after dress. We chose a white confection with pink trimmings.

"Now Timothy, let's pick out your party slip.  It has to be as pretty as the dress."  I held my arms up & the ladies draped the prettiest garment I'd ever seen over me. It caressed my chest and the fluffy skirts bounced on my legs.

The bodice had little rows of fine lace with chiffon flounces and three bows. The 4-tiered skirt had a dropped waist. Alternating pink and white rows of lace covered me. I felt like crying, but held back. I twirled and swished my hips to get the skirt to simmer. The ladies giggled and sighed.

"Oh, Timothy, you know how to show off your slip!! Oh Timothy, you are so darling. Take off your underpants and Miss Hightower will help you on with your sweet panties."  She held them up and showed me.

Alternating rows of pink and white lace covered the front and back. Rows of rosettes and bows marched on the leg openings, with delicate fine lace. They sparkled in the lights. My knees buckled. As the fancy pants enveloped my bottom, I broke down in tears of joy.

Just then Mother came in and all the ladies had a good cry. "Thank you, Mrs. Graham, for making Timothy into such a lovely young miss."

Needless to say, accessories like anklets, lace gloves, shoes, satin hat and purse were added. Where Mother got the blond ring curls wig I never knew. Perfume was the finishing touch. Tears again.

Next Saturday came and Heather and the other girls greeted me as one of them. All the mothers just fawned over me. I had to show at least four ladies my slip and panties. They were very impressed. Mother had spent top dollar for me and it showed. Only the prissy Linda Lake had an outfit as nice as mine. Mrs. Carlton said she was going to see if her "sissy son" would come next year.

I wish every Poufbunny could have have had such a sweet mother.  It wasn't easy for her to have a "sissy boy" in the house. More than once she took a lot of criticism for it.  Strange as it may seem, a sissy was generally accepted if he was honest about it. I never wore dresses in public places.

Nowdays I only go out dressed in chiffon cocktail and special occasion dresses.  Elegant 50's lingerie of course. My gentlemen callers prefer a sophisticated lady.

That first slip at the little girls shop remains the best of all.  I feel a tear.  Oh my.


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