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Photo from Phil, sent in 2008


"This is 32 year old Isla Fisher in New York, filming Confessions of a Shopaholic (to be released in 2009). Isla is the fiancée of Sacha Baron Cohen of Ali G and Borat fame. 

"A free London evening newspaper carried a picture of her (from a different angle) and was harshly critical of the way she looked, almost ridiculing the dress and (by extension) the pettis.

"I wrote to the paper this evening, protesting the way they wrote up the look, suggesting that it was a great deal more feminine than much we see these days worn by the ladies.  Looking at subsequent papers, they didn't print my comments."




Some more shots of Isla Fisher in filming
From Emmett



...and here is the ungracious article
 to which Jennella refers
('Net?' Looks like proper pettis/crinies to us!)


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