When I was six or seven, I was playing with a friend in his house down the street from mine.  We were in the basement, and down there was where his mother did laundry and ironing.  For some unknown reason while we were busy doing 'boy' things, one of us, I cannot remember who, spotted his sister's petticoats and some fancy dresses hanging up after being washed, starched and ironed.

"Lets put them on," he suggested.  I don't remember what I said, but within a minute we had dropped our short pants and pulled on
the pettis, then helped each other with the dresses. Mine was pink, of course, with a big bow tied in the back.  We laughed and pranced, posed and teased each other, then very quietly he lifted his up and I remember him exposing himself, small and hard.  I did
the same.  Right then his sister came running down the stairs, but stopped and froze as soon as she saw us. 

"You guys are gonna get it!!" and she ran up.  We hurriedly tried to undress, but being young and scared, of course we weren't able to, and here came his mom. 

"What are you two doing???  I can't believe this!!! I ought to make you walk down the street and show everyone what you are... Sissies!!" 

Well she didn't, she took the dresses off us, made us put our own clothes on, and sent me home.  I worried for days about what might happen, but nothing did.

They moved out a few months later.

I didn't know then what an impact that would make. When I began exploring my femme side more fully, I always liked the frillier things, the more femme the better.  Now I'm a full fledged petti freak, with three big square dance pettis, a 60 and two 80s!!  I
love having all of them on, and  I fondly remember being caught, and her threat.  Only today, I would gladly parade down the street in pettis, heels and wig!!


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